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Favorite Anime
Natsume Yuujinchou
Natsume Yuujinchou add
Angel Beats!
Angel Beats! add
Ouran Koukou Host Club
Ouran Koukou Host Club add
Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.
Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. add
Hotarubi no Mori e
Hotarubi no Mori e add

Favorite Manga
Ouran Koukou Host Club
Ouran Koukou Host Club add
Ichigo 100%
Ichigo 100% add
Cat Street
Cat Street add
Moe Kare!!
Moe Kare!! add
Nisekoi add

Favorite Characters
Haninozuka, Mitsukuni
Makise, Kurisu
Natsume, Takashi
Isurugi, Noe
Strife, Cloud
Tsukamoto, Yakumo
Tachibana, Marika
Nishikino, Mayumi
Oshino, Shinobu

Favorite People
Sugita, Tomokazu
Sugita, Tomokazu
Noto, Mamiko
Noto, Mamiko
Miyano, Mamoru
Miyano, Mamoru
Kamiya, Hiroshi
Kamiya, Hiroshi
Satou, Rina
Satou, Rina
Shimono, Hiro
Shimono, Hiro
Tomatsu, Haruka
Tomatsu, Haruka

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About jbeat
During my free time at home, I like to watch anime and American tv shows/reality shows. I prefer comedy and romance... from time to time, i also like action. It actually depends on my mood. I enjoy playing video games (1st person shooter, adventure, something with an interesting story) as well.

Aside from anime and tv shows, I enjoy playing the guitar, drums and bass. I'm a sports enthusiast/quasi-health junkie - I used to be in the basketball varsity in high school and college; I developed a fondness for badminton and table tennis; and I enjoy jogging.

Music: I listen to almost everything (Alternative rock, punk, R&B, acoustic, pop, country, a bit of hip-hop) except for heavy metal rock/screamo.

I guess my first few animes I grew up watching as a child were Sailor Moon, Pokemon (stopped somewhere in the Orange Islands season), Digimon Adventures 1 and 2, Monster Ranchers.

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natsucule | 12-12-14, 3:18 PM
Mikiya Kokutou from Kara no Kyoukai

rickywolfy | 12-08-14, 8:30 AM
Oh! Ok then, so it's a good anime I'd recommend to you. :3
Romance? Hmm....I don't really remember that anime that much......but there are some hints of it here and there, just not like....a ton of it that you can easily see. The whole anime is depicted toward girls, so I don't think there will be any Romance between the girls.....but like I said there are some "hints" to it, I suppose. :/
It's still a good anime to watch! :3

Ok then. :3 Have fun watching Strike Witches~! :3 I'm sure you'll like it, not sure why anyone would hate it.....besides the fact that there's so much nudity and fan service in it. x3

DivineTrinity | 12-05-14, 7:11 AM
No the prequel didn't come over since it wasn't even an RPG. It was a visual novel with some dating sims mixed in and those type of games never if rarely ever leave Japan. The localization is fine its in English and the option for english subtitles and the context makes sense. I would think you may be lost in some characters goals or development. In my MAL Profile picture you should see two girls. The one with the brown hair and blue eyes you probably won't know her goals for quite a while in the PS3 game sequel since the majority of her development was covered in the prequel game.

Thanks. Part of me feels like you should just wait it out. The publisher/developer said if the PS3 game sells well they will consider bringing over the prequel game since it got a new version which doesn't require you to be "Online". The prequel game is for Vita so part of me feels it might be better to wait and see if they do bring it.

I do enjoy the PS3 version sequel (Ar nosurge) but they took out some things since we didn't get the prequel game like an optional boss (Which if beaten lets you use different costumes) they also announce a new Vita version with all the DLC for Ar nosurge so again waiting might be the better option.

JustDEANZEL | 12-05-14, 5:34 AM
I believe it's from the Haganai OVA. It is definitely a classic scene indeed.

rickywolfy | 12-02-14, 8:23 PM
Oh, well that's pretty close, more closer than I expected, I mean. :P
I was thinking of it releasing around Winter of next that would've taken forever. DX I want to see more Love Live~! D:
Hmm.....guess we'll just have to wait....... :/

