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Favorite Anime
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion add
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter (2011) add
Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Shoujo Kakumei Utena add
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion add
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu add

Favorite Manga
Berserk add
Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter add
Solanin add
One Piece
One Piece add
Maison Ikkoku
Maison Ikkoku add

Favorite Characters
Yang, Wenli
Asuka Langley
Soryu, Asuka Langley
Tenjou, Utena
Tohsaka, Rin
von Reuenthal, Oskar
Kotomine, Kirei
Ikari, Shinji

Favorite People
Wakamoto, Norio
Wakamoto, Norio
Cranston, Bryan
Cranston, Bryan
Anno, Hideaki
Anno, Hideaki
Nakata, Jouji
Nakata, Jouji
Nasu, Kinoko
Nasu, Kinoko
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Togashi, Yoshihiro
Kojima, Hideo
Kojima, Hideo

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September 17, 1988
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June 14, 2009
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Favorite Non-Anime TV Shows (will grow as I watch more):

Breaking Bad
The Sopranos

Random facts:

1st anime completed: Dragon Ball Z (5/10)
100th anime completed: Dragon Ball Z Special 1: Bardock, The Father of Goku (5/10)
150th anime completed: Honey and Clover (9/10)
200th anime completed: Shadow Star Narutaru (6/10)
250th anime completed: Kino's Journey (8/10)
300th anime completed: Nineteen 19 (7/10)
350th anime completed: Wind of Edenbourg (4/10)
400th anime completed: Legend of the Galactic Heroes: A Hundred Billion Stars; A Hundred Billion Lights (8/10)
450th anime completed: Kurutta Kyoutou: Danzai no Gakuen (3/10)
500th anime completed: Lupin III: The Secret of Mamo (7/10)
550th anime completed: Moyashimon (7/10)
600th anime completed:Angel's Egg (9/10)
650th anime completed:Mai no Mahou to Katei no Hi (7/10)

1st Manga completed: Bitter Virgin (7/10)
25th Manga completed: The Music of Marie (9/10)
50th Manga completed: Kare no Satsujin Keikaku (8/10)
75th Manga completed: Ichigo 100% (7/10)
100th Manga completed: Itoshi wo Tome - Kimi ga Kokoro wa (4/10)
125th Manga completed: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- Phantom Blood (5/10)
150th Manga completed: Shoujo Kakumei Utena (8/10)

1st Visual Novel completed: Kana: Little Sister (9/10)
25th Visual Novel completed: Chaos;Head (8/10)

Yo! I'm a member of the Tennessee Army National Guard, of which I've been apart of 5+ years and an Anime and Video Game fanatic. Some of my favorite games over the years include, in no particular order:

Metal Gear Solid (series)
Final Fantasy Tactics
Star Ocean The Second Story
Lunar Silver Star Story(any version)
Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic
Jade Empire
Baldur's Gate (series)
Mass Effect

But, for the most part I'm more of an Anime fan than anything. Though, I have been trying to branch out to manga as well. I'm also a fan of Baseball and Football, of which my favorite teams are Chicago Cubs and Tennessee Titans respectively.
I like entertainment that challenges my brain or heart, though I'm not adverse to trying any and all genres as long as it has a good story to tell.

Favorite OST music
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Favorite Anime scenes (spoiler warning)
11-25-11, 11:14 PM Edited 11-27-11, 3:13 AM
One Piece- Favorite Moments (Major Spoilers)
05-14-11, 12:43 AM Edited 11-08-11, 9:31 PM

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link9us | 30 minutes ago
OH MAN.. one of my favorite moments in the naruto manga was animated. Probably one of my top 5 favorite episodes in the whole series. Im sorry i just had to bring it up. Im a lil excited. I couldn't contain my self after watching this, naruto is just so amazing right now. The studio is doing it justice to.

