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Favorite Anime
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood add
Ouran Koukou Host Club
Ouran Koukou Host Club add
Higashi no Eden
Higashi no Eden add
Seriei no Moribito
Seriei no Moribito add
You're Under Arrest! (1996)
You're Under Arrest! (1996) add

Favorite Manga
Dengeki Daisy
Dengeki Daisy add
Kokou no Hito
Kokou no Hito add
Cheese in the Trap
Cheese in the Trap add
Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made
Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made add
Cat Street
Cat Street add

Favorite Characters
Elric, Edward
Kurosaki, Tasuku
Takizawa, Akira
Yagami, Light
Kiryuu, Zero
Hong, Sul
Mogami, Kyoko
Naedoko, Kanoko
Olivier Mira
Armstrong, Olivier Mira
Etrama di Raizel, Cadis

Favorite People
Kamio, Yoko
Kamio, Yoko
Lee, Nicky
Lee, Nicky
Mignogna, Vic
Mignogna, Vic
Tatum, J. Michael
Tatum, J. Michael
Miyazaki, Hayao
Miyazaki, Hayao
Sakamoto, Shinichi
Sakamoto, Shinichi
Han, Yu-Rang
Han, Yu-Rang

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Anime Stats

Time (Days) 12.4
Watching 9
Completed 68
On Hold 9
Dropped 3
Plan to Watch 131
Total Entries 220

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 233.7
Reading 610
Completed 772
On Hold 234
Dropped 9
Plan to Read 1440
Total Entries 3065

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Unknown :(

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About inzaratha
Yes, I am an adult woman who reads manga.
And Yes - I read a Lot :) and this list would be longer if it included all the manhwa webtoons as well as manga.
< My favorites are not in any particular order and I really have a LOT more "favorites" than this!

167 cm tall -
169 IQ
blood type: O +
long reddish blond hair / green eyes
zodiac: virgo / sheep
birthplace: NY
lives: Arizona
favorite things to draw: horses, portraits, unicorns, dragons
favorite food: marzipan
Jungian: INTJ
About inzaratha
I have been writing an epic fantasy novel, "The Stone + The Feather" for more years than I had hoped and as I'm am an artist now starting doing it as a graphic novel as well. I originally came up with it while riding my horse in the woods as a kid.

My art site

I have some other ideas I would like to make into graphic novels so I am currently working on learning how to use computer graphic art programs. I get held back by computer memory and time as I work a lot of hours full time and read a lot too. I do my best thinking while doing something else at the same time, like coming up with story ideas while riding, or listening to music, or doing artwork while watching shows. I'm an introvert and a lot better at writing and being online than I am with actually talking to people...

I am a big fan of Stargate SG 1 and Atlantis, and other sci-fi shows like Serenity/Firefly, Smallville, Supernatural, etc and love martial arts movies and medieval settings.

Interests include reading manga, sci-fi and fantasy, martial arts, horses - equestrian, art, music, anime and movies

or anything with good looking guys fighting. :)

I have college BA's in both fine art and history. I especially like the Black Death and the Renaissance.

I have trained horses professionally,worked in a museum, taught horse sculpture in a museum, owned an art gallery, worked in a library and in schools.
For a career now, I work with troubled teens/ juvenile delinquents in a locked residential school-
Think of it like Hogwarts meets reform school in the desert. with a tan

I like to write, draw, read and explore places either mentally or psychically and spend a lot of time online cause I don't sleep and usually busy cause I have a brain that does not shut off. I also drink lots of coffee and tea.
My favorite authors are Tolkien, Tad Williams, Mercedes Lackey, Terry Goodkind, Terry Prachett and Ayn Rand, Edgar Allen Poe, Ray Bradury, Robert Frost.
Currently taking Korean karate - Kukyidou and Judo.
In the future I would like to learn to read and or speak Japanese and Korean but I'm not much of a speaker, even in English I'm better at writing than talking. But I would like to know the language, even if I never actually speak to a human in it. My second language is French. I enjoyed learning obscure languages like elvish or runes too.

