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05-20-15, 1:45 PM
September 5, 1991
dominican republic
May 25, 2010
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Time (Days) 197.6
Watching 90
Completed 595
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Plan to Watch 64
Total Entries 750

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Time (Days) 4.4
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About jps
Im all over anime but i like more the anime series about super powers
or supernatural stuff than the love of two people but i like them both.

I have more favorite characters but i can only put 10 and im undecided about
what of them to put in

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kandiiyuutaamu | 09-20-14, 7:43 AM
no problem

kandiiyuutaamu | 09-05-14, 3:10 PM

Zack312 | 12-21-13, 2:32 AM
[Very nice to see a Kumagawa lover. You are very welcome to join our club!]

tarkimga | 08-09-13, 6:28 AM
Drop dead faggot muhahahahahah

kandiiyuutaamu | 10-05-12, 1:21 PM
well there are some anime i haven't watch for a while as i tend to watch other anime that may have started or still airing at the time

kandiiyuutaamu | 10-05-12, 1:20 PM
well i stopped watching like a quarter of it but i might one day continue watching it again if i have time

kandiiyuutaamu | 10-02-12, 2:45 PM
you think so???

kandiiyuutaamu | 09-15-12, 3:33 PM
It is okay, I'm not really that mad/upset about it anyway. Leaving that aside, how did your b-day go then?

kandiiyuutaamu | 09-05-12, 3:51 PM

AliceBaskerville | 04-28-12, 4:02 PM
welcome and glad that you are good :3
yeah I am thought One piece I dont watch it a lot ^^"

AliceBaskerville | 04-27-12, 12:25 PM
hey yeah its been a very long time
I am good thank you :D
what about you??

AliceBaskerville | 01-21-12, 12:29 PM
ohhhh I hope everything is gonna be okay with you
and yup you can't live live without problems but if you have faith everything will just
turn out well ^^

AliceBaskerville | 01-17-12, 4:08 AM
Hey :)))
yeah its been a long time
its great I just finished my exams yesterday :D
what about you???

Yuzuyu-chan | 01-13-12, 2:19 PM

January 2012 Edition

AliceBaskerville | 01-02-12, 10:19 AM
hey :D
I am good thanks :3
what about you??
yeah the Christmas was very fun :D
oh Happy new year ;3
yeah I have been watching drama lately and I didn't update my list
also I have final exams these days >.> so I don't have time to watch anime :(

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