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December 25, 2010
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About eternalx
ok so here are a few things about me:
- I started watching anime when I was 15-ish, at the moment I'm 21 and I'm a college student.
- The first anime that I've seen was Death Note and that was the point when I said that I'll give anime a chance. After that I watched Zero no Tsukaima and I was sure that I have to try other animes as well. And that was how it all started.
- I probably have the biggest "dropped" list on MAL (is there any way to check that?) because if I don't like something I simply won't watch it, it's that simple. Though I might pick randomly some series that I didn't like and complete them just for the heck of it.(Legend of the legendary heroes)
- I almost never pick up any ongoing series.
- Considering that I may have picked up an ongoing anime I will probably never write a review after I watched only a few episodes, I don't understand how can someone write a review after watching 1-2 episodes of an anime.
- I prefer more mature themes in an anime but that doesn't mean that I won't watch animes where they don't deal with such themes. I love comedy animes and I consider SOME ecchi animes to be actually good.
- I'll never watch Yuri/Yaoi anime so don't bother.
- Yes I use the tags section of the anime list to write down some thoughts.
- Recommendations as well as comments (even bad ones) are always welcome, don't be afraid to speak your mind.

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babyybearr | 5 hours ago
Thank you! Your not too bad yourself, I mean I just cracked up laughing from your post. And no worries. I just got out of the ER today. Could have sworn I broke my toe, the thing hurt like a son of a bitch through really strong pain killers, they did 4 x-rays because the pain was tying in with my ankle. Nothing! Absolutely nothing found. Where is this pain coming from then?

I got home, and was like FUCK IT. I'm going to imagine it's not there, and took off the compression bandage.

But anyways, I'm off point, being grown people it's understandable we're going to reply late to each other. My skype is: ipromisedthesky && i have two email addresses, both of which I check one that goes straight to my phone: and another that I use on my computer:

Lately I been trying to use FB less, wait, I didn't tell you the second thing that happened.

So while I was away in Poland one of the times getting some errands done, I met a guy. First off he didn't even seem like, I don't know, the type he is? Let me throw this at you: anime, tall, smart, going to school to be a chef, plays soccer, trained for swimming meets, wise beyond his years, does not look his age, plays bass drums and guitar, funny, charming, respectable, has manners, dresses well, pikachu, rock/metal music (so similar interest in music as well), japanese stuff i'm pretty sure there's more but it's so odd how well we hit it off. Fucking stranger turns out to make me feel like I won the lottery. Someone give me some FLAWS! Well actually one of his flaws that bothered me at first was the fact I found out he's 4 years younger than me... But he doesn't act like it. He acts very mature, and acts like I'm younger than him. ALL THE TIME. So yeah.

I didn't notice him first, he noticed me and forced me to notice him. Except he was working at the time, slick.

He didn't know about me moving to Poland until I let it slip when I woke up hungover I don't know where.

I woke up on someone's couch with a huge chunk of my memory GONE from the night. None of my "friends" texted me back, no one helped me, yet for some reason I messaged him during that time & he calmed me down and talked me through it.

Recently I found out nothing bad happened, but I still don't remember anything. And the reason I don't is because I passed out and my head hit the sidewalk. All my friends left me besides one chick, and her guy friend who does this often (take care of people who pass out from drinking) ultimately took me to his place and took care of me the whole night. Sweet of him, she was there for majority of the night though.

I seriously got off topic, after I told him, every time we talked he would just be like "so when are you getting your polish citizenship" and it's like you really want me to show up in Poland faster and he's like "no, i'm just asking out of curiosity" and i'm like "yeah, sure, because that's such an interesting topic!"

But anyways I started to use FB less (me & him we either talk through fb or skype) but I saw something his friend posted on his wall I overreacted and got pissed off and deactivated my fb which he freaked out over. It was a group photo, and in this photo he has his hand around this girl's waist. I realized then that I went from flirty fun to actually liking this guy... I know I'm not ready to put myself into another relationship just yet. I'm over my ex, but a lot happened. It's either way going to take awhile for me to move there completely so I'd like to take things slow.

But anywways, is your girlfriend coming with you? Good luck on your move! You'll probably love England. I want to visit so many places in Europe, I'll have my car, so I'll make sure I do roadtrips there. I especially want to see England and their underground rock scene. I'm a huge NANA fan.

And majority of society pisses me off and how they have kids but don't watch them. Like seriously, my nephew's friend's mom pushes her own son onto other people so she can leave and get high. Her mom is a cop and doesn't do shit. And when no one wants to watch him, she leaves him on the street. No wonder this kid acts up and acts retarded. It's her fault.

