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link9us 2 hours ago
The bottles have "Aljira" on them. Is that not the airline the Oceanic 6 take back to the Island? Does this mean they were in the future? They were also being shot at while trying to use the Canoes to get to the Hydra Island, I vaguely remember Canoes being used later on. Maybe in that season. If so, that is really cool.

Yes you are exactly right, forshadowing, this was actually even confirmed in a commentary, if you ever watch the episode commentaries you learn alot of stuff. The guy mentioned that the events that were seeing such as the Bottles with Aljira were in fact future events of the series, not yet shown when Oceanic 6 heads back to the island.
link9us 2 hours ago
Also did you know that the Hatch lock down was actually the "others" doing, ben was also the leader behind that event which ultimately led to his escape and his secret spy Micheal trying to get the others to come back. All apart of elaborated plan to get intel on the survivors and then kidnap them later.

"Are you a Genius, or are you the guy that is living in the shadow of a genius" one of my favorite quotes lol.
link9us 2 hours ago
This is why Ben is fans favorite character, his expressions and body language are so intimidating and imposing and he's make John and lock confused and angry, but yet he's slowly breaking them down and manipulating them. This is one of my favorite scenes

Seeing the expression on Johns face is just priceless, ben is in complete control.
link9us 4 hours ago
Yeah the interesting thing bout the Mib that alot of people don't see on there 1st watch is how he manipulates and gets all of the islanders to kill each other. Of course you watching it a 2nd time, you can sort of pick up on those things now. Claire drowning, shannon being lured blindly into the jungle so that she would get shot by Anna lucia, Hurley being forced to jump off a cliff by the imaginary Dave, Boon's Death was even manipulated by the mib. Echo's dead brother Yemi, He also pushed Lock, jack, Hurley and Sayid towards the black rock. Many of the things that John though were the islands powers and what he called destiny, was actually mostly the Mib forcing him into situations, such as when he took interest in the hatch because walt told him not to open it, which as we know "don't tell me what i can't do" right? So obviously anyone who tells him not to do something, he will do the apposite, the Mib did this purposely to push him towards the hatch.

There is alot of interesting things you can pick up on, after seeing the revelation of the Mib, since he's at the center of the many of the events in the series. So people can argue the fact that the Mib's identity as the smoke monster was sort of a strange twist, but in actuality the writers new all along, its been forshadowing quite heavily through out the whole series and has always been at the center of every major conflict.
link9us Yesterday, 1:48 PM
For cold steel yeah you should, but its not that expensive unless you go with the Limited edition box set.

This is a prime example of how NPC interaction is much more in depth, the whole quest of the farm was a story in of it self and it was just a simple stupid side quest, but it adds layers to the plot. Yeah Joshua and Estelle's Realationship is one of the focal points of there development.

man I had mixed feelings about the MIB twist.

Haven't we all lol. Yeah my mom and my dad had the same sort of mixed feelings as well. Season 6 was a bit out there and my dad describes as "the writers taking it on the wild side" and thats kind of true in a sense, but still everything wraps up nicely and everything does have meaning to it, and most of the all mysteries are answered. The point of John Locks Death was for the Mib to take over his body and revive him and use him as a container and yeah thats a controversial moment in the series amongst fans. Its a little out there in terms of trying to be all bout realistic scifi.
link9us Yesterday, 1:32 PM
The one thing i really enjoyed bout Bof3 was the sense of adventure to the "unknown" i guess that is a trend with rpgs these days, but back then it really gave you the sense of discovery or what lies behind the horizon so to speak. So well it does have a great story, the 3 dimensional world with its beautiful art and how part of the world is never fully discovered, unless you progress through it, give you the sence that you want to explore and see it all and see where your journey takes you. Very much like skies of Arcadia where you have to explore the open skies and the full world is sort of cut off from you until you gain new abilities, new powers to traverse the storms that lie with in and enter new unexplored territories.