Anyways......Strike Witches? Oh, yeah, that's a good one. :3
I liked it for the characters designs, and the action was alright, and the fan service was delightful. :3 I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who hates fanservice, but it's still a good anime nonetheless. I enjoyed it to the fullest, and I need to watch the movie and OVA's soon too. :D
Oh! And I heard there MIGHT be a third season.......
They said that a while ago and announced OVAs instead, but there are still rumors on a third season......
Anyways, it's a good anime overall, I'd recommend to you, UNLESS! You hate fan service. xP

rickywolfy | 12-01-14, 5:42 PM
Reason why I like Honoka the most: She's an awesome leader. xD
Yeah, I suppose, or you know, since she's a girl the "mother" figure of them all. Or maybe that's like Umi? Not sure haha. :3
Yeah, that's a smart thing the creators did for Love Live. Instead of making all the girls just have cute personalities, they not only have cute personalities, but they each have an individual trait that makes each one of them awesome. x3

Oh! I totally forgot about the movie. xD It's coming out 2015....right? Next year.....but when?? D:

DivineTrinity | 11-30-14, 9:53 AM
It came out in US/EU around September but I guess its not an extremely popular title like compare to Pokemon, GTA and Call of Duty. Well if you ever heard of Ar tonelico
Ar nosurge is a prequel to those games.

The story? Its hard to recommend it. Its a continuation of a game called Ciel nosurge for PS Vita. The game never left Japan. You may be fine since the main plot is still there its just a warning since you may be lost why is a certain acting that way when you missed out on why in the previous game. (There is a summary of the game but its kinda a long read)

Hint of romance? I say the romance-wise they are already solidified. I guess for what you saw in my sig its the story about those two and two other people. Honestly you should prepare yourself for an JRPG's that are more story/character development focused than anything else. If you can handle it then I don't think this game will disappoint.

DivineTrinity | 11-29-14, 10:35 PM
Sorry I didn't notice this message till just now.

My signature is not from any anime. Its from a Playstation 3 game called Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

If you aren't a gamer then there is a manga if you are interested:


rickywolfy | 11-25-14, 8:15 PM
Oh yeah, Maki was awesome. xD
She was like.......the coolest from the 9 girls, her and Umi, and Eli as well.
I like Honoka the most: Not only is she the leader of the group, but she's always happy, cute as hell, and just overall an awesome girl! Next would be Kotori cause of how cute and caring she is, and then Eli cause of how cool and beautiful she is. :3

I like all the girls though, it made watching Love Live! a lot better. xD

rickywolfy | 11-24-14, 9:21 AM
Oh. o-o
Sweet! :D
Glad you liked it! :3 Just wondering though, now that you watched both seasons......who's your favorite character? x3

rickywolfy | 10-03-14, 9:08 AM
The story is good, I liked it. :3 The animation is awesome, beautiful and cute. :3 I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :3

Yeah, I hope the subs come out for it! DX I hate waiting for subs, but whatever. It'll probably be worth the wait huh? :3

rickywolfy | 10-01-14, 7:34 PM
Yup, you guessed it: It's a Musical and School/Slice of Life anime. There is no romance, sadly. xD It's an awesome anime, I loved it. :3
If you like cute girls living there life normally, like going to school and stuff, AND like them singing and dancing, then you'll enjoy this anime!

Well....there might not be a second season of D-Frag, but the OVA is going to be good! I heard, but if it's D-Frag comedy, then it's going to be good! xD

rickywolfy | 09-29-14, 8:47 AM

This one? owo

It's called Love Live! School Idol Project. :3
Sorry if it's the wrong picture, but I hope it's this one! x3

By the way, I freaking LOVE your icon of Roka Shibasaki from D-Frag, it's so cute! xD

OH! And just cause the girls are wearing what looks like soccer uniforms, it isn't a soccer anime. It's actually a singing anime....yeah. It's cute though, I loved it. :3

Demi_V | 03-21-14, 9:19 AM
Don't worry. I'm swamped with school, too, which is why I'm just now replying to you. Sorry about that.

"A lot of explaining," huh? Lol, that reminds me of Shounen anime like Bleach when they explain battles. It's def useful, even though I tell them to shut up. I may watch S&W by next month. I'm stuck on Kimi ni Todoke right now. Fillers in LH? Yuck, I hate filllers. They're so pointless. Wow! I see that tomorrow's the day for the final episode! Looks like I'll be watching it sooner than I thought.

Demi_V | 03-10-14, 9:54 AM
Even though I haven't actually given LH a chance, I could understand the difference from what I've heard about it. You made it easier for me to understand. I agree about SAO. I liked how straightforward its objective was. Hmm, long dialogue may not be an issue for me, but I'm always hesitant about it. That's why I haven't watched Spice & Wolf yet. I was turned off by LH's first episode b/c of the bland colors. Then the MCs involved one girl and two guys and an automatic "LOVE TRIANGLE" went off in my mind. I assumed it'd ruin things with unnecessary drama, but I'll try it out once the series is complete. I don't do online gaming either, but I'll see how it goes since it's in a more realistic sense.

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