These days I am watching, Graceland, Under the Dome, Mistresses, Switched at Birth, Finding Carter, Pretty Little Liars and that's all that's on season right now and that I like. It's all american tv shows. You might like Graceland, I don't know how to explain it to you so do check it out.

The school system in Poland is a lot better, and tougher, than the one's here. But most likely I'll only have a problem with the grammar part of Polish. I think I'll have a problem with their weather, I do not like winter. D; I hate the cold. I hope I succeed good enough to be able to do business around the globe, and maybe hopefully have like a house or a place in Singapore or Australia during the winter times. That will be nice.

I'm off to watch more Under the Dome, and eat a plain ice cream cone. Good luck with your future dude. Hope your doing well!

babyybearr | 07-17-14, 9:06 AM
OH MY GOD! I just saw this~ sorry, I been like MIA

First off broke up with my then bf now ex not long after my last message to you, he's PSYCHO.

And I'm dropping my whole comfort zone, my language, my friends, family, everything I've ever grown up to know and moving to another country for myself and for school. Sure I have family there, and it will be a huge culture shock, but I'm going to live on my own I want to learn it on my own. If I want to spend time with family, I'll drive to them. No problem.

I'm terrified, but I'm so excited. "If your dreams don't scare you, your not dreaming high enough."

I've been back and forth between Poland for the last almost a year. I'm almost done completely moving over. I'm going back in August for some more errands, before coming back home and packing and leaving.

Where this will take me, I don't know. But unlike most people I've studied journalism and graphic design for like 3 years, for the last while I have been really wanting to study business. I'm creative, innovative, have 3 languages under my belt, 2 more with knowledge, leadership qualities, I'm talkative and can talk to just about anyone about anything at any random moment. So I'm going to study business and graphic design.

School here is hell. I've tried, I've honestly tried 3 different schools, their system, just pisses me off. I just need to start over and explore. This city knows too much of me. I've always wanted to study abroad since I was a kid, now I got the chance to. I know, it sounds crazy. But I'm dauntless xD

No one will know my age, everyone will assume I'm like 17-18, so no one needs to know that I'm 22 and starting my studies over. xD I'm a dual citizen~ ah, the pros to being a dual citizen. I'll still visit, but for now my life is transitioning from all English to all Polish. A lot of people didn't believe me, but things are becoming so much more concrete and they're like "how the fuck?!" I mean, most people don't ditch everything to do it alone, they do it for a job with a significant other or their family for a better life. It's something I've always wanted, so when the option came around & I took it.

Last anime I watched, don't judge, Love Live School Idol Project ~ I cried. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I always wanted to be in a japanese girl group~ they're just so cute.

Haven't played Maple in so long, it's still on my computer, but every time I say I will get on, I never do.

Yes indeed a lot has happened since I have talked to you it's clearly crazy.

My nephew has actually become a loving freak towards me. He gets so excited when he sees me. It's kind of crazy. His one friend on the other hand, I can't stand. That kid will grow up to be a bully and a manipulator. If there weren't any laws against it I would give that kid a lesson or two.

As you noticed I'm not really on MAL much so if you wanna keep in contact another way, I don't mind. ^_^ hope all is well with you again.

As for music, I'll listen to it all later~

sashimee-kenna | 07-01-14, 4:28 AM
owwww i see. all the best with your final exam! so after that you'll be graduating?
join the club man.. i also hate paper work.. >.<
i think my semester ended so fast and now I'm having my summer holiday weeeheeee~~~!! and I'm done with my research paper if you still remember last year i told you about. i got a B on it. huhuhuh T.T but its okay I'm happy now at least i didn't failed that module. otherwise it'll be a pain to redo again.

you guys don't have summer holiday?

sashimee-kenna | 06-22-14, 3:37 AM
hey there! its been awhile. how are things?

babyybearr | 08-18-13, 11:11 PM
lmao, i have to check back more often. your texts are as enjoyable as always.

but someone record your cousin and put it on youtube. i want to see what music is like in romania!

but i became friends with an old friend again. we were in a fight over a year ago. but we got over it, and we made up. for changing schools, i'm going to stick it out one more dumb semester before trying to switch. my car has problems -_- again. my dad finally has a new car though, going to be learning how to drive stick shift soon on his new car. it's the same as my car just stick shift and black.

my mom comes home this week too. oh boy.. i just came home from being away and the house is a mess. -_- then she asks me to clean it up for her, fuck that. she has two hands to make the mess she hands two hands to clean it.

as for translated lyrics go to jpopasia they have a ton. and i'll check out the song in a bit.