I think i know why people are saying Hxh and Naruto are the top right now cause the once great one piece is kind of going down hill when you compare it to Hxh and naruto currently. It is like all anyone ever talks bout is either Hxh or naruto, and of course the massive hate bandwagon of fairy tail. lol

But yeah im kind of skeptical bout picking up the show, people are saying oda has lost his touch which isn't a good thing.

jreginald | 10 hours ago
That's actually the impression I got before DC arc became a thing. It's not so bad really, it just tells us that the dude's lonely. Bittersweet ending :)

jreginald | 10 hours ago
Yeah man, I can't wait to see 148. I really hope the anime comes back once more material is available.

link9us | Yesterday, 12:43 AM
Feel sorry for that man, his devotion to his work is just amazing, even after having all of these health problems, hes still pushing forward with his work.

Of course with these health issues hes having, i feel as though the manga might have to jump through some unfortunate hurdles every now and then or might even completely stop depending on the situation with togashi.

link9us | 08-19-14, 9:21 PM
Oh i also really like the variety in combat. you know how in so many shonens, the same techniques get used over and over, well fairy tail has quite alot of cool looking spells and lots of variety. It is eye candy to watch

I also like how this show does not follow the same generic trend like most shonens do and that is "explaining every battle situation, and every technique well fighting" im looking at you "naruto" lol. So yeah they just kick ass, that don't happen in fairy tail.

link9us | 08-19-14, 9:12 PM
Well there are some things i don't like about it so far well others things i do like. Such as animation, interesting characters, and really great pacing which is something so many god damn shonens suffer from. On the other hand, one of the things ive noticed, is it really doesn't have much of a serialized story. The plot in a nutshell is pretty basic, a guild name fairy tail, go on missions or tasks to take down threats in the world, some times even pitting them self's against other guilds.

but some one told me the shaping of the plot starts to evolved on the first major story line arc which i havn't quite gotten to yet.

But as far as background character development, its pretty awesome, probably on the same vein of one piece in the early arcs. By the time you finish the 4th small story arc, you will be very connected to the characters. Maybe thats just the way Hiro mashima wanted it to develop, first the character developing arcs, then the main story. But i don't know, will see.

But i am hoping for a more censical core plot where all the arcs connect together like naruto and Hunter X Hunter.

As for as one piece, ive heard recently that its gone wayyy down hill, i guess the last two recent arcs haven't been that great which is a shame. Hopefully ODA can get his act together.

link9us | 08-19-14, 6:00 PM
lol i came across this thread in the fairy tail forums.

I can't believe how much hate that series has. I really don't see all the hatred going around, but im only at episode 30 but so far its pretty stellar and i like how the anime is consistent unlike every other fcking shonen out there that has to use every trick in the books to prolong certain arcs, or adding filler, etc. Fairy tail does not do this.

Though i am quite surprised to see "Naruto" up on everyone's top list probably because of where the anime is currently.

jreginald | 08-18-14, 11:31 PM
S'all good man, I only sent it yesterday (?). Notifications here aren't exactly the best either, haha

link9us | 08-18-14, 5:38 PM
Parasyte is going to be pretty wicked. I checked out the manga, its pretty graphic and deals with science and horror elements kind of rolled into one.

Playcool | 08-17-14, 4:12 PM
I was playing and watching at the same time, but I will just play all the first 4 arcs and then see then animated, then do the same for the 4 answer ones.
What I find the sound novels lacking is the voices... I would be much more tense if I had to hear those sudden screams, crazy laughs and cries, especially those of Rena's...
I hope the awsner arcs have voices (file seems much bigger).

I was finding people that had played the SN's also because I wanted to find some info about the soundtrack. I have downloaded everything from BakaBT about higurashi sound, but still nothing has those background sounds, which itself make for most of the tension the SN gives, so it is normal to want to have those! Could you find any??

BTW, started Hunter x Hunter 2011, almost one month ago, currently on 61!! This Greed Island arc seems so unique from the rest, sweet!! Also that pic of your profile... looks awesome, another great and complex character/villain to wait for!! xD

link9us | 08-17-14, 10:25 AM
Wow, looks like there going to animate all the way up to the introduction of the Dark continent arc of Hxh. Kind of strange, anyways it was announced that episode 148 will be the final episode of the series.