I listen to a lot of music. Favs include Nightwish, Apocalyptica, HIM, Versailles, Linkin Park,Within Temptation, Amorphis, Bach, the Gazette - metal, classic and celtic and visual kei I like music that is actually good musically.

My music radio

I have a long term relationship with a musician.
his band/ songs - Luminatus (symphonic metal if you like Evanescence or Nightwish check it out)

Webtoons - I like a bunch of ones not on MAL.

I'm reading a Korean novel in translation called "The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor" More recently I've watched some dramas -before I mostly watched Lots of martial arts movies, my list includes 49 days, Boys Over Flowers, Secret Garden, City Hunter, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, You're Beautiful, My Love From Another Star, The Heirs, Heartstrings, Rooftop Prince, Faith, Arang and the Magestrate, Flower Boy Next Door and Angel Eyes.

I actually started watching some anime and martial arts as a little kid cause my best friend was a half-Japanese boy with a talking pet crow, but he returned to Japan. (I know sounds like some weird manga but my life is weirder...) I got into it again later from fantasy / sci fi and then discovered 7 years ago or so I really enjoyed reading shoujo and a lot of others. It's the perfect blend of art and story and I'm addicted to manga. lol
I have a lot of series that I love reading, and I enjoying discussing chapters with people as the people irl that I know don't read what I read, hence online.

Yes I unabashedly do enjoy shoujo! Which is odd because I am not very feminine mentally. I like romances and fantasy, supernatural stories, mysteries, but I also like to read seinen, josei and some shounen, crime dramas etc. I prefer reading over watching, but when I watch anime my preferences are different from my reading ones, I prefer more action and supernatural or fantasy or mystery and slice of life to watch.

Right now I am trying to complete more of the ones on my too huge list!
for my geeky and other interests

If you send me a friend request, please write or message me to say why.

Great lines
The assassin boss was wrongly accussed and given really bad cake!

Rodents of unusal size? I don't believe they exist. The Princess Bride

The stories we love best live in us forever.... J.K. Rowling

~Until Death Do Us Part~

Ride your own white horse - Create your own path

The Stone and the Feather - map of Emerion- hand drawn and inked by yours truly map of my story

Dengeki Daisy-

Kokou no Hito- the Climber - awesome art


The One

Akatsuki no Yona


Bokura no Kiseki - great manga

Gunka no Balzer - historical military manga so awesome it needs to be read

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Wildcat17 | 08-31-14, 11:41 AM
I hope you can enjoy them all ;)

Jeycopp | 08-30-14, 11:28 PM
thank you!

Tengai | 08-30-14, 5:39 AM
You are welcome~ Is that a gift??
You are welcome ^^
Currently, nothing, but I am about to watch Naruto: Shippuuden again from the very start :3

Wildcat17 | 08-29-14, 6:01 PM
Someone will translate it someday :)

Stark700 | 08-29-14, 9:19 AM
Oh my bad.
Here's another one that is still available:

Uncrowned_King | 08-28-14, 11:37 PM

Cute Competition Update News and Banner Making Contest Info

The Slice of Life Club has decided to start holding monthly banner making contests. Each month toridoshi will give a theme to make banners of, and a top three will be picked through voting. The top three winners will receive a winners banner. For more information on the banner making contest, click here.

greatyu | 08-28-14, 10:27 AM
I’m glad that everything is worked out for you in the end!:D Aaaw don’t let the work stress get to you, maybe you’re a bit overworked since you became a bit impulsive (lol?)
Well I went to uh buy an extra stick of RAM the next day, and found out that they ran out of stock? (why am I not surprised? -_- If you’re choosing a Ram it’s better to get a stick that is similar to the one you have, and you need to be cautious about the bus speeds too.

