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Favorite Anime
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood add
Ouran Koukou Host Club
Ouran Koukou Host Club add
Higashi no Eden
Higashi no Eden add
Seirei no Moribito
Seirei no Moribito add
You're Under Arrest! (1996)
You're Under Arrest! (1996) add

Favorite Manga
Dengeki Daisy
Dengeki Daisy add
Kokou no Hito
Kokou no Hito add
Cheese in the Trap
Cheese in the Trap add
Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made
Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made add
Cat Street
Cat Street add

Favorite Characters
Elric, Edward
Kurosaki, Tasuku
Takizawa, Akira
Yagami, Light
Kiryuu, Zero
Hong, Sul
Mogami, Kyouko
Naedoko, Kanoko
Son, Hak
Cadis Etrama di Raizel
Cadis Etrama di Raizel

Favorite People
Kamio, Yoko
Kamio, Yoko
Lee, Nicky
Lee, Nicky
Mignogna, Vic
Mignogna, Vic
Tatum, J. Michael
Tatum, J. Michael
Miyazaki, Hayao
Miyazaki, Hayao
Sakamoto, Shinichi
Sakamoto, Shinichi
Han, Yu-Rang
Han, Yu-Rang

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About inzaratha
Yes, I am an adult woman who reads manga.
And Yes - I read a Lot :) and this list would be longer if it included all the manhwa webtoons as well as manga.
< My favorites are not in any particular order and I really have a LOT more "favorites" than this!

167 cm tall -
169 IQ
blood type: O +
long reddish blond hair / green eyes
zodiac: virgo / sheep
birthplace: NY
lives: Arizona
favorite things to draw: horses, portraits, unicorns, dragons
favorite food: marzipan
Jungian: INTJ
About inzaratha
I have been writing an epic fantasy novel, "The Stone + The Feather" for more years than I'd like to admit and as I'm am an artist now starting doing it as a graphic novel as well. I originally came up with it while riding my horse in the woods as a kid.
My art site

I have some other ideas I would like to make into graphic novels so I am currently working on learning how to use computer graphic art programs. I get held back by computer memory and time as I work a lot of hours full time and read a lot too. I do my best thinking while doing something else at the same time, like coming up with story ideas while riding, or listening to music, or doing artwork while watching shows. I'm an introvert and a lot better at writing and being online than I am with actually talking to people...

I am a big fan of Stargate SG 1 and Atlantis, and other sci-fi shows like Serenity/Firefly, Smallville, Supernatural, etc and love martial arts movies and medieval settings.

Interests include reading manga, sci-fi and fantasy, martial arts, horses - equestrian, art, music, anime and movies

or anything with good looking guys fighting. :)

I have college BA's in both fine art and history. I especially like the Black Death and the Renaissance.

I have trained horses professionally,worked in a museum, taught horse sculpture in a museum, owned an art gallery, worked in a library and in schools.
For a career now, I work with troubled teens/ juvenile delinquents in a locked residential school- Think of it like Hogwarts meets reform school in the desert. with a tan, If all the kids were Slytherin...

I like to write, draw, read and explore places either mentally or psychically and spend a lot of time online cause I don't sleep and usually busy cause I have a brain that does not shut off. I also drink lots of coffee and tea.
My favorite authors are Tolkien, Tad Williams, Mercedes Lackey, Terry Goodkind, Terry Prachett and Ayn Rand, Edgar Allen Poe, Ray Bradury, Robert Frost.
Currently taking Korean karate - Kukyidou and Judo.
In the future I would like to learn to read and or speak Japanese and Korean but I'm not much of a speaker, even in English I'm better at writing than talking. But I would like to know the language, even if I never actually speak to a human in it. My second language is French. I enjoyed learning obscure languages like elvish or runes too. I'm strange because I will master something and then move on to something else and forget it completely sort of like math, I mean I never use it.

I listen to a lot of music. Favs include Nightwish, Apocalyptica, HIM, Versailles, Linkin Park,Within Temptation, Amorphis, Bach, the Gazette - metal, classic and celtic and visual kei I like music that is actually Good Musically.

