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NHK ni Youkoso!
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Cowboy Bebop
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Kuuchuu Buranko
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Hachimitsu to Clover
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Nana add
NHK ni Youkoso!
NHK ni Youkoso! add
NHK ni Youkoso!
NHK ni Youkoso! add

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Yamazaki, Kaoru
Koibuchi, Kuranosuke
Irabu, Ichiro
Natsume, Takashi
Okazaki, Tomoya
Tajima, Yuuichirou
Okazaki, Shinichi
Chiaki, Shinichi
Kawabuchi, Sentarou

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Shinkai, Makoto
Shinkai, Makoto
Watanabe, Shinichiro
Watanabe, Shinichiro
Narita, Ryohgo
Narita, Ryohgo
Kon, Satoshi
Kon, Satoshi
Hosoda, Mamoru
Hosoda, Mamoru
Ikuhara, Kunihiko
Ikuhara, Kunihiko

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Moimy | 04-17-15, 1:00 AM
Thank you.
Running backstage would be it's own reward.

Moimy | 04-15-15, 8:35 PM
You should hold up a sign when you go see them, saying 'Come to New Zealand'.
Or break backstage and tell them yourself, it's all good.

Moimy | 04-15-15, 12:20 AM

Moimy | 03-14-15, 11:03 PM
Well, NZ is pretty small, so you're never actually that far from a city. If I needed to go to Auckland, it's an eight hour drive or 45 minute flight.

Oh man. What We Do In The Shadows. It's way more funnier if you live in Wellington. Like that bar they could only go to, The Big K? It was known as the most fucking shit place to go. It was a fucking dive. Only people there were fucking wrecked people and 18 year olds who didn't know better. That's why it's funny that that's the only place they can go. It closed down quite a while ago though. Thank god.
I'm still trying to figure out where their house is though.

Moimy | 03-12-15, 8:10 PM
Curse you.

Auckland is highest priority for bands here, some/most big bands will just play there, then Wellington is second priority, so luckily I get some runoffs. Most bands will just play Auckland and Wellington, and maybe Christchurch in the South Island.

I moved into the middle of the city, so I'm five minutes walk from all of the major music venues and cinemas. Woo.

Moimy | 03-11-15, 10:17 PM
Lorde, Broods and The Naked and Famous are the only really big ones to make it big outside of NZ. Kimbra is kinda popular, but only because she piggybacked on that Somebody You Used To Know song.

It's probably expensive to come here, and we're all the way out in the middle of fucking nowhere. If bands didn't swing by Australia, they'd probably never come here.
Some small groups like Purity Ring have come here, so it's a possibility, but probably not...

Mainstream NZ music sucks. It's mostly easy listening pop, hip hop or shitty rap. I've started going to bar gigs and some bands are really good. There were two NZ bands who opened for Parquet Courts when I saw them this week and they were good.

Moimy | 03-10-15, 8:17 PM
While there are boundaries of how far a band can go, they shouldn't be worried of alienating a fan base. If it's good, people will like it, so they'd just be getting new fans to replace the old ones who don't like good music.

So jelly. I'll never see them. EVER. Unless for some fucking reason they decide to come all the way out here.
Hold up a sign saying 'Go to New Zealand, it's rad'.

Moimy | 03-09-15, 8:11 PM
You ultimately can't fucking win as a musician. The only thing you can really do is disregard and fuck the haters.
I tried looking up the full album on youtube, but it's just full of white pasty neckbeards doing reviews, either talking shit about the album or praising the shit out of it.
Some people say they've gone too mainstream, and their new singles were too 'Taylor Swift'. The fuckkkk. Begin Again was my shit.

They performed live on the Seth Meyers show, and it wasn't great, she had massive stage fright. And her actual voice can't match the produced one. But I reckon they'd be amazing at their own show.

Moimy | 03-08-15, 8:05 PM
Yeah, overall I liked Shrines better, and a lot of complaints are from faggots who can't realize that musicians can change their sound, but the new sound is fun. It's more untzy and less chill than Shrines, but I still like it. People calling it 'mainstream'. I think that's the kind of fans you want to leave behind really.
Although another album of Shrines stuff WOULD have been rad. Just sayin.

Moimy | 03-07-15, 4:53 PM
Hell yes nigga.
Shit is fly.

Moimy | 03-07-15, 12:07 AM
Hell yee.

Moimy | 03-06-15, 1:55 PM
Thoughts on Another Eternity?

ONEESAMAAA | 02-03-15, 11:25 PM
thank you Lichtenstein

Voiced | 02-02-15, 9:33 PM

Sylveon | 01-25-15, 4:49 PM
Did you ever listen to the new Jessie album in the end?

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