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05-24-14, 8:55 PM
October 29, 1987
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August 29, 2009
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Hi, my name is Eiyu. I like to play video games and beat phenstyle at Super Smash Brothers lol.

I've been playing video games since 1997.

Playfire account:

Playing: Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2008 and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

Avatar: Swimsuit KOS-MOS

Troll influences: Tite Kubo and phenstyle xD

Let's talk before we be buddies.

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09-01-09, 1:16 PM Edited 09-01-09, 1:17 PM

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phenstyle | 07-29-14, 4:32 PM
Vocabulary from the other day that you wanted me to remind you about:

forlorn ,
filial piety ,


Any others?

phenstyle | 07-18-14, 8:04 PM
Girl really purchases a UNKO Soda from a vending machine.. lol

phenstyle | 07-18-14, 6:25 AM
catching up in Naruto
Funniest moments: Neji loll :p jk

Orochimaru revives 4 hokages and they have a blast talking, 3dai me hokage was like "I sacrificed my own life to stop you Orochimaru WTF!?!??"
I laughed so hard at that LOLOL, it's so hilarious how Orochimaru gets to live forever, it proves that bad guys profit the most in Naruto, edotensei is the best trolling jutsu ever lollolol.

phenstyle | 07-10-14, 8:49 PM
1 week ahead on anime now (^_-)-☆ 

phenstyle | 06-30-14, 4:45 PM
And wtf I was able to get the luck ring from a draw ring in the shop, okay, I'm doing good now haha, sorry man, but it took me a while to get everything I needed for this, should've just checked the moogle shop one more time. ^_^
I'm going to own this game now, wahaha

phenstyle | 06-30-14, 4:42 PM
k, I take that back about the ultimate weapon lmao, I was able to get it !! :) ^_^

phenstyle | 06-30-14, 4:28 PM
I need your help in KH2..
It's trolling me so badly right now. How come in the moogle shop I can't buy or synthesis luck rings? They aren't on the list anywhere, and when I go to farm items it takes me wayyyyy too long because I don't have any luck rings, it'll take me like 20 times going to the area just to get one item, I want to power up my characters more, I'm at level 99 but way too weak to fight 12 new messed up bosses that showed up in the secret area lol...

So pissed off man, I've been lv99 for a long time now, like 15 hours but can't increase my stats that much now...
I know where to get the items too from going around soo much but it just takes wayyyy too long to farm them..and I can't get the luck rings, might've sold them early in the game or screwed up...

But this game can't be that f'ed up right!?? I mean there should be a way to synthesize them or something right!???

The most retarding thing a game could ever do is give you the option of selling a super rare item that only comes along once in the game..that's like the worst possible trolling ever!!
Or if you did sell it, it should let you buy it back, I mean wtf man!?!

Do I have to start the whole game over Just so I could get items quicker!???
On a side note, I found at least one of every item, and finished the moogle requirements, mastered the moogle level, have all puzzle piece things, every chest except 1 (need to beat the 12 hidden bosses in that messed up area, by the way which are way harder than Sephiroth lol, like 3 times harder at least) (WORST TROLLING EVER)
In order to beat them I really need to power up more..and maybe get the ultimate weapon..which I think I can't get either, I don't see how I'm going to collect everything for it, maybe I already used a few of the ingredients on accident earlier..if they were's like wtf man..seriously they shouldn't do this to me.

I learned my lesson though, if I start over I'm never going to synthesize S rank items or use orikon+ things.

So there are two items that never come back in the game? Luck rings and Orikon+ things?

It's really messed up how they give you choices to synthesize items that you shouldn't get...

I really need your advice and help for this now...
I've been playing it way too much but not making that much progress.

MakoSOLDIER | 06-15-14, 9:07 PM
Did u start Psycho-Pass?

phenstyle | 06-12-14, 10:51 PM

phenstyle | 06-10-14, 1:39 AM

Had to watch every episode of this without stopping, gave it a 10.

shockzz1234 | 06-08-14, 1:59 PM
*sees you picture*
Soooo.....i need to know who that is....for erm....research purposes >.> Help a guy out :O

phenstyle | 06-03-14, 11:08 PM
(Saw you wanted to marathon something)
Marathon JOJO or Hunter Hunter BAKA! Epic anime to marathon!!

If you want something different though..
kurokami (there are two animes with this name, kurokami medaka, is pretty good, fighting scenes similar to kenichi and equally ecchi)
But just "kurokami" is good too, check them both out.

If you want a longer one, Hajime no Ippo!!!

"Kingdom" is great too, it has ichigo's voice actor, and way better than Bleach, awesome story.

Then there is MAGI too!!!
All of these are kami-anime, god level anime ^_^

Then if you want a super messed up fighting anime watch Baki the grappler or something , or air master lol.

Funny movie: "Death Billiards"

I recently watched Dance in the Vampire Bund, it was pretty interesting too. ^^

What type of marathon are you going to do? 12 ep? 24-26 ep? 26+?
Genre? You should ask me too man, I've given you good recommendations before right? ^^

gAbCh17Yy | 05-31-14, 3:07 AM
Well I went to work in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, decided to stay in Bulgaria this summer and well that's about it .. The internet here sucks .. Yeah I noticed you rarely go online you still watching animes and playing games ?

MakoSOLDIER | 05-26-14, 10:26 PM
Sorry I was away since Friday till now and didn't have internet access. Anything genre specific ur looking for?

phenstyle | 05-25-14, 1:42 AM
Good job man! You should play games with kanji too though lol.
Well when you play in hiragana I bet it will be confusing and you'll end up looking up lots of kanji to figure out what the word means, since a lot of words have the same sound.
Hiragana can be misleading at times, like kanji paints a picture =instant understanding (if you get good at kanji it will be super convenient for everything you do in Japanese)

I was going to write a message to you today too, I just saw One Piece and that double haki user battle was too epic...really good episode.

Drakengard 3 looks really good. I googled imaged it lol.

By the way, start reading manga in Japanese and delete all your manga time. If you do it I will too. :P lol. (Then we can compete by reading in Japanese, it would be fair and healthy for improving a lot too :p )

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