Though Megumi han stated that she wouldn't exactly call it a final episode and would consider 147 to be the finale. She talks bout a New beginning and a new world. This leads me to believe that the final episode will be an epilogue of sorts, with the introduction of the dark continent.

Terrestrious | 08-16-14, 11:07 PM
So, I just read Hunter x Hunter is ending at 148. Not 100% if that's been confirmed or not but it wouldn't surprise me if that's the case. Shame it couldn't reach 150 but the ending of the Election arc is pretty much the perfect place to leave off & it's better than them adding too much padding.

Well, let me know if your thoughts change on EoE when you get around to it. Though considering why you loved it, I doubt it'll change. & I think you gave both Conquest & Overture a 9.

Yes, I've heard but the entire series is on Netflix, or at least it was last time I checked. So as cool as it is for AMC to do that, I'll probably just re-watch it on Netflix or maybe when I get the DVDs. Got to ask, how are the special features on the DVD? I know the last season has some really cool stuff but I've heard nothing about the ones are the earlier ones.

Oh hell yes! Saul Goodman was one of my favorite characters, top five easily from the point of his introduction to the end of the series. Dude was hilarious and definitely helped added some levity in the later portions of the series. & Yes, Johnathan Banks is going to be in it! Recurring role I believe. Really amped for that, I loved Mike. He almost became my favorite character in Seasons 4/5. Hopefully Giancarlo Esposito (I feel like I butchered that) shows up at some point.

Well, neither HxH movie is that good in my opinion so you're not missing out on anything. Well, Phantom Rouge is probably the only chance you'll get on seeing Kurapika's backstory animated (well, half of it anyway) so there's that. But yes, Last Mission is where several of Chimera Ants tracks come from. Particularly Hyori Ittai and all it's variants (like the piano one used at the end of Gon/Pitou). I feel the scores to both movie were really good and better utilized than in the series sans Chimera Ant.

Oh, real quickly I'm not sure if you heard but HxH's first 100 episodes were put on Netflix awhile back. Hopefully this means it's been licensed or will be licensed soon. I really want to own the series on DVD. Though I'm not a fan of the sub work on Netlfix but still.

& yeah, I'm waiting until I get all of Greed Island. Not sure when I will, the prices have gone up a bit & I'm much more in a gaming mood recently, hence why I haven't been on much lately. Got a few games that I really want to get my hands on, mostly Kid Icarus Uprising & One Piece Unlimited World Red.

Hm, yeah probably. I haven't seen JoJo since the Lovers two-parter, maybe it's best for me to just put it on-hold now, read the entire manga (don't want to skip half-way through again) & then catch up when the second half starts up? I gotta free up time to finish up Negima & YYH and start/marathon LotGH.

lol, I saw. It was rather amusing to read people taking that seriously.

Playcool | 08-16-14, 7:40 PM
Hi, I have been heavily searching MAL for people that have played Higurashi VNs, from what I read I guess you played them right?!

link9us | 08-16-14, 11:32 AM
Man insane, have you read Vinland saga. I don't think ive read a manga with such a high lvl of architectural or historicity before. Berserk is pretty much the most detailed ive seen with its mid evil fantasy background but this manga, takes things to a whole another level. It is clear that the mankaga got alot of his idea's directly form like the history channel, and historical sources and just drew everything with such intricate detail. Right down to every little detail, the weapons, clothing, and architecture. Everything just has this high level of realism, its just breaking taking to see.

Also the premise, the story sounds really interesting and a manga that talks bout the historical Medieval Europe.

I have to keep an idea on this author, he also wrote a manga called Planets, well thats completely a different setting, about space travel, but you can see still his amazing artistic detail, in the space crafts, machines, and stuff. Anyways i would truly recommend checking this out.

link9us | 08-14-14, 10:41 AM
Hi, you might want to look at my profile if your looking to watch Space Brothers. Two people provided some very in depth information on the series. I might start watching it. It sounds pretty interesting, i absolutely loved moonlight mile and dispute how short it was, it was an excellent show. This one sounds sort of similar accept much larger in scale.

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