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Evangelion x JRA
Evangelion x JRA
May 8, 9:05 PM
Completed 3/3 · Scored 5
Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga
Heppoko Jikken Animation Excel♥Saga
May 6, 1:58 PM
Watching 20/26 · Scored 8
Hikari no Megami
Hikari no Megami
May 4, 11:35 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
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Days: 126.2
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Chikan Otoko
Chikan Otoko
May 8, 9:13 PM
Reading 6/21 · Scored 9
May 8, 9:12 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
Zelda no Densetsu
Zelda no Densetsu
May 4, 11:36 AM
Completed 8/8 · Scored 7


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thetreedude May 26, 10:52 PM
I forgot something.

What do you think of that possible new PS4.5 thing coming this fall?

You going to get it? I want it.
thetreedude May 26, 10:51 PM
Australia finally got Fates now.
In other news, I haven't finished my 100% suffer run.

But really what is important here is..

Tell me what you think of Molester Man when you're done.
I'll reply when I feel like it.
I imagine that will be sometime I wouldn't even hazard to guess~

Alfyan May 15, 9:57 AM
Yeah, PS2 games are still being talked about now; but for nostalgia reasons. But its because they were so good its still memorable of our generation.

I'll see what happens. Right now FF has taken a backseat as I have been playing more GTAV and Star Wars: BattleFront. Haha yes, I wouldn't buy games I already have since it will be pointless.

Haha, I want to get some others now that I have a few more FF knowledge. I think I have Clouds, Tifas, Sephiroths and Squalls. I may branch out to the others too. I'll double check whether I can still play them xD

I'll just get how it comes for me, if I do happen to achieve a trophy as I play the game normally then that is great but I wouldn't go out of my way to get them. At least you got a plat trophy haha.

I wouldn't know lol I need the subs haha. Oh right she feels the same way to me in X-2 but a bit more... mature on the looks. She still looks more independent; she doesn't get paired up with another male either from what I have seen. Did she like Tidus as well? :S
EtherealNocturne May 13, 9:04 PM
Interesting. Not much of a gamer myself which is probably why I never heard of it until now. I'm guessing it's not as active as MAL is?

I agree, FFX-2 is still a very enjoyable game to play. A shame I never completed 100% for that game to get the special ending. Were you able to manage that?
DemiFiendRSA May 9, 11:59 PM
Happy Piccolo Day!

Oh, well, if someone kept me bugging me to watch something, it'd make me not watch something sooner. I prefer Joseph and Kars fight, too. I like Jotaro and Dio's fight, but it had a few asspull moments. Like how they were able to fly all of sudden never made sense to me. I'm really enjoying Diamond is Unbreakable anime. Just like the previous part, the anime is making some of my least favorite moments in the manga more enjoyable. I still haven't played any of the recent games either. It'll be a long while before that happens. I'm still waiting on the part V manga re-translation to be completed.

I'm finding this season of Sailor Moon Crystal to actually good. I'm impressed on how much it improved from the past two arcs. The animations look better and all the transformation are 2-D again. It makes me wish they could re-do the past two arcs.

The anime is almost done with the Dressrosa arc. Only less than 6 chapters left to adapt and it'll finally be over in the anime. Zou arc gave us so much info dump and build up for future arcs. It's probably my favorite arc in the New World Saga and it didn't take that long to end. This new arc around Sanji is getting interesting as well.

The anime is finally back from those fillers.....again. I hope that's the end of anymore interruptions to the main story. I'm still contemplating on whether to read Boruto or not. I made commitment to finish Naruto anime/manga to the end, but I made no commitment with a spin-off manga starring his son.
tsubasalover May 8, 9:44 PM
I see. How was it?
Mika May 7, 8:13 AM
Yeah, that would be a good solution :3
13 more days here >.<
ah but I might not get it straight away. I've still got exams after that :/
shockzz1234 May 7, 7:02 AM
Lol, at least i know how to say "my name is..." in Spanish, that should get me by introductions at the very least XD

LOL, good call! I'm on GX in the game right now, just beat DM, and boyyyyy was DM bullshit. That Mirror Force hax. And i was using the story mode decks too, not my own, so that's why i couldn't really counter Mirror Force and just had to hope they didn't have it on the field. Honestly, this game just reminded me of how unbalanced early Yugioh kinda was XD

Yeah, but you never know what related videos may pop up, for example =P And yeah, but that doesn't help me with the videos on the side of the page =P

Yep, although when i was younger and out i was always scared to play it because i thought someone might try and steal it form my hand or something >.>

Exactyl, not worth the risk lol.

Tbh, evern re-reading it, i get the same impression that you weren't talking about the dub and more of the series in general =P
Daisuki-chan May 4, 5:08 PM
I already did! :o
KaminaKai May 3, 4:55 PM
Indeed you need to experience the awesomeness of Shulk in Japanese! The story is just not the same in English sadly. My Lighting Returns is still wrapped up in plastic cover LOL... when should I play it...

Yeah NX is the current "code" name. But then WiiU is really a big failure then... and there really isn't any game other than Xenoblade that I want from that console. PLEASE PORT IT TO 3DS!!

Who didn't play many hours of video games without resting? I know back then I played over 100 hours on FF7 and FF8. Good old days...

Eh? I heard PS4.5 will be out by the end of this year? Guess we'll find out. I just want it to play the FF7 remake... and MAYBE FF15, but I'm not sold on it yet. Me not fan of KH series :P

Anime logic or Japanese logic? XD

MonadoII May 3, 7:02 AM
Yep, he's really mature^^ Most of the time he acts like a child is just to make people happy :>

Mhm~ Good luck =)

I'm sorry, but I'm not quite sure wha you're referring to.... o.o
phenstyle May 1, 7:11 AM
I actually approve of Jojo songs even though some are in English..they are classics....
It does fit Jojo well.
Well said (not bad for a troll)
phenstyle May 1, 7:08 AM
Why the horrible rating? you can't expect the anime to follow the manga...anime is anime, it's okay to have different endings and things lol
Such a noob to compare the two, think only of the anime when you watch the's a biased rating bro.

Yashiro is pretty intelligent though. He got away with the crimes in many parallel worlds lol

Yes, if I was like 29 years old like the main character I would so go back in time and hit that lol jk
tsubasalover Apr 30, 12:41 PM
Which anime do you follow this season?
shockzz1234 Apr 29, 1:58 PM
Pretty much - not like i was gonna use that little amount of Spanish effectively lol.

Probably lmao.

Eh, fair enough, i think the only digital thing i own is Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist (oh yeah, i got that today btw =P)

Haha, i'd listen to that music, but i'm dead scared of spoilers, so i won't be clicking that likn, sorry Dx

All handlheld games were tbh, that's what they weer for after all =P

Probably better to not try it then haha.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....i thought you were just talking about the series in general haha. Now the conversation makes a bit more sense =P