If you get one which is unusual to the RAM it might cause issues , it’s basically like this: if you have Kingston 4GB stick, and you want 8GB you need to get one of the same model with the same model number, if incompatible there’s a chance reduced bus speed would cause glitches and stuff. Also a RAM stick costs about 40 bucks so don’t get ripped off!(Just some advice from the guy who always repaired our computerhe’s a profeesional and I’m not :P )

Whoa that Update glitch sounds very weird, maybe the registry is kinda off or something maybe . Hmm. To try it out whether it’s a glitch or not maybe you should turn the updates off completely for a dayand try it just to check? My pc also have that option saying to install updates everyday at 3 AM, but I never install them :P Also I don’t remember getting updates everyday maybe you’re downloading those language packs which are optional, automatically? You could always download the updates manually too :

Just so you know Asoka’s girlfriend in the movie is fake, and Asoka’s children were responsible for the spread of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, due to the sins Asoka commited in his life even though he became pious in the end but he still had to lead another life as a Boa Constrictor to atone his sins. Jodha Akbar’s performance and songs are epic, and the main roles were done by my favorite Bollywood actors haha And I never watched Slum Dog Millioinaire, some of my favorites are “Kal Ho Na Ho”,”Rab ne bana be Jodi”,”Koi Mil gaya”(Hrithik Roshan) and oh yeah Bhool Bulaiya(it’s very psychological/funny and horror)

It will take 5 years for my brother to come back, Ach! I’ll probably have to deal with the PC issues on my own til then(he used to do everything! from inserting the memory cards to the VGA cards on my computer! T T Ah well and so, you’re used to it then, but my depression just lasted for a single day LOL Tbh I don’t like SD since it’s cold, but the people are good and the KFC chicken is bad! T T (no offense!, I bet the flavor’s different :D

I will never get the Scottish Accent :O too strong and I love the black American accent haha So you’re basically a French Canadian American Pirate who’s living in Arizona huh? So badass! ^^

I always wanted my brother to pick either Washington or NY for his higher studies, And that it had so many stuff which are contrasting stuff like Museums :O Oooh Arizona is something huh? I bet the scenic views are incredible! T T We have the beach everywhere here too! ^^ but it’s a dangerous beach not because of the waves or anything, it’s because of the exorcists. Exorcists capture ghosts and demons and bind them into bottles and toss them into the sea, by chance if you get contact with the thing, you’ll be done for ^^ Anyways Arizona seems awesome to me, I pretty much handle the heat well, I use hot water on very hot days, and I love the sun hehe. OH! Now where getting to the part which I thought about NY “people judge on their clothes” and “snobbish” oh and also “judgmental” I always thought about NY like that way haha. And I’m quite surprised about the Arizonians! You know the theory where people who lives under hot climates tend to get impatient and angry all the time? Your people doesn’t sound a bit like that! :O ne?

I’m pretty sure my uncle has a lot of people and ghosts that wanna target them, their family seem to be in chaos- that’s what my mom always say.

My grandma feels a lot better now because of that dream, she seems to be recovering, I went to see my Psychic grandma who’s still sick, she seems to be well, but I don’t think she will be ever well enough to walk and talk just the way she used to.

I am from the “Deva” in your sense the “angel” category, it’s something all the astrologers educate the horoscope holders here specifically.

YES!! I’m soo glad they stole those Ships haha specially Spanish and German ;) (I cant help but be racist!) IT IS pretty cool! I’d do anything to be related to Pirates! You’re so lucky! XD I’ve asked about our family history from my dad, but he told me he doesn’t know haha. *cries*

You’re welcome! ^^ Have you watched the DN movies too? “L-changes the world” is one movie that had nothing to do with the DN thingy and is created to display L’s human feelings, which he normally doesn’t show.

Haha Jack Pot huh? *O* never saw the movie myself but been searching for super-scary ones to watch with my aunt, she and I are the horror movie buddies LOL (we watched “The exorcism of Emily Rose together” – still a better story than Paranormal activity. And I’ll save Insidious 2 for Halloween.(yep and I watched “The Shining” on Christmas last year ^^
Yep honestly I’ve read the My little Pony creepy pasta and I never ever felt it scary, I mean I watched and read Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni when I was 15 or 16 that’s soo much worse than that! So I bet people who hasn’t watched any gore before would have got a shock. Some Creepypastas are pretty cool , I like Jeff the Killer(you won’t believe the amount of fan girls he has!)

