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12-08-12, 11:32 PM
January 19, 1990
February 13, 2010
17 (Find All)
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chirale | 07-02-13, 6:12 AM
Hi hakumal. I've seen you have Angel Beats! in your favorites. Would you like to join PA Works club to celebrate the studio behind this title?

Darkside8169 | 12-25-11, 9:38 AM

hakumal | 10-12-10, 7:47 PM
-Updated my MAL- :D

LoveSong | 07-22-10, 7:09 AM

Hey ..
A Massage Nadeko Sengoku Club ..
now you can go and request a Member Card:
Member Cards
hope you like them.

outlawauron | 07-02-10, 7:50 AM
Hey Hakumal. I see you were able to make it online.

Is everything alright? People on animekyun were pretty worried about you.

Alberio | 04-24-10, 4:13 PM

Please re-host before the end of next week.

Hiina | 04-15-10, 2:19 PM
Hi there 8D

I've got a question for you; where did you watch Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ ?
Did you download it perhaps? I don't mind RAW, it's just what I'm looking for actually. If you still know where you watched it or where you downloaded it, I'd be very happy if you would share your knowledge. :)

Thank you,
Sabine ♥

dpjdm | 04-01-10, 9:32 PM
the ,i nonsensically changed you're opinion to mine, kinda fix

desolato | 03-31-10, 1:45 PM
Kazehaya is crying because they didn't kiss? ;p

TNK_Arc | 03-25-10, 7:26 PM
I made this new avatar using an image I found in that link you posted. I doubt I'll top this one that I made, even if I found another good pose/render-worthy image and background. You however, get partial credit for giving me that link since I couldn't have found that image I rendered for this avatar without it. A very good call on your part.

I also updated my profile a bit, but that's far less important than my new avatar.

If you want the original image I used, the render, or a larger version of the avatar I made, I can upload it on my photobucket account.

TNK_Arc | 03-24-10, 5:38 PM
I'll stick to that first link for now. I've gotten quite a few things and plan on making my own wallpaper soon. And I'm finishing up a render I'm doing right now. Both things take a long time to do and I'd hate to drop a project and start another one just because I saw an epic Saber picture. I'll save that for after I'm done with my first two little

hakumal | 03-24-10, 5:09 PM
Blood+ Sucked. the first 32 eps were shit

TNK_Arc | 03-23-10, 11:15 AM
You have done very well. I found plenty of images I could play around with in gimp. If I ever come up with anything good, I'll show it to you.

TNK_Arc | 03-22-10, 6:08 PM
And that's my cue to threaten you with a torturous death in order to get the name of that source asap.

Mimi_Taylor | 03-22-10, 2:54 PM
Just a combination of designing in Gimp and coding with CSS. You can start with a basic CSS template if you go to Edit Profile, My List Style, Advanced CSS Editor, and creating a list style.

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