My music radio

I have a long term relationship with a musician.
his band/ songs - Luminatus (symphonic metal if you like Evanescence or Nightwish check it out)

Webtoons - I like a bunch of ones not on MAL.

I'm reading a Korean novel in translation called "The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor" More recently I've watch kdramas -before I mostly watched Lots of martial arts movies. I've completed over 50 Kdramas - 49 days, Boys Over Flowers, Secret Garden, City Hunter, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, You're Beautiful, My Love From Another Star, The Heirs, Heartstrings, Rooftop Prince, Faith, Arang and the Magestrate, Flower Boy Next Door, Angel Eyes, Trot Lovers, Myung Wol the Spy, Coffee Prince, Postman to Heaven, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Full House, My Lovely Girl, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Modern Farmer, Pinnochio etc now Gu Family Book.

I actually started watching some anime and martial arts as a little kid cause my best friend was a half-Japanese boy with a talking pet crow, but he returned to Japan. (I know sounds like some weird manga but my life is weirder...) I got into it again later from fantasy / sci fi and then discovered 7 years ago or so I really enjoyed reading shoujo and a lot of others. It's the perfect blend of art and story and I'm addicted to manga. lol
I have a lot of series that I love reading, and I enjoying discussing chapters with people as the people irl that I know don't read what I read, hence online.

Yes I unabashedly do enjoy shoujo! Which is odd because I am not very feminine mentally. I like romances and fantasy, supernatural stories, mysteries, but I also like to read seinen, josei and some shounen, crime dramas etc. I prefer reading over watching, but when I watch anime my preferences are different from my reading ones, I prefer more action and supernatural or fantasy or mystery and slice of life to watch.

Right now I am trying to complete more of the ones on my too huge list!
for my geeky and other interests

If you send me a friend request, please write or message me to say why.

Great lines
The assassin boss was wrongly accussed and given really bad cake!

Rodents of unusal size? I don't believe they exist. The Princess Bride

The stories we love best live in us forever.... J.K. Rowling

~Until Death Do Us Part~

Ride your own white horse - Create your own path

The Stone and the Feather - map of Emerion- hand drawn and inked by yours truly map of my story

Dengeki Daisy-

Kokou no Hito- the Climber - awesome art


The One


Bokura no Kiseki - great manga

Gunka no Balzer - historical military manga so awesome it needs to be read

This was a gift from my friend greatyu :)

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Phraze | 03-24-15, 12:43 AM
Hi, Kat. Been awhile.

I'm currently on vacation you could say. My family booked a hotel room for a month. Got lots of free time now, except all the catching up means I'll be busy. Lots of anime episodes but not enough time for them.

Okay, I will! On second thought...maybe I shouldn't.. Talking about bad memories is depressing >.< Though I guess this means I have someone to vent my feelings to in the future, haha.. If you don't mind that is.

True true! I don't care either! I only care about how stories entertain me xD Absence makes the heart grow fonder applies alot. I'm okay with 'too dark' but I'm not okay with 'too funny' though. Too dark is kinda entertaining but wacky gets on my nerves.

Makes sense. At least I understand the girl fantasy of loving a dangerous character, even if I'm not into girlish fantasies. And dangerous characters are deriding ones so the girls always end up beaten. Guess that's the best they can come up with for plots.
Haha, I guess there's sadomasochistic girls out there. Though it's probably a small audience compared to what actually comes out in the market. Guess there are other reasons. Like maybe, people tend to be curious of sadomasochistic mindsets?
Yeah. Lots of things tend to fly over your head without talking it out :3

Heh, wonder if this "putting favorite series on hold" is similar to wanting to petrify favorite things in time-freeze?
I see you're watching Akatsuki no Yona as well, and a lot faster than I am. So how do you like it? And I'm curious but is the storyline following the manga?

Thanks for the recs. Will read them. As mentioned before, I have lots of things to catch up to. Heck, my download speed is faster than my watching/reading.

Tengai | 03-20-15, 8:38 AM
Well, that's studio Pierrot for you.

Oh boy, same here. During this time, it's so hot that we use the AC everytime.

What I didn't like about The Matrix was those robotic machines they are killing. Hmmm.....Cloud Atlas sounds pretty interesting. I guess I'll go watch it someday. Yeah, when they couldn't understand something, they will say it's bad or boring just cause they didn't understand it ahahaha.

