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Xenograft | 07-12-14, 1:47 AM
Good Lupin III vs DC review and nice association between Nagi and Glasslip - both indeed beautiful settings.


MajorBadAzz | 01-14-14, 8:47 PM
Nice X-Men review man.

Demi_V | 12-06-13, 2:42 PM
Good review for a Special. Short and sweet. :)

_Ultima_ | 10-30-13, 6:36 PM
K-on is fine. It acknowledges itself as a slice of life. Just because I give it a low score in my personal list does not mean I would write a review giving a negative score because I would be clearly biased. Kyous gigia acknowledges itself as fun and vibrant so far similar to that of gurren lagann. Death Note and Code Geass can get negative scores because they try to tell a serious story but have obvious flaws. Even penguindrum (which I loved) can get unbiased negative reviews because it also tries to tell a serious story

I might just be jumping the gun on your opinion, because most idiotic mal users who might read your review think 6 and 7s equal worst anime ever. The show already has no popularity to begin with. Also, you shouldn't give the 2013 version a review just at one episode.

_Ultima_ | 10-30-13, 3:31 PM
"I kind of just cocked my head back and forth at it trying to figure it out,"

Why try to analyze it when it clearly isn't meant to be analyzed? I thought you gave it a low score, because you considered the story to be nonexistent or random.

I mentioned K-on, because it was in your favorites and it has similar nonexistent story which is what I assumed you gave kyous gigia a low score for.

_Ultima_ | 10-29-13, 9:47 PM
tbh, kyousougigia has more plot than K-on. Not that it's a bad thing for k-on fans, but if you are going to complain about something not having a good story....

Btw, the 2013 version adds more to it.

AquarionLife | 08-20-13, 10:16 PM
Hey Hello How are you?? I love your review on the X-Men Anime. I'm watching it right now:))

-Wrath- | 03-23-13, 3:48 AM
Omg, I laughed so hard while I was reading THAT Amnesia review . You amazing :3

Kundalini | 03-20-13, 11:32 AM
LMFAO!!! :)))))

I REALLY wonder what you'd have done had you sat with this series. :)))))))))) you should check out ep11 to see just how much more idiotic she can be. :)))

I ADORE your review! =D It's so bloody awesome, and so well enunciated!

:))) oh, and shadowgrail's comment is totally :))))))))
you guys are just awesome. :)))))

yukkii0515 | 03-01-13, 8:14 PM
nice Amnesia review and amusing and made me LOL
but this comment under me is no less amusing. LOL

Baddie007 | 02-24-13, 3:53 AM
Sweet "Amnesia" review, chica.

Did I said something?

Jaz a joke

RazorRamona200 | 02-20-13, 11:17 PM
You are welcome, I just added a little humor just to spice things up. Since the title of the anime was "Amnesia."

RazorRamona200 | 02-20-13, 12:01 PM
Cute "Amnesia" review, chica. What did I just said? Just kidding.

parfaited | 02-19-13, 12:47 PM
I don't comment on people's reviews but for some reason I burst out laughing at
"She wears these red and black plaid tights with a SEA FOAM GREEN dress" on the Amnesia review.

Sea foam green in caps killed me and i don't know why. Thank you for that.

Nasty001 | 08-18-12, 12:53 AM
Eh , who cares about them birds, u r welcome btw.

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