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September 17, 1977
NHK Headquarters
February 10, 2008
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NataliaIsMyWaifu | 07-12-13, 10:38 PM
Thanks. :)

zefiriss | 12-27-12, 2:24 AM
thx u :)

Asturaetus | 11-27-12, 3:27 AM
Glad you like it.

It was part of a wallpaper I downloaded ages ago (don't even know anymore where from) - recently rediscovered it on my hdd and thought it makes a good avatar. ^^

zefiriss | 05-16-12, 8:18 PM
thx. I like slice of life. Maybe I'm going to watch it.

zefiriss | 05-15-12, 10:08 PM
hello, how are you?. Btw I see on my panel that you watch Dai-Guard, What you think? does it good? I'm considering to watch it. I'm huge fans of Patlabor.

Nim | 05-15-12, 1:25 PM from Persona 4 The Animation. Didn't watch the anime though :)

Saviuz | 04-26-12, 10:48 AM
I believe it got licensed and that's why MAL lists it, just like Nineteen, Twenty-One.

I'm not sure, as far as I know the original has already ended. The translations still have to catch up though, I dunno how many chapters are left still, but I guess there won't be many.

Thank you, sounds interesting, I actually stumbled upon it a few times before but never got around to check it out. Will do, when I have the time to.

Saviuz | 04-25-12, 3:10 PM
Hey, you're welcome. I'm really glad you like it. It's probably my favorite webtoon (though I've only read a few so far).

In case you're interested, I actually wrote a review about it on MAL.

(And sorry for my slow reply, I've been busy for a while.)

Nim | 04-13-12, 4:30 AM
Random MAL Stalking xD I visit other profiles/animelists a lot.

Nim | 04-11-12, 8:53 PM
Haha just read your comment/tag on your on hold list :P

Nim | 04-11-12, 11:58 AM
There IS someone subbing Yawara :P

Loxaris | 04-07-12, 6:34 AM
You're welcome. I'm sure you'll get used to how things work on that website pretty soon.

Asturaetus | 04-07-12, 1:33 AM
I remembered another two - the two "Rose Hip" mangas are really good (*my taste*).
Only downside - they feel somewhat incomplete, because they end with the individual story done, but foreshadowing a greater plot.

Asturaetus | 04-07-12, 1:24 AM
Yeah action titles and protagonist beeing female are extremely rare.

Looking at ur list...
- aside of "Claymore", which is getting better and better (if u read it - don't mind Raki - he gets cast aside soon after the initial volumes)

- maybe "Lady Snowblood", but that is more of a crude and archaic version of Kill Bill
- maybe "7 Billion Needles", but that has some serious wtf moments
- maybe "Tista", but also some wtf moments and the end wasn't my taste
- the "Witchblade" manga wasn't bad
- and "Young Gun Carnival" has an amazing female co-lead, sadly centers more around the males story in the manga - but seeing that the manga is only an excerpt of the novel (I definitely have to read the novel)

Yeah u have to take what u can get - these titles are definitely not perfect but maybe one or two might suit ur taste. ^^

Asturaetus | 04-07-12, 12:58 AM
Thanks for the recommendation - I will look into it if I find the time.

And dare u if it turns out to be bad. ^^

Joke aside - it is really rare nowadays to find mangas and animes without this concept of the male lead - being some stupid foolish brat - without the necessary effort getting his ways - sticking his head in other peoples businesses - seeing hisself as the moral compass of the world.

It lead me to avoid most titles where the protagonist is male. *sigh*

And this depiction of strong girls suddenly get weak only so that the guy can shine?

Either way thanks again - I'll try it out and see if it is something that keeps me entertained.

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