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August 11, 1989
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 27, 2007
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Holy shit you are reading my profile page...are you amazed at my good taste yet? When im not watching anime/reading manga and getting buttraped assaulted by college/work I also run a blog called "Game's Mind" (shameless self promotion). You can also see me tweet about the shit I'm watching @Game8910

I change my top favs on the side bar according to the current season. If you wish to look at my real top 10s you can find them here.

This is how I rate my shit

Please don't send a friend request without actually trying. I won't even look at it.

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Ethabn | 09-20-14, 10:41 PM

GrafWutzenstein | 09-03-14, 11:57 AM

K-onRitsuLover | 09-01-14, 3:52 AM
hello :-)

SilentTruth | 08-12-14, 3:32 AM
Happy (late) birthday!

chibuki | 08-11-14, 8:57 AM
Happy birthday to you fellow Leo!

DivineTrinity | 08-11-14, 6:31 AM
Happy Birthday!

Seiryuu2 | 08-11-14, 2:30 AM
Ara ~
This is your Birthday, Happy Birthday dude :3
I hope that birthday date is not fake though xD
you haven't replied my last comment yet, but it's alright :3 How ar e you doing ? i hope you are doing fine :3
Since for particular unknown reason, I've been hunting for romace, drama, school and slice of life anime series thingy in these past few days. Could you give me some suggestion ?

Seiryuu2 | 08-02-14, 11:48 AM
Ah batoto, I have forgotten that name's site. If i am not mistaken, that site hosting manga legally right ? could you give me the link ?

Alright my bad, i shouldn't bringing up Tenri as the topic of our conversation yesterday. The hurts went through to the kokoro I am still curious what Tenri and Diana were discussing with, the conversation where ended up with, "Keima-kun is...." That still makes me curious. I heard in this sequel, Wakaki will clears a lot of misunderstand and pull everything on the right direction. In the cover as we've seen there's no Chihiro, so at least we should expecting some good thing for the story development itself. I must admit there's no series that reached the cleverness level of how TWGOK'S storyline was written.

Yess, Poor kanon-cwan. She's very adorable when she was singing, I personally love the OVA where Kanon is the main center of the show.

Seiryuu2 | 08-01-14, 9:29 AM
Sorry for the late reply, My internet is messed up right now
current speed

It still unconfirmed, I got the pic from redhawkscan forum and i highly doubt the pic itself is a troll.

Another Image I've found on redhawk,

It seems is going to be a sequel, if it is i am really happy about it :D
I forgot the unknown goddess name i was talking about, she was introduced when keima was talking to shiori about something in the library. Where do you usually read the manga ? I've always read the manga on mangafox, and in the discussion thread many peoples were speculating Keima has an unknown goddess on his body. The reason people were speculating this was due the fact that Keima is the center of all goddess and the fact that the unknown goddess is on the center of Majima's school emblem,

Can you give me the link of that twitter ? It's really funny if he is doing that, as exactly as you said. He has still not abandoned his series. I feel pity towards Tenri, she is the only girls that remembers everything that happens, she is the one who pulling strings beside Nikado-sensei and yet Keima choose Chihiro over Tenri. I understood why Wakaki ended up Keima with Chihiro, beside the first girl that hurts keima the most, She is the one without goddess that Keima truly loves and enjoy with, but in top of that Tenri's effort for helping Keima to achieve such result in the end should not be wasted like that. Poor Tenri-san :C

If i am not mistaken, Toyama Nao is the Seiyuu of Kanon and Apollo right ? I love the clumsiness of Kanon, the innocence personality of her but she doesnt have enough screening on the manga :C

====== EDIT ======
The Goddess-san name is Demeter xD
Finally i can recall the name lol

Seiryuu2 | 07-31-14, 7:45 AM
But still all of those plot holes need to be explained for fan's sake xD
Wakaki made us attached to his series yet he always gave us trolly chapter sometimes. Beside the working of the new hell, I was hoping there was a new Goddess among our six beauty goddess. Wakaki hinted a lot of possibility that there was going to be a new goddess-san, from the emblem clue and etc. I thought the the unknown goddess-san that was introduced had a major role to the series and she ended up as nothing valuable at all.

Yes, Wakaki sometimes always reminded his fans (including us) that TWGOK is NOT a battle manga which made me understands as well why the the unnecessary battle action-san never get fully shown in the manga.

Yes, indeeed. I find the animation itself amusing,What if i told you that we still have enough material to get another season of TWGOK ? forget about it, instead of new season this new material is enough for Movie's version.

Open the spoiler and please guess what it is :P

Seiryuu2 | 07-29-14, 11:49 PM
Yups you right, Well however I was hoping the Ending wasn't rushed like that.
I heard from my friend that Wakaki was forced to rush the ending and focus on his other series (Because due some reason, He was like dragging the TWGOK's story a bit).
Well, Everyone has their own opinion though many of my friends were disappointed by the how it ended.
There were still some plotholes left hanging up and need to be cleared up, what would you think the best way to close all the plot hole ? The anime version itself is good, but a lot of peoples were complaining how bad the Animation's quality was.
I prefer we should have a movie version of it however we shouldn't hoping too much :/

Seiryuu2 | 07-28-14, 11:24 AM
Hi, I've seen your review of Higashi No Eden and it looks like you are TWGOK's fans as well
Nice to meet you, what is your thought about TWGOK series ?

Trippeh | 07-11-14, 8:18 AM
okay, I've been learning mahjong solely for the sake of watching Saki and I would have been sad if it was a bad adaptation or something, I don't really read manga

Trippeh | 07-10-14, 10:15 PM
is the saki manga > saki anime?

DivineTrinity | 06-30-14, 5:48 PM
Ah I see. I'm also a little endecided on those last 4 you have down. I might wait for word of mouth before I try those out.

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