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11-25-13, 11:58 PM
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July 4, 2008
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My Naruto Pairings
09-13-08, 12:01 PM Edited 07-20-09, 12:56 PM
dis used 2 be in my "about me"... but it looked ugly der xP
07-05-08, 3:17 PM Edited 12-23-08, 9:42 AM

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sayami | 01-10-12, 6:10 AM

January 2012 Edition

iluvL | 11-19-11, 8:50 PM

Aniim3CRazeD | 07-14-11, 10:55 PM

Juste-Dino | 04-11-11, 6:47 AM
Hey! Shining Kpop group SHINEE needs your help.
Now we are in second place,but we need just a few hundred votes to reach FIRST place! Help Shinee to become THE BEST KPOP GROUP 2011.
Thank u for voting.

KatekyoGirl7 | 12-24-10, 4:03 AM

Oneirophrenia | 12-21-10, 2:31 AM
good to have u back Lchan!! *huggles*
awww.....[inner self...muahahah...i have finished school for good....bwaahhaa]
ZOMG.....dont worry thts normally how...beautiful love stories start..*winks*
its just a matter of time before it changes to.....LOOooooove~! X3

talk abt the coincidence.....
I loooovvveee....JAEJOONG best from everyone....well i think yunho is hot too....but...
JAEJOONG....there cannot be any replacement for u....

well there dances are pretty awesome too...yaaaay!!!

the other day i watched this show...starring DBSK...
and they revealed each others embarassing was FUNNNNN!!!

Apparently...yunho sleeps with his MOUTH AND EYES OPEN.....
and its scary + emabarssin ...once jae joong had to sit next to
yunho in a flight and after a while yunho obviously fell asleep....
of course with his eyes and mouth open....jae joong couldnt take
it anymore and covered his face with a blanket....ROFL!!
there are lots of stuff like tht...

and i think MAX is adorable....did u knw tht he's the CASANOVA in
tht band... it seems he is.... and there is much to tell.... did u come to knw abt tht band??? >3<

and this is a bwueatifuwl pic of the pretty jae joong!!!

Alpha_wolf | 12-20-10, 1:27 AM
heyyy L-chan (=
how are you and how have you been ???

Yepezoxd | 12-19-10, 8:40 PM
Well i already noticed your online once a month or so. But i don't care your still my friend right? Lol, it doesn't matter how often you loge in

...You can't keep chasing this guy who won't give you "the time!"
I can understand that you still like him but, it won't help anyone if you keep holding on to old feeling! *Hugz Tightly*
Why don't you go out and have a good time with out that guy? Keep your mind from thinking about that guy! (^^)

Alpha_wolf | 12-07-10, 10:37 AM
i hope you come back soon :(

yuucchi | 10-17-10, 1:50 AM

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do you want to be an admin/officer and help us with various things? you can, just apply

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first: contest for new club's layout. you decide who will win!
vote, please.
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Oneirophrenia | 10-06-10, 7:06 AM
it means long time no see!!
so how have u been??
wat have u been upto these days??
yea missed u tons!!

Yepezoxd | 09-29-10, 7:18 PM
Lol, it is Wednesday! Yay!!! But, i wasn't online when you were...sorry
Fine no handcuffs (n___n") Lmao

Ohh that's just horrible! How can he do such a thing?!? :\ Doesn't he realize that you have FEELINGS too!!!
I could have never done that, it would kill me inside =[
Maybe you should just forget about him. You said it's been more then half a year. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Alpha_wolf | 09-29-10, 1:39 AM
same here I actually do it when im in the car goin to schoolh, which is really late xD

weird I never been in that situation thank God I hope everythin goes fine with you

Alpha_wolf | 09-26-10, 9:36 PM
so evreythin is goin good ? ...awesome :D
lol haha
but it's good that you replied to my mess. :)
and what's up with you ??

Yepezoxd | 09-26-10, 8:44 PM
Yeah you have too!
If you don't come on MAL more! Then i'll handcuff you to the computer! BWAHAHAHA! (^^) *Insert Evil Laugh*

Haha Thx... (-^^-)
Hmm...thats not true :\

Naruto would be able to teach me how to use shadow clones! But, he can't...
Maybe the guy is shy?

Sorry! You were on a hour ago.... =[
I didn't kno!

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