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01-06-12, 8:47 PM
November 3, 1991
April 19, 2010
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i like some anime but new to the whole seen

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laketica | 01-10-12, 9:16 AM

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Kannei | 01-31-11, 3:32 PM

Yo minna**
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elvonndcloud | 11-01-10, 7:04 AM
HI GRANT!!!!!!

Kannei | 10-31-10, 5:24 AM

Yo minna new votings are up

Couple of the Month~december

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so have Fun and Happy Halloween

Kannei | 09-30-10, 11:18 AM

Yo Minna Votings are up:)

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Kannei | 09-01-10, 3:02 PM
bl obsession

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starflutter | 08-10-10, 3:13 AM
~ Mass Message from the Noizi Ito FC ~
Today is Noizi-sama's birthday! (well, technically it was yesterday... gomen, I meant to send this earlier but I was busy ^^") To celebrate, we've made some LE cards ^^ You can come request them here. They're limited to 45 requests, so hurry ^^

The 250+ LE has been open for some time and there are still some spots left, but there aren't very many, so hurry if you want the cards ^^

There are some new character polls that have also been open for some time. If you haven't already, please come and vote here, here, and here ^^

We want to know about our members, so if you haven't already, please come and vote in this poll and this poll too ^^

That's all for now~ Thanks for reading ^^

starflutter | 07-18-10, 12:03 PM
~ Noizi Ito FC - Announcements ~
Sorry if this is a bother, but without mass messages, it's is the only way to let members know what's going on in the club. I'm just copying and pasting this onto every member's profile.

1) Today is ISML Ruby Round 7, so please come and vote for Shana, Haruhi, Yuki, and Mikuru here! They are facing tough opponents (especially Shana) but if every member of the club votes, we might be able to help at least one or two of them win!

2) There's been a character poll open for some time but without mass messages we haven't been able to announce it, so please come and vote here.

3) The 200+ LE has been open for almost a week and there are still some spots left, so come and get the cards here.

4) The Summer SE will be opened in the next week or two and it may or may not be announced, so be sure to keep checking the club if you want the cards ;3

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading! x3

bubbleteaaaaaa | 06-16-10, 5:09 AM
Hi there :D

Do you like member cards?
If so, would you like to join the Cardness Club~
We have membercards, limited edition cards, games and a points system if you miss any cards that you liked!

Hope to see you there~

RV29 | 06-14-10, 3:42 AM
Doing pretty good, editing my sig at the same time trying to making a new sig.

RV29 | 06-12-10, 10:45 AM
Not much too, just going to sleep :P

spookydan7 | 06-09-10, 12:21 PM

Eat Beans! Beans!!

RV29 | 06-09-10, 9:07 AM

Puja | 06-07-10, 8:54 AM

Puja | 05-30-10, 1:55 PM
thanks for the invite ^^ ~

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