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Favorite Anime
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood add
Fairy Tail (2014)
Fairy Tail (2014) add
Naruto: Shippuuden
Naruto: Shippuuden add
Gintama: Kanketsu-hen - Yorozuya yo Eien Nare
Gintama: Kanketsu-hen - Yorozuya yo Eien Nare add
Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki
Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki add

Favorite Manga
20th Century Boys
20th Century Boys add
One Piece
One Piece add
Vagabond add
Berserk add
Yotsubato! add

Favorite Characters
Son, Gokuu
Uzumaki, Naruto
Sakata, Gintoki
Ryougi, Shiki
Uchiha, Itachi
Akemi, Homura
Boa, Hancock
Law, Trafalgar
Hyuuga, Hinata

Favorite People
Sakamoto, Maaya
Sakamoto, Maaya
Kajiura, Yuki
Kajiura, Yuki
Toriyama, Akira
Toriyama, Akira
Kugimiya, Rie
Kugimiya, Rie
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sorachi, Hideaki
Sorachi, Hideaki
Sugita, Tomokazu
Sugita, Tomokazu

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October 29, 1987
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August 29, 2009
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About geemaa
Hi, my name is Eiyu. I like to play video games and beat people at Super Smash Brothers.

I've been playing video games since 1997.

As you can see, I like video game music a lot.

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Playing: Resident Evil Revelations

Avatar: Swimsuit KOS-MOS

Troll influences: Tite Kubo and phenstyle xD

Let's talk before we be buddies. Unless we know each other from a different website, then say so.

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phenstyle | 02-26-15, 12:57 AM
I just wanted to remind you on MAL that I'm a gold king LOL. You should try getting a crown sometime feels so good... lol I'm "PROUD" of it xD

You will be "critical" of your crowns but that doesn't make sense..I can't comprehend how crazy that mode is so you will just be a crazy king. lol You are such a critic LOL

Daisuki-chan | 02-19-15, 3:38 PM
The video only exists in Chrome for me.

phenstyle | 02-02-15, 3:47 PM
Check out "Sakigake! otoko-juku"
It's the sequel to Sakigake! Chromartie High School

phenstyle | 01-31-15, 6:31 PM
I'm gonna do a suplex on your face man lol

phenstyle | 01-29-15, 5:51 PM
I got all the mushrooms!! SILVER KING NOW!!!!!!
( ・´ー・`) 
Got Lingering Will down to 4 bars...
Thought I had him and then he uses a binding spell that makes it impossible for me to attack and I don't know how to remove it. The first binding spell to stop you from attacking is easy to undo you just have to time when to cancel it..the second one...I think you just die lol. It's really really messed up man.
This guy wouldn't be so hard if he didn't have that second spell later haha. I'm almost a gold crown king though. What crown do you have now? lol

phenstyle | 01-28-15, 3:04 PM
The Mushroom side quest is probably harder than anything else in the game man lolllll, I spent 6 hours on it recently, got 3 more mushrooms (1 yesterday and 2 today)
(^_-)-☆ and 3 left now!
By the way, my game play is over 120 hours lol. Maybe because of all the mushrooms and farming items I've done before. ( I've almost maxed out Sora's attack, it's around 150 now, 160 is max right? Dude, farming for attack stats take a really long time compared to other ones..(that's why I'm doing them first) was probably easier to farm in the old game (since less items existed..have to synthesize some stuff from the new place for stats now!)

Speaking of mushrooms, I don't think you will be able to get all the mushrooms man. It takes a lot of skill. I probably could've beat the game on critical mode with only 1hp before beating the mushroom quest LOL.
You can't say that your future crowns are worth more just because of the mode you are on..that's really cheap man. Well, the mushrooms should be exactly the same though so I challenge you to get your first crown from doing the mushrooms lol.
I got that mushroom outside of the tower today, the one we threw up in the air and had to keep it in the air haha. It took about 2 hours LOL, and I spent 3-4 hours on the shooting one but could only get 39 points (needed 40) and to get 39 it took 400 tries haha. The mushrooms are really really hard man (almost went into rage-quit-mode lol), even just being off by 1 is still a super long ways to go!!
There was a easy mushroom I found today though, it only took me 5 to 10 minutes..but I think it was because I spent hours trying to focus on the hardest possible mushrooms lol.
Now I have the biggest troll mushrooms left... >.< xD

phenstyle | 01-25-15, 9:22 PM

phenstyle | 01-25-15, 9:18 PM
あほ ♪★ 

Daisuki-chan | 01-25-15, 4:57 PM
Your spoiler seems empty.