I think, they will make a season 3 since, even though SAO has many haters, it has many fans, too. I think SAO 2 was okay, too.

Gal3riel | 03-20-15, 7:48 AM
Thanks Rain is GREAT

Gal3riel | 03-20-15, 3:37 AM
thanks i already know some but not all so i'll give them a try ^^

Gal3riel | 03-19-15, 10:56 AM
hei :) do you know any good manga about revenge and betrayal ?? To be more precise something like "your team leaves you" or "you girl uses you xD" its not necessary to be fully on revenge but it should have some in it and preferable an advenuture like a fallen hero or something :). I'm reading Tate no yuusha and i love the main char ^^ ah please i'd like a male main ;). Thanks either way ^^

Gal3riel | 03-16-15, 2:30 PM
Actually i think i will need your help since in manga section your 10 years ahead :) i will try shinobi life this weekend maybe ^^ thank you veryyy much...and if i find something i will tell you.

veShyn | 03-16-15, 6:31 AM
Glad you like it (my profile). ^^

Yes. I love Shin Ah and AO. They're too cute for me. I always loved getting screenshots because they are just that adorable >.<

Uhmmm. Nee-san, just want to ask if you know any manga/anime that is focused on a poor family .. I mean, the main character is poor.. yeah. Boy or girl... anything.

I would appreciate it if you help me. I'm writing a novel about a poor boy and a mysterious childish girl, hihi.

Any manga except Horimiya and Last game. :)

Don't click it.

But instead, click this >.<

Stray_Star | 03-16-15, 4:26 AM
Hello! How have you been?
Thank you so much for understanding. I really appreciate it.
Wow! You're writing a novel!? That's awesome! I wish you all the best of luck! Are you on a deadline?
Yeah, one of the reasons I decided to learn Spanish was that it is the second most spoken language. The other is that I really liked the way it sounded...
Korean also sounds nice but I think I still like Japanese best.
By the way, thank you very very much for the recommendations. I've already started Personal Taste. It's so cute! Also I think I am rapidly developing a crush on Lee Min Ho!
Pinocchio and City Hunter are up next! Oh, and you were right. They are so incredibly addictive!
Yes, Kujou and Yanagi are so sweet and awkward around each other! It is definitely a slow building romance but they are still one of my favorite couples even though to be perfectly honest it was a bit frustrating reading chapter after chapter without any development whatsoever!
You know I do believe that occasionally there are stories where a tragic ending works better but generally I think that in most cases it feels forced and it tries too hard to create emotion to cover for what the story is lacking. Hard-earned happy endings are the best in my opinion.
I totally agree with you! Relationships require hard work anyway and there are many things that can prevent people from getting together without a second guy (or girl) in the picture.
It's like when he/she chooses a girl/guy every problem is automatically solved. This is one of the reasons I dislike harems by the way. However, I do have a soft spot for (good) reverse harems such as Akatsuki no Yona though thankfully in this case the romance is secondary to the plot.
You know, I will never understand why people often dislike mahou shoujo or dismiss it as too girly or shallow. There are some that are absolutely amazing. A childhood favorite of mine is of course Sailor Moon though I would suggest that you read the manga instead of watching the 90's anime (which has a ridiculous amount of fillers) or the latest anime adaptation (which has terrible animation). You need to give it some time but it will grow on you and the friendship between the girls is inspiring. Another favorite of mine (and quite possibly my favorite anime in general) is Princess Tutu. Now, don't be alarmed by the cheesy title this is simply one of the most beautiful anime in existence and with a powerful message. However, in this case you'd better watch the anime (it is fairly short, about 26 episodes in total) and it has the most amazingly bittersweet ending I've ever seen. But whatever you do, do not read the manga as it is horrid and it doesn't do justice to the anime. Then, there's also Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica which is very popular but well deserving the praise. Now, I've only watched the anime (just 12 eps) but it has a couple of manga counterparts (about 3 volumes each) that are (from what I've heard) pretty faithful to the anime, so take your pick.
I think you'll really like Kamisama! It is adorable without being overwhelmingly romantic.
Sounds like your childhood was dreamlike! You're so lucky to have had both a horse and dogs! Since I live with my parents in an apartment in the city I can't even have a dog let alone a horse. But after years of pleading they finally allowed me to get a pet rabbit.
Your drawings are awesome! I particularly like the one about Lusharra (need I say how much I love her character just from the description?) Also, the dragon is wonderfully detailed! Drawing must be very relaxing especially since you're so obviously good at it.
I too love fantasy stories but I suck at drawing! Give me the simplest thing to draw and it will take me ages!
They went well, thank you! It is less stressful now and I do have a bit more free time but it is still busy. Oh well, c'est la vie!
Have a great week!

