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08-11-14, 3:53 AM
October 29, 1987
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August 29, 2009
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Hi, my name is Eiyu. I like to play video games and beat phenstyle at Super Smash Brothers lol.

I've been playing video games since 1997.

Playfire account:

Playing: Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2008 and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

Avatar: Swimsuit KOS-MOS

Troll influences: Tite Kubo and phenstyle xD

Let's talk before we be buddies.

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09-01-09, 1:16 PM Edited 09-01-09, 1:17 PM

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thetreedude | 08-21-14, 10:31 PM
Are you a family man yet?

phenstyle | 08-21-14, 2:52 PM

phenstyle | 08-21-14, 8:50 AM

phenstyle | 08-21-14, 8:38 AM

DemiFiendRSA | 08-12-14, 1:05 AM
Yeah, it's been awhile again. XD

Ah, you're talking about Broly's ultimate attack in Budokai 3. Yeah, that was completely ridiculous.

Yeah, the 2011 anime is catching up with the manga and will sadly end this year because of that. The anime is already at the last completed arc, which is only 21 chapters long and nearly half of it has already been aired. The current arc after that only has 10 chapters so far. Oh well, at least the manga finally came out of that 2 year plus hiatus.

Nah, I still haven't read it yet. I was originally going to read Pluto and then 20th Century Boys afterwards, but then they got pushed aside for Attack on Titan & Sailor Moon. When Attack on Titan anime got announced for Toonami, I figured that now was the time to start reading it. As for Sailor Moon, Crystal and the streaming of the 90s anime on Hulu got me to finally start reading the manga of it.

Yeah, I know it's back. I have to wait whenever volume 38 comes out to read the new episodes. It's a long wait this way, but I still have other stuff to keep me occupied in the mean time. I'm also still waiting for a volume release of Gigantomakhia, the short manga that Miura worked on during Berserk's longest hiatus, to come out.

I'm going to get the game eventually before it sells out. I just won't play the “story” mode until I finish reading the first seven parts to avoid spoilers. Viz finally reprinted volumes 6 & 8 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part III: Stardust Crusaders, so I was finally able to resume on reading that part. Yes, Bamco is short for Bandai Namco.

Daisuki-chan | 08-11-14, 3:37 PM
Isn't it all relative? Wouldn't you like to be able to train to have such magic alongside a magical lack of aging? ;p

shockzz1234 | 08-11-14, 1:37 PM
I actually don't funny enough :p

phenstyle | 08-07-14, 2:52 PM
MIND CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☆ 

phenstyle | 08-05-14, 5:23 PM
This song is about you lol

phenstyle | 08-05-14, 12:02 AM

phenstyle | 07-29-14, 4:32 PM
Vocabulary from the other day that you wanted me to remind you about:

forlorn ,
filial piety ,


Any others?

phenstyle | 07-18-14, 8:04 PM
Girl really purchases a UNKO Soda from a vending machine.. lol

phenstyle | 07-18-14, 6:25 AM
catching up in Naruto
Funniest moments: Neji loll :p jk

Orochimaru revives 4 hokages and they have a blast talking, 3dai me hokage was like "I sacrificed my own life to stop you Orochimaru WTF!?!??"
I laughed so hard at that LOLOL, it's so hilarious how Orochimaru gets to live forever, it proves that bad guys profit the most in Naruto, edotensei is the best trolling jutsu ever lollolol.

phenstyle | 07-10-14, 8:49 PM
1 week ahead on anime now (^_-)-☆ 

phenstyle | 06-30-14, 4:45 PM
And wtf I was able to get the luck ring from a draw ring in the shop, okay, I'm doing good now haha, sorry man, but it took me a while to get everything I needed for this, should've just checked the moogle shop one more time. ^_^
I'm going to own this game now, wahaha

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