I really enjoyed that with BofIII and the NPC interaction and the world view of characters and things make it more interesting to want to explore, as you progress through the story.
link9us Yesterday, 1:26 PM
Yeah despite its simplistic elements, that we have seen again and again, Bof3 is still a very charming experience. Some times you just have to throw all the new gen innovative stuff out the window for a second and appreciate what some of the classics charming qualities were and what they brought to the table. I don't care how much this video game industry evolves and how games change, i will never grow old of some of my favorite classical games, its the roots of the genre and will always remain a very memorable experience to me.
link9us Yesterday, 1:19 PM
Definitely was not a fan of the art in Suikoden III. The facial expressions looked very blocky and the graphics leaved alot to be desired. The world design lacked any sort of color and just felt very bland at times. Suikoden V was a huge improvement over that, but besides that it was a pretty great game and had one of the better plot lines to follow in the suikoden series. If i had to pick which games were my two favorite on the PS2, it would Suikoden III and V.
link9us Yesterday, 10:18 AM
Breath of fire 3 takes me back, i used to love that game. Its a very charming game, on the same level as like skies of arkadia or tales of symphonia in terms of art appeal and characters. Suikoden III is also a pretty decent, my favorite one though is Suikoden V.

I don't know honestly, i would probably pick Bof3, just because i have very nostalgic moments with that game. Used to love the fishing mini game, NO jrpg that i know of has a better fishing minigame then Bof3. lol. The story although your typical jrpg "save the world" plot, it still is pretty interesting regardless.
link9us Yesterday, 10:11 AM
So, Estelle is a part member in the Crossbell games? Is this like a mainstory thing, or is she a secret character?

A secret character?? haha. No way, she's very much a main part in the conflict of the zero/Ao events. I kind of chuckled when you said that, estelle a SECRET character? Not even.
link9us Yesterday, 10:09 AM
If she's in Cold Steel wouldn't she be an enemy? My admittedly not complete knowledge of the political situation is that her country and the empire are in a kind of cold war. Interesting that her dad got a letter from the Empire, though. Also, his conversation with Joshua rthe night before leaving further hints at something being up.

Omg now i feel stupid, lol. Yeah your exactly right. So maybe if she ever did show up, the main protags may face off against her at some point. Man that will be so awesome. Anyways im getting way ahead of my self, cause your not even close to those moments yet.

You mind if I keep commenting about the story as I continue? That probably will help keep me engaged, though I don't remember there being much there from what I played, mostly just Bracer jobs. Btw, between Estelle, Lloyd, Luffy, Goku, and so on, I think I like naive protags. It often makes for amusing dialogue, all the better if the character evolves though.

Yeah that would be fine, i enjoy discussing games, especially ones im a big fan of like xenogears/saga and legend of heroes. If it keeps your interest by all means. The 1st chapter it self like i said, is a bit slower then SC for sure, but what should keep your interest mainly is the characterization and world building, getting to know what each and every place/faction and what there role is in this world. Now thats not to say there is NO story in the 1st chapter cause there is, in fact there are some twists and turns that will catch you off guard to leave you in suspense, i won't tell you what parts of the game that takes place in. You will just have to experience your self and i think you'll enjoy it.

The game goes deep and i mean real deep into showcasing who the characters are and i think thats one of loh's greatest strength, by the time its all done and over with. Guarantee you will have a soft sport for each and every individual character. Some of course don't get as much screen time in chapter 1 but they eventually all become very important.

For lost my favorite seasons were definitely Season 4. Seasons 3/4, but probably like season 4 just a bit more due to its faster pacing, it was not nearly as slow as other seasons but that is probably because of the writers block and they had to complete one whole season in less time. They did the same thing with battle star Galatica and it turned out to be my favorite seasons of that series to.

I think it goes with out saying that John lock is absolutely my top character in that series, but yeah i also like Jack, Ben, Sawyer and Desmond. Desmond actually has a larger part in the story in later seasons which makes him alot more interesting.
link9us Feb 10, 8:36 PM
God this looks so freaken complicated lol

I guess they know what they are doing though.
link9us Feb 10, 8:04 PM

according to them Zero no kiseki will be finished december 2016.
link9us Feb 10, 5:12 PM
I'm about 2 hrs in, just finished the bracer test. Obviously there is something up with Joshua

Did you start over? Cause i though you were much further then that.
link9us Feb 10, 4:42 PM
So yeah i just found out from a friend that the cold steel series 1 and 2 takes place exactly at the same time the Zero/AO kiseki takes place, with that being said. It doesn't look like Estelle will make an appearance unfortunately, because she is in a whole different country during this time. But SEN III how ever is supposedly supposed to be the furthest in the time line, taking place after the AO/zero events, so its possible that she may show up in that game, if she crosses onto Erobonia soil to meet the other protags.

But she is a big part of the trails in the sky and also the Zero/AO story line though. I really want to see her in 3D glory with a new character design on the PS4, that will be fcking amazing. It will be like a major love letter for fans of the series.