Gal3riel | 03-15-15, 4:31 AM
don't worry about it XD i too sometimes don't have the will to write too tired and also too occupied thinking about other matters :) anyway i think we need some mangas where there is pure love about 2 people struggling together no love triangles or harems but well those don't go to well today :(

bicaa | 03-14-15, 12:11 PM
I still didnt finished SAO 2 but I loved SAO ,I'm watching Saiunkoku monogatari and I stated reading Tsubasa chronicles
Sorry for the late reply , I was sick so I wasn't here

veShyn | 03-13-15, 3:34 PM
Whoa! I just happen to stumbled in your profile. That ... wah.. you're reading too much manga.

Uhmm.. H-hi. Just want to pass by.

greatyu | 03-13-15, 6:16 AM
Helloooow there :)
Long time no see- forgive me >///<

Just recently we found a defective HP laptop pf my cousins- everything's so weird inside that laptop also it had Windows 8 *pffft*
Hmm i see what you mean- what i'd do in your situation would be a bit sneaky to be honest i would take my write up convert it into doc or pdf and put into a programme like Winrar and Winzip and give it a good strong password(there are some archives that can be password protected) i've seen such files- i think winrar(full version) give you that ability) and you could upload it to the internet- rapidshare or other hosting site. You have to know- the internet is not really safe but if you rename the file to something boring like "Song's of the 80" or a random coded name like "805693 blah blah" i bet it would be safe. Just saying btw it's a very round about tactic. But i can't guarantee it's safe but almost at the same time.

Isn't 99 an year a total ripoff? O>O
Oh i believe that google is never safe it's also pretty mainstream- which makes it unsafe i think. The more that people don't know about it but yet have a good rating are the best ones. But they could be hard to find.

I'm very sorry for the loss of her Husband- that's great however you got to work on your book again! What's your pen name? ^^
I've been working on digital painting for a while now- i'm not that good but i wanted to show you one of the one's i made:
It's not that good lol- i just studied a lot of youtube tutorials and read a lot of articles >///<

Oh then- i bet my father will have a chance of upgrading it then ^^ (thanks for telling me! ^^)

Marzipan sounds really yummy XD

I think learning any language needs continuous practice- i believe you'd be able to learn Korean without any probs :) Plus you will be able to watch a lot of of korean dramas! XD
but i think pronouncing Korean would be a little bit hard- and yes like i said i studied the firs two alphabets of Japanese and for Kanji i took the dictionary and started studying characters at random.
Actually i don't really remember Hiragana and Katakana any more, you need continuous practice =P
Oh the book will be out in this year? XD Good luck and all the best for it- may the white goddess aid you in your work :)

That's why i always liked America- your people recognize each other from their personalities and your people are very much less racist compared to other countries- especially European ones.
I didn't even believe when my friend broke it to me that Koreans use Plastic Surgery- well at least Park Shin Ye and Lee Min Ho seems to have not done P-Surgery haha- now please don't tell me he had done it too! T T

I think Scottish and Irish sounds very traditional which makes it cool even though it's not that comprehensive towards me- but i bet i could change it if listen to their accent more often. Yes ahahaha but British sounds deliciously sophisticated i also think i'm not sure- that there's also some differences inside the British accent(ugh i can't fully explain it lol) like i think some British accents are very prompt whilst others are not. Oh the German accent though :P it sounds very umm i don't know how to even describe it. But for me i think the American Accent is the best- i also grew up watching a lot of American cartoons which i think is a huge reason.

