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02-13-14, 9:07 PM
March 27, 1989
July 30, 2011
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BTTFDeacon | 02-05-14, 4:47 PM
Your Cipher the video review is one of the greatest things I have ever read.

Adair | 01-13-14, 10:00 PM
Your Cipher review is absolutely hilarious...though I've heard the manga is actually quite decent so I can't even imagine how they screwed things up that badly as you described. XD

NotDolphy | 11-03-13, 1:37 PM
Wonderful Cipher review.

marusamarento | 05-25-13, 10:09 PM
Gello. Will you look at my profile and consider buying one of the books? Thanks.

skellababy | 04-19-13, 6:22 AM

arkv | 02-13-13, 2:20 AM
Your review of Cipher is one of the greatest things I have ever read.

ridojiri | 01-13-13, 4:19 PM
Well, I'll watch Fantascope Tylostoma myself.

ridojiri | 01-12-13, 6:41 PM
Your reviews are excellent good sir. Please write more!

You also have interesting [good] taste. Very weighted towards 80's stuff. I might make a recommendation, well less of a recommendation rather than interested in what someone like you would think of it, 'Tori no Uta'. A Amano anime, similar to Angel's Egg but very different.

Enjoy your day!

marusamarento | 09-08-12, 3:11 PM
Unsurprising, really, the mangaka used to draw hentai...

Kye7 | 09-07-12, 10:28 PM
What is your profile picture from?

marusamarento | 09-01-12, 6:27 PM
I haven't read GiTS yet myself. There's a spin-off manga where the Major changes bodies and lives a whole different life... where her hair is brown... Mad.

I love it when people trash Noitamina and then admit to not liking half the series aired on it that are widely considered good. That happened a lot last winter's season. Truly, BRS and Guilty Crown were in the realms of the terribad, but what message are you trying to convey by admitting you don't like Honey and Clover and Nodame Cantabile? Anime fans (I use this term in the general sense of shallow watchers who only watch popular series) are so critical of slice of life shows, preferring action over them; and then when action is delivered, sloppy and full of fanservice and plotholes, they complain again.

marusamarento | 08-26-12, 5:34 PM
I haven't seen it. Is that why there's increased interest about it at the moment? I read the book about a month ago, I hope they retain the extremely longwinded poker scenes and the gay dolphin with sunglasses.

It makes me nostalgic for GITS. Production I.G. should get on that. Forget dragging up Moyashimon, focus on that whole arc in the Ghost in the Shell manga where the Major has brown hair. Brown. Can you imagine?

marusamarento | 08-26-12, 4:05 PM
I tried to think of an anime that made me laugh so I could compare it unfavourably as a metaphor for us but I really can't think of one...that was intentionally funny, anyway... So I guess you can be that vague emptiness and I'll be Bakemonogatari*

*this fills me with a vague emptiness

marusamarento | 08-26-12, 5:01 AM
Isn't cell already Super?

marusamarento | 08-25-12, 4:51 PM
We are rapidly evolving to our perfect forms.

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