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11-08-13, 9:57 PM
April 25, 1984
July 1, 2007
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Hardcore anime addict.

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sirwence | 06-01-09, 5:48 PM
Hello there. We have started a club that celebrates Lum,' the invader' and Urusei Yatsura: Those Obnoxious Aliens. Check it out if you're interested.

Kanashimi | 12-24-08, 8:15 AM

midori- | 08-19-08, 6:22 AM
oh you don't havep ut grades, got it.

midori- | 08-19-08, 6:22 AM
omg you've seen so much anime but i stilldon't know our comptaiblity.

noelhoi | 12-24-07, 7:20 AM
Merry Xmas ^-^ Hope you have a good, safe and sound one, GBU! d(^_^)b

noelhoi | 11-29-07, 5:59 PM
Alrighty. So, I just wanna say, I think it's enough for me to do this comments to tell you ppl to vote, since commenting 4 times should be enough to make all you remind yourself about the voting xD. I have no ill intention (spamming) on your comments page, It just acts as a reminder. If somehow you still find it annoying, just delete my comments, not like I mind. Thanks.

For those who found it annoying, sumimasen deshita!

noelhoi | 11-28-07, 9:06 PM

noelhoi | 11-27-07, 9:10 PM

jukugo | 10-23-07, 2:19 AM
As I type this, I am talking to you on IRC...Pincer attack!

Xinil | 08-12-07, 2:27 PM
Not sure if you saw, but it's possible to import your list now.

me0w | 07-19-07, 11:08 PM
Nno don't be addicted!!!! MAL is EVIL!!!!!!11 ^__^

me0w | 07-19-07, 5:22 PM
ooops my bad, i forgot your nick!!! i know who you are, I KNOW!!!

me0w | 07-19-07, 2:53 PM
im guessing you're from irc too....i bet it was scar who got you in here isnt it!!!!

Sayako | 07-18-07, 11:47 AM
Yeah, I think I might start watching Claymore soon. It seemed interesting. I have yet to watch Zombie Loan 3 and Umisho 3. Haha, well at least when I watch it, I won't be the only confused one. ^^ Well, good luck finishing Urusei Yatsura!

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