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Favorite Anime
Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi
Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi add
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica add
Interstella5555: The 5tory of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem
Interstella5555: The 5tory of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem add
Perfect Blue
Perfect Blue add
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni add

Favorite Manga
Hourou Musuko
Hourou Musuko add
Kodomo no Jikan
Kodomo no Jikan add
Yubisaki Milk Tea
Yubisaki Milk Tea add
Paradise Kiss
Paradise Kiss add
Nana to Kaoru
Nana to Kaoru add

Favorite Characters
Asogi, Rin
Himemiya, Chikane
Kurokawa, Minamo
Mizuno, Ami
Misu, Tira
Usa, Mimi
Yoshikawa, Megumi
Sumeragi, Kururu
Nitori, Shuuichi

Favorite People
Noto, Mamiko
Noto, Mamiko
Mihara, Mitsukazu
Mihara, Mitsukazu
Tsuda, Mikiyo
Tsuda, Mikiyo
Watashiya, Kaworu
Watashiya, Kaworu
Shimura, Takako
Shimura, Takako
Morinaga, Milk
Morinaga, Milk
Wakeshima, Kanon
Wakeshima, Kanon

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07-21-14, 4:45 PM
March 8, 1984
July 28, 2008
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Time (Days) 37.4
Watching 2
Completed 116
On Hold 29
Dropped 24
Plan to Watch 15
Total Entries 186

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 73.5
Reading 40
Completed 190
On Hold 29
Dropped 16
Plan to Read 1
Total Entries 276

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Dnajun_Tnuieh | 11-18-12, 10:08 PM
The 3rds were kept secret, and Earth didn't know of them, so Mars was killing them off to keep it secret. There was only one male third, the others were "assassinroids". Since the aide by Earth, the 3rds weren't needed, and also if the secret was found out by Earth, like you said they would be against it. Earth didn't know anything about the 3rds project until near the end of Dual-Matrix.

Dnajun_Tnuieh | 11-18-12, 7:45 PM
About your review of Armitage III - Dual-Matrix, wasn't Mars killing the 3rds in order to hide them from Earth? Rather than Earth wanting the 3rds dead?

SuperSamos | 02-02-11, 4:32 PM
May i ask you about the image on your avatar? is that some utena-like art or some anime?

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