Getting gems through dreams is a very a good omen :) Maybe something good happened to you after you saw that dream?
Yes that’s exactly how I review Aku No Hana, I think it’s good that it settles down to philosophy in the end than bringing on more gore. Aw god Oyasumi Punpun!! You read that?? Ugh that freaky thing LOL still it was interesting, I’m dissatisfied on how it ended tho.

I heard that Ao No exorcist manga is good as well, but I wasn’t pumped enough to read it. Yep the movie was awesome, I really like how Yukio is way matured than Rin :)
Ah you watch Fairy Tail, my cousin’s friend watch/watched it too, he said it was awesome. I freaking didn’t like the art of one piece either, you wouldn’t believe how it was at the first three episodes, you get used to it in the end(600 eps!) but the jokes are funny and the openings are good. Naruto, of course is worth watching. Bleach-never watched.
I hope the new season of GA will be awesome as the previous one :3 haha cool! Aaron too has his own t-shirt collection hehe

Hope you had a great day, yes I did wish you after your b’day T T , but I made something for you it’s in the previous comment(in case you didn’t see it)if you did see it I’m happy! ^^ *i'm getting tsundere*

Have a great week!

greatyu | 08-26-14, 6:31 AM
Okaaay this shouldn't have happened! I really thought your b'day was on 28th!!! I am soooo sorry i missed it!! I'm such an idiot!!
Forgive me Inzaratha-san!T T

Anyways i made something for your b'day :) The weird thing is I made it on the 24th(on your b'day!) but was to upload it on the 28th and give it to you! T T

Anyways here it is! I hope you like it!! ^^


Again so sorry!!! T T I'll write you the long reply soon!

rothrock | 08-25-14, 5:21 PM
Omg!! I missed your birthday!! Arrrgghh, sorry.

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good one :)

Tengai | 08-24-14, 1:25 AM
Hey, happy birthday :))
Have fun!!
You have an interesting about me~

Uncrowned_King | 08-23-14, 2:16 AM

Cute Competition Update News

Stark700 | 08-22-14, 9:45 PM
Hey :) how have you been recently?

The Akatsuki no Yona PV is out now:

What do you think of it so far?

Wildcat17 | 08-22-14, 5:18 AM
Oh, I need to watch/read Chihayafuru some day! Everyone talks about it :) I hate when scanlators do that. I always prefer to read in the original order :/

random_Z | 08-21-14, 1:13 PM
Yeah, it would be boring if she did everything. They'll turn out to be miss perfect and badass. That's a not okay from a shoujo! :<
What? You have other suspects? :P You can read from MAL that that guy is the last dragon :o it's been a while that they haven't published a new chapter :( we need a lot to catch up D:
Of course, hak and yona are the cannon couple xD best harem <3

that's what I was going to say! Just wait for your vacations so you can rest ^_^ I'll hope for you! :) you watch k dramas? I actually am not really a fan of dramas. Not even american or wtv xD I'm stuck with anime and manga D:
For me it was her best work. but her art work is so-so for me :)

Well good news, they all had letter and decided to help kakeru together!!! :'D I'm so happy!!!

I read it on chinese raws. (don't understand it thou)

rothrock | 08-20-14, 6:40 PM
Omg a new game with the creators of Silent Hill is about to be released, it's called Silent Hills, I saw the demo gameplay. Ugh, I didn't sleep that well that night. It was so amazing and lifelike. Here's a video of it, I'm sure you've more of less heard of Pewdiepie, he did the gameplay. A lot of people don't like him, I enjoy his horror games though since I'm scared of most of the times and he eases the tension. So be warned, lol. I dunno if you like him or not.

Yeah you're gonna have to try it out yourself, I'm only at 35 of 175 for now. HxH 2011 was announced to be ending at episode 148 a while ago ;_;, soooo, it won't be a long running shounen anymore. Guess you can watch whenever you can. I'm planning to watch FMA & FMA:B soon cos I see a lot of good things on it.

So what are you up to these days? How's work and your novel? :I

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