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Black Lagoon
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The Breaker
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Fire Candy
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Nagato, Yuki
Dian, Isaac
Harvent, Miria
Sturluson, Celty
Orihara, Izaya
Sawyer, Frederica
Sumeragi, Kururu
Okabe, Rintarou

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Jackson, Samuel L.
Jackson, Samuel L.
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Oda, Eiichiro
Oda, Eiichiro
Yazawa, Ai
Yazawa, Ai
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
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High and Mighty Color
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February 12, 1990
Ontario Canada
June 3, 2009
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bunny ftw




About me: I got a job and im going threw training and is great. i live at home with my parents, i love vodka but mainly drink beer due to it's cheaper and more a soical drink and i like bud or bud light, i use the photo editor and i also do photography and my stuff can be found on devientart under the username imperlast.

{The history behind my name change}

Lets see i was playing runesape in class and couldn't remember my name so was like fuck it ill make a new one and it was a spelling mistake i was going for imperialist but with my great spelling skills just off the top of my head and sounding it out i got imperlast this is about 6 years ago now and then it kinda just grew for some reason or another like on some sites can't use _ and thats not or dynamo_electron was too long it just ended up taking over..

fee free to still call me dynamo or what ever as long as i know ur talking to me

more info on what it means a definition i guess

imperlast(is a spelling error of

now definitions

A person who supports or practices imperialism

Web definitions

a policy of extending your rule over foreign countries

a political orientation that advocates imperial interests


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Alipio | Yesterday, 3:30 PM
i did omg i went to anime expo last month i forgot to upload pics! lemme go do that rn...

Alipio | Yesterday, 3:00 PM
hella lazy tho

Alipio | 07-29-14, 7:47 PM
lol it's ok at least it gave us a reason to bump up the comments lol

Alipio | 07-29-14, 2:26 PM
Has anyone sent anything for the contest?

Retro8bit | 07-29-14, 1:43 PM
That is still a pretty good amount of money above minimum wage. :) Since you don't seem really happy where you are though, are you currently looking for a new job? Or are you just gonna tough it out there for now.

twilight-knight | 07-28-14, 1:04 AM
This season has plenty of one hit wonders! I know one of these anime will replace my favorites,
Aldnoah, Zankyou , Tokyo Ghoul , Glasslip.

Do have a similar opinion?

Retro8bit | 07-27-14, 12:08 PM
Hmmmm I was just about to ask you that, if you had to pay Union Dues. Yeah man that's gotta be pretty rough. Although the pay doesn't sound too bad depending on where you live. For instance the state I live in is a poor one, so our minimum wage is $8.50, and we barely got a dollar increase back last year, was $7.50 before then. It stinks.

But yeah, when it all comes down to it, the company is about saving money, it's their number one priority. So that's why they are doing this. Kinda sad really, but that's what most places are like these days. Anything to save a penny, and we have to suffer for it.

Retro8bit | 07-26-14, 4:41 PM
Wait the Union runs it? I never heard of that, usually when you are a temp it's only until they find a more permanent staff member to fill the spot, and thus Union is only with the company and the temps are separate/not associated. Because they technically don't officially work for the company, only the temp service itself. Unless a "buy-out" happens of course, and I assume that is what you are waiting eagerly for.

That is weird dude. O_O;

Dunois | 07-24-14, 6:06 PM
Ah I see. Been out where?

0.3 mb....mother of god that's bad. Why's the connection so bad?? :(

Retro8bit | 07-24-14, 12:40 PM
Awww don't feel that way bro. :( I am sure it will get better. If it makes you feel good, I too get treated badly at work. I can try my hardest and still get yelled at, while some of my other co-workers don't even make an effort and get praised. It's just the way of the world man. But don't let it get ya down, otherwise they win!

Retro8bit | 07-20-14, 5:34 PM
How did you feel about Sabo's return? All in all, this arc feels very silmular to Alabasta. I wonder if Rebecca might even be the new straw hat, since Oda already confirmed there would be more. Also, I still can't believe he said there would be another 10 years of One Piece.

Very true man, it's sad times we live in. I am really happy for you that you have something, a temp job is better than nothing at all. Same for me actually. I am getting "strict" part time hours, so my check is only half as much as most of my co-workers, but I am still thankful. There was a time (almost 2 years) where I was out of work, and I can tell you, it's really hard not having an income.

Retro8bit | 07-19-14, 4:26 PM
Doesn't surprise me bud, it's pretty bad everywhere these days. That's why I tell people if you have a job, do what you can to keep it, because trust me, there would be tons upon tons of people who would take your job if given the chance.

Hey, whatever keeps you busy right? How's the Dressrosa arc going by the way, haven't read the last few chapters.

Retro8bit | 07-19-14, 12:22 PM
But hey, you still got a job bud, it's something to be thankful for. Heck we live in a society that "chooses" not to work anymore, so you have my respect for not following that crowd.

How goes your weekend thus far?

Dunois | 07-17-14, 1:30 PM
Hey imper.

Been rather busy, couldn't reply to the comments.

Hm, I'll reply to the comments in order.

- Not sure about the anime. This season is a bit of a let-down for me really. Might pick up something. Not sure really, at this point in time. How about you?
- And I'd turn up on the chat if I could but I basically have had no time over the last couple of weeks. I want to drop by something though. Say, are you active on Skype?
- And as for the digital drawing, that's from another mod here who's a friend of mine. It's rather cool isn't it? : D

Akamitsu | 07-12-14, 10:52 PM
Akame ga Kill and Barakamon are at the top for me this season. What about yours?

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