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03-30-11, 4:35 AM
ryoichiro land
January 28, 2008
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JOIN the ~

i like: tea - photography - manga - anime - to sleep - yaoi - yuri - Yoshida brothers ^^

music: symphonic metal - gothic metal - power metal - heavy metal - hard rock - and some anime openings xD

eat: chocolat - ice crea - pasta

i prefer manga to anime.

and i LOVE the voice of the character You Miyagi voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue *so damn sexy* xD

there are A lot more of manga that i should add...but to lazy to do that >< *sigh*

if you are on CR add me xD *i am more often there then here* ><

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Remon | 01-29-10, 11:01 AM
Hey there! There is a new club for the anime/movie Spirited Away. I am writing you to invite you to join because it really needs members.

Here it is:
~ Spirited Away ~ club!
I will be grateful if you join ^^
You can also request a member card - here

Thank you very much~!

_Alu_ | 12-23-09, 9:53 AM
um hi sorry to bother but i'm curious where did you read kaguya hime manga ? cause i cant find anywhere chapters afetr chapter 20(the beginning of volume 5) i would really appreciate if you help me ^^

Shounen93 | 08-26-09, 8:11 PM
Join to The Suenobu Keiko FanClub!

Click Here

sirwence | 06-01-09, 6:05 PM
Hello there. We have started a club that celebrates Lum,' the invader' and Urusei Yatsura: Those Obnoxious Aliens. Check it out if you're interested.

aine1810 | 12-31-08, 9:17 AM

Wishing you all the Best ^^

YuPPiyAy | 12-24-08, 6:58 PM

Solmate | 12-23-08, 11:47 AM
hey =D

Lizzeth | 08-26-08, 5:18 PM
I'm good! Just sent you a message on CR a few hours ago actually XD how have you been?? I'm sorry I've been busy, school just started..

EliseChase | 08-10-08, 12:05 PM
i´m fine thanks. i watch a lot yaoi...sometimes too much ;)

-otaku- | 08-09-08, 7:52 PM
yeah, but... i get really confuse if i do that! lol

EliseChase | 08-06-08, 6:52 AM
hi my friend you didn´t write a long time. what´s up?

-otaku- | 07-28-08, 6:43 PM
yeah, but i take like an hour just to read one manga. haha i use to take half of that, but i think i spend too much time looking at the pictures.

Crystal_Assassin | 07-28-08, 4:12 PM
^_^ Yeppers, I love Annagel's banners, I couldn't resist putting them on my profile :D

Yumeka Sumomo needs more love..

Good bands? Plenty. I personally like X Japan, GazettE, Nightmare, Uverworld, Antic Cafe, Alice Nine, Pierrot and more bands..

-otaku- | 07-28-08, 3:47 PM
Hello! Thank you very much for the welcoming!
Yes my list is long. haha I don't know if I'll ever get to all of them.

Crystal_Assassin | 07-28-08, 3:43 PM
I'm feeling awesome, I just bought some Pocky and my friend recommended me a bunch of Jrock bands, so yup. And you?

And I'm overjoyed that the Yumeka Sumomo fanclub has 8 members ;D

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