Oooh air pollution in China! D: That must have been tough- think how it would be if you get stuck in Chinese road traffic- you'd be stuck there for days! D:

Oh wow so you could see? O>O this is the first time im hearing it. Do the the low level ones which looks like black puff balls- are they like small in stature. Maybe they are the greedy spirits. Our Buddhist texts actually classify those spirits to many kinds- somehow your descriptions feels very accurate. There was this skeptic doctor whom once saw i think what we call "Pretha" the ones whoa are greedy- they are to be like dwarf like and deformed.

Journey to India is never easy- she should be careful around her surroundings, the stuff are not expensive there it would be an interesting pilgrimage i guess. I would rather go to Nepal that's one of my favorite places on earth for some reason.

Ooooh i really haven't even heard about that- but i do have heard that India has this mysterious old library where in the documents you can read about the future of your life, it has everything about you life. I think those records are what the Indian sage people created so that they can practice astrology, maybe they did so for social service lol India has many secrets they also never ever shares their secrets with just anyone either. Meditating in the Himalaya mountains are the Brahmin's who could tell what you're coming to ask them by looking at the way you walk. However also you should be very careful when travelling to all those astral planes, i believe meditation would help you in such activities, i think it's important to keep your mind from distractions. Wow did that stalker guy has some special abilities too? :O And you can see auras? :O omg how many abilities do you have? O>O

Oh yes yes wait a minute- the Mexican's day of the dead! I've heard about it in a very old episode of wild thornberries- the Mexicans would dress up in weird monster like costumes and go in a parade to the graveyard? and they also prepare this special bread too i think. I wonder what the Mexicans are famous for? I mean their pyramids and everything.

Think how unfortunate was that girl whom Punpun liked- i can't believe they'd met in the latter. Damn- the whole thing is like a horror story and it's pretty damn disturbing than Aku No Hana.

But if the Psychotic people try to get away from their state do you think it would be possible for them?
I also watched the documentary regarding young killers(in America) there was this one kid whom i saw the face first before knowing his story- his face was pretty unique than other killers- it felt like he was in pain. He was 17 or something and now he is quite old, but he confessed that he heard voices in his head but no one took note of that he was Schizophrenic. Even though he's case is still on he isn't given parole :( I know i shouldn't feel bad for him but.. something tells me that he is really sick.

I like the guy from Rere hello too! ^O^ I don't know that guy is very calm and collected, i know that's natural for a prince-like character but he had something special in him.
Oh ahaha you too! I am too afraid to go and check my manga updates LOL ( i meant like seriously XD)

Lee Min Ho is a great actor like you said- and he has a lot of fans but recently he had complained that he would like more male fans to like him XD
Also he doesn't look Korean- maybe his complexion but aren't most of the Koreans have that cool milk white pale skin- his eyes are also a bit different(i like it XD)

Oh and before i go- remember that boy from the exorcist the real one i mean? I found the address of the Exorcist house and a photo of his! I know that Father Bowdern wanted the boy's identity to be secret but it seems that one newspaper had accidentally given out the name of the boy and his family, those information was found by a codename called "B" (lol the death note reference}
anyways i'll tell the story later- this is the photo of the boy(trust me he is the one- there was a documentary of the real Exorcism called "The Haunted boy" and they showed a picture of him- his eyes cut out but you can recognize him because of his hair. The fathers gave him the pseudonym "Roland Doe" and his real name is very close to it also this person worked for the Nasa in his latter years, so it was very easy for the detectives to find him. The people who found those info was actually either spiritual fans or skeptics.

Gal3riel | 03-11-15, 1:45 PM
hei i started akatsuki no yona manga (the anime is very well adapted) and it gets better and better, love hak as a character and him and yona are perfect he knows her like the palm of his hand :) i wish this ends with him and her married (seem the most probable thing but its not 100% sure) otherwise all the story goes to hell for me >_<

avelys | 03-10-15, 2:48 PM
Hey :)

Are you reading any really good shoujo lately? Can be publishing or already finished. I need moar shoujo :D (Josei is good too!)

Gal3riel | 03-08-15, 1:31 PM
Things for me could be better but im hanging on, hmm lately i haven't watched much and also i put aside most of the stuff i was reading. I hope i will have more time from now on.

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