DemiFiendRSA | 01-11-15, 8:31 AM
Hence why I recommended that you just watched the remake from the beginning instead of watching where the 99/OVA left off. That's the first time Kite makes an appearance in the remake. As I mentioned before, that was one of the very few gripes I had with the remake. On the flip side, the remake shows the full fight between Hisoka & Kastro at the Heaven's Arena.

Heh. With Toei's current pacing with the anime, it'll take like 30 episodes before we get to that scene. Corozon looks like Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker with that mouth & Alex from Clockwork Orange with that left eyelash. It'll be almost two years since Dressrosa Arc started in the manga and it's currently the longest arc in One Piece.

I just want to know what happened during those two years of development after Sailor Moon Crystal was announced. It's disappointing to have this kind of quality and have a awkward release schedule after all that time. I feel like they just threw out something just to get it over with after screwing around for two years.

Nothing irritates me more than when people exaggerate on the reasons why a manga-ka puts a series on hiatus. Some idiots say they fake an injury just so they can play a video game. (*shakes my head*) These manga-ka hardly get any sleep that it'll eventually affect their work stamina. Even a workaholic like Oda has started to have more 1-week breaks than he has in previous years. Yeah, there's thousands of other series that people could be reading while one series is hiatus instead of wasting their time complaining about it.

It wasn't really a HD game, though. It just had some “HD” graphic filter and online added to it just like Marvel vs Capcom 2 & Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike online, which were $5 cheaper. Yeah, that's one of the things I like about JJBA. It's just a fun series to get into. Joseph Joestar is my favorite Jojo so far.

gAbCh17Yy | 01-10-15, 1:23 AM
Yeah I'll watch it soon :D

Oh I still haven't cought up with One Piece .. somehow I keed finding something else to do :D

ahah No way :D but I'm reading books now so you have time to catch up to my manga days at lest a little bit :D

Happy New Year ! :D :D :D

phenstyle | 01-06-15, 11:20 PM
Oh yeah, forgot to say. Last time you told me that I forced you to watch anime or something. I've never tied you up with a rope and literally forced you lol. You are so messed up if you think that way man lol
You can watch whatever you want to watch.
I just recommend you stuff sometimes and we did equivalent exchanges but you can't say you didn't enjoy watching what you saw, right? :p
I still enjoyed my time playing games or watching you play games.
Well, if you would've enjoyed it more if there was no exchange, then watch Jojo by yourself when you get a chance IF YOU WANT TO lol, I put that in capital letters just to enforce your way of thinking and to reiterate that I am not forcing anything upon you. Even if it takes 100 years, that's totally cool, take your time lol.
But just to let you know Jojo is continuing on the 10th, so it would just be fun to watch it while it airs if that kind of thing interests you, which I think it does. I know you tried that with psycho pass or something and said "Sometimes it's fun watching stuff while it airs, or catching up because it's airing"
These are words from your mouth. lol
I mainly just wanted to let you know that Jojo is coming out on the 10th in case that gave you more of a reason to follow through with your anime-logic.
That it is all. I never force anything upon you lol.
Oh, and just letting you know about a cool anime "Nanatsu no Taizai" since you like Fairy Tail and DBZ, and Kill La Kill, I think you will enjoy it. Check it out if you get a chance. It's only up to 12 episodes now and still airing (I think it's going to end at 24 episodes or maybe other seasons later, not sure).

Yesterday, I went to sleep at 5pm man, and woke up at 12am, pretty epic right? I'm sleeping earlier, see lol. Well, tonight, going to sleep after this comment, but still before midnight lol.
I'm not staying up till 5-6am anymore, 俺は最高だろう?w 
なんてね ^^

phenstyle | 01-06-15, 11:09 PM
ww (あけおめ=あけましておめでとう happy new year )

Too cold to go out to the garage. If I go outside I'm going to get food, or go play 囲碁 at the club.

So next time you come over I will consider it lol

Hey man, I rewatched about 50 DBZ episodes, mainly the ones from the current kai location to the end cuz I couldn't wait haha.
It was sooo good, I really enjoyed it lol. The Boo fight lasted really long haha. Mr. Satan is the true hero, without him everyone would just die. He really is the strongest person in the world lol. He never died! He was the only human to escape death in DBZ LOL
He probably could've owned the evil majin boo if he had more bullets in his magnum LOL, but he just gave the non-earthlings the win. Well it was still a team effort lol.

Hey, where to watch DragonBallGT with subs? couldn't find any subs but just dubs.

And the end of DBZ, goku goes off to train the reincarnation of Boo loll, prioritizing that over training pan or his own kids lolol. Goku is so random man lol, he was late to a party because he had to watch some eggs hatch LOL. That's like something you would do. :p

tsubasalover | 01-02-15, 3:20 AM

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