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08-18-14, 3:14 PM
November 21,
Tokyo, Japan ( wish I still was)
April 19, 2010
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About jeggerd
Everything Japanese is awesome!~ I'm also awesome! So are all of you!

I also livestream on come watch me sometimes and hang out and chat!!!!

I use Line my ID is Jeggerd add me and hit me up anytime!!!

oh and i'm working on a project to fix this world!!!!

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LordOfShawows | 04-27-13, 8:28 AM
I'm doing pretty good- can't wait for summer vacations though (so many choices!). Actually, I downloaded Line a few weeks ago so I could get the Line PLAY app (not as great as I thought haha). I haven't used it yet though. What about you?

Pr1nc3 | 04-21-13, 6:34 AM
Yes, I agree so much, it's REALLY HARD to get time for animes and games when there is college. lol

Oh, that's great to hear that you are graduating :D Hmm what you were doing in college? Also, good luck on your job hunting and live stream. When I have time, I will probably try taking a look at your stream. ^^ There are so many things to do.. :c

Maan, that job is sick haha. If I just could keep doing that without a problem.. D:

Pr1nc3 | 03-20-13, 5:11 PM
Now I can feel the same thing like you, college made me stay away from MAL for weeks lol. I agree with the thing about harder classes x.x.

It would be cool if the life was like that lol. I also would like to have more of a social life sometimes..

pandaaa | 02-12-13, 10:18 AM
haha thanks! :P
cool, i dont know any of those :O my favs are angel beats, death note and naruto :)

Pr1nc3 | 02-10-13, 7:06 AM
Wow, lots of things that you've been doing lately in your life o.o. Oh you do some live stream, that's cool. And well, I started college recently.. is it really stressful? Some people said that to me :P

pandaaa | 02-08-13, 1:54 AM
haha my english is pretty bad :P yea me too -____-
so what are your favorite anime? (:

pandaaa | 02-06-13, 8:11 AM
hahha oohh sorry xD im fine! how about you?

CarinaVella | 02-05-13, 3:05 PM
not a problem ^^ i'm glad :3 plz take care k and be careful<3

CarinaVella | 02-04-13, 3:19 PM
welcome to the best friends forever club i hope u enjoy ur stay with us and i hope u meet lots of new friends :3
Link to The Best Friends Forever Club
ps. plz feel free to reply to this massage if u have any questions or if there is anything u would like to know :3

pandaaa | 02-04-13, 12:41 PM
What do you mean whats new in your world?:P

Pr1nc3 | 02-03-13, 8:26 PM
I'm good, what about you?

Complx | 02-02-13, 9:13 PM
Woah what you live streaming? Would love to see haha :P

Yea i guess im the same as I am loving all of it right now but if i had to pick then probably supernatural

shimizukumiko | 02-02-13, 7:46 PM
sorry I'm not

Complx | 01-31-13, 3:39 AM
Cheers for the invite
So how are you and whats your favourite genre?

pandaaa | 01-29-13, 12:06 PM
Hello, thanks for the friend request:D

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