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May 21, 2011
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Always not enough time to watch Anime... (╯•﹏•╰)
Some people may call me "Ecchi". Some call me "Otaku". Most call me "Hentai Ng". (yeah I'm an Asian!) All of these 'honorifics' are but a farce, which roots from everyone's misinterpretation of me being obsessed over Anime. (I do not call myself an 'otaku', as I scorn obsession.) I am but a man who "blantantly" loves Anime.

To me, Anime is never just a hobby, nor a pastime. Honestly speaking, it is a part of my life. Anime to me is an investment, an experience, a life's journey - one which never bores. Crudely speaking, I love anime to the EXTREME!!! (no offence to Ryohei...) Well, have to admit, I barely have time to watch Anime at times because of education, that is why my days are still progressing that slowly. Holidays are the best. Like who disagrees with me?

To me, each and every Anime titles have their own charm. With unprecedented mind-breaking and flawless plot executions, perpetual dialogue and conversations, enthralling moods and settings, soothing and-at-times stimulating music, not forgetting BRILLIANT character development. (Well, not all of them but at least they tried making the effort, as compared to
^watch at your own risk, no offence. They are still good movies out there too.)

Oh yes, besides Anime, I love spending time on video games and on my Saxophone. Yes, ~SAX~. I don't play many English titles often (referring to vid games here), I'm an avid fan of Final Fantasy (every main series titles besides X, and some side-games such as Crisis Core) and Persona, also touched on Disgaea and Valkyria, and a long-time Pokemon Trainer. Lol. How about ~SAX~? Potential is to be seen. (^_−)☆

Well, movies and TV serials out there are meant to be watched and enjoyed, just like the never-ending supply of Anime titles. (Hopefully so...) Ending off with a quote by Nietzsche, “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” What is that madness? Anymore would be Captain Obvious.

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AYUSANISH | 07-06-14, 6:40 AM
yeah indeed...we have similiar taste in animes...I saw your anime list and we share the same rating too for most of the animes

elSaillotino | 07-04-14, 4:07 AM
Hello! Indeed, 90% is quite high, even if you completed 5 times more series than me... x)
Thanks for the comment. ^^

Knarde | 07-03-14, 1:37 PM
Thank you for writing REAL recommendations and not only "both are ..." ♥ People like you are rare these days

Gladius93 | 06-23-14, 10:29 AM
I want to thank you for your constructive criticism, I really appreciate that. That was my first review and I wrote that, first of all, because I read too much against this anime/manga so I wrote it with a high zeal without thinking about other works that deserve the genre of psychological. I'll consider your advice about the works that I haven't seen yet, except for Gundam because, I'm sorry, I don't really like Mecha genre independently from the other themes contained. Concerning your second message I'd like to say that in my opinion is too early to really judge the final work and the author himself should be appreciated as this is his first work. Hope to share other constructive words; regards.
PS: It is obvious that you are a person with a certain culture that in some ways I think it is also superior to mine so I wouldn't discuss further in absence of evidence in my favor :)

FrozenSoda | 05-29-14, 5:30 AM
Just decided to peek at your profile since you're also watching and discussing Monster.

Great about page. I feel the same way too, started watching anime ever since I was a child and can't live without it anymore(a bit exagerated).

I can't say I hated any anime that i've watched, just that it could've been better although I might lose interest in them and forget about them. Which is why most of my list is above 6 lol.

-Hyperion- | 03-21-14, 2:33 AM
Come join us at The Ecchi Society

EchoSniper | 11-27-13, 8:26 PM

Koco1111 | 10-04-13, 8:13 AM
Thank you very much :3 , we have 170 Anime in common xD and i will give you 8 :P

laketica | 01-10-12, 6:06 PM

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Miyuumeiri | 11-14-11, 6:25 AM
Thank you for information and birthday cheer ^^

seanval411 | 10-10-11, 7:57 AM

Smaster | 10-09-11, 4:55 AM
Yeah, I have not watched the anime yet. Found this pic random somewhere and someone else told me her identity afterwards.

You seem to be a shounen freak :P

Smaster | 10-08-11, 7:24 AM

Nice anime favs :)

Mai88 | 10-08-11, 7:01 AM
Welcome to MAL :)

Alfyan | 10-08-11, 6:28 AM

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