you know, i still havent grabbed any classes for this semester. i just don't like this school, i know if i go in finally i'm going to be one unhappy motherfucker and tired as hell. i guess i just don't want summer to end. -_- really just want to be a journalist who can travel and do her work from her computer. is that so hard to ask for? i guess so. -_- but i still play that game maplestory, just such good graphics. and so interesting. but i'm so weak it's not even funny.

emw13 | 08-10-13, 6:13 PM
sorry for the late reply. between work and getting the stomach has been a little hectic :-(
Yeah, sorry bout my confusing explanation about the tennis clinic :P
yuck :-(...the dust seems like it sucks. you still dealing with it or is it pretty much gone by now? do you have allergies?...cuz that would really suck. i have allergies and it can be pretty tough...
If I'm not mistaken I think that Yui sang the song called Again from the first opening of FMA brotherhood as well as the 5th opening of Bleach called Rolling Star...they're pretty good :-)
I'm having a hard time finding the Uniform song you talked doesn't seems to have you know of a link?
I listened to the song by Nico Touches the Walls from your link...pretty good! I'm pretty sure I've heard some of their other songs. if im not mistaken i think they sang the song Hologram from the second FMA brotherhood opening...i like that one too :-)
I've been studying Japanese at school for four years now...but I'm far from fluent. No one in my family speaks Japanese...but i think my grandparents might be able to understand a bit tho...
My great great grandparents on my dad's side and my great grandparents on my mom's side are from Japan...but they've all my ethnicity is Japanese but im a normal american from Hawaii :-) it kinda sucks but my family has sorta lost touch with our Japanese roots...which is one of the reasons why I went on the student exchange program :-) I wanna see where my family comes from
I don't really have a certain genre of music that I listen to more than others...I tend to like anything from extremely calm and melancholy songs to very loud and energetic ones :P
I have tons of fave op and ed songs. some of the ones i can think of right now are...the ending song of the 4th movie of the Kara no Kyoukai(Garden of Sinners) series called Aria, the first ending song of Naruto called Wind, and like you i also like the opening of Spice and Wolf :-)

m_theory | 08-06-13, 1:05 AM
Grats on finishing 3rd year. That's great. I wish you much success your senior year. What classes will you be taking?

How do you like living alone? I loved it. Don't get me wrong, I love having my kids around all the time, and I wish they would never move out. They're great company. But, life is what it is and they will eventually move out and make their own way. I don't look forward to that. But as I said, I really enjoyed my own place when I was younger, it was nice. I tend to be rather introverted and have a ton of interests I like to pursue in my own time, so it was ideal. What kinds of things are you doing on your apartment?

I have also not watched much anime lately. So busy. I don't really watch the new shows until they are finished airing so I can watch them all at once, so lack of good new shows doesn't affect me much. Or rather, so far it hasn't. There is such a huge amount of anime that's been put out over the years that I'm still having no trouble finding good ones, or at least ones I'm willing to watch even if they aren't great. But I haven't had a lot of time to research and find good ones, so all I've watched lately was Spiral (which was OK) and just re-watched Steins;Gate (one of my two favorites ever).

As I said, I've been busy. We've got a garden which takes up some time to care for. And I recently been hyperfocusing on creating a year-long study of ancient history for my kids (and I). I've tried so much history curriculum and been disappointed by all, too much focus on war, war, war, conflict, war. If we had completed any of the curriculum, I swear my kids would hate humanity! So, I'm piecing together a science-based history study. I'm pretty excited about it. Books, videos, games, a few activities, some software/online resources, more books....

That's pretty much what I've been up to this summer: gardening, homeschooling, putting together ancient history, and of course keeping up with the rest of life. Nothing too exciting. I mean, I'm happy there's no drama, but damn I'd love an adventure....

m_theory | 07-27-13, 10:49 PM
Hey Hi
Haven't been here in forever....

How are you?

emw13 | 07-26-13, 10:21 PM
I don't know why they call them tennis clinics that I think about it is kinda weird :P
Getting that painting off the walls sounds like pretty tough work :-( good luck!
I don't think i've ever heard of Yui...but maybe i've heard some of her songs...I don't know. I didn't watch all 2 hrs of the link you sent but from what I saw she sounded pretty good :-) I'll be sure to listen to more of her songs :-)
...while we're on the topic of music...what's your fave type of music? Do you have a fave anime ending/opening/insert song as well?

babyybearr | 07-23-13, 12:31 AM
i can't believe you just discovered Yui now, I've listened to her song for about 9 years now. but i've been behind on music lately, my ipod is dead, and i removed music from my phone because i recently just deleted all the music on my ipod which and put it all new music favorites that i like, so right now i have about 457 on there. but yeah, it's dead... i gotta charge it. but thanks for those sites, i'll definitely use them,

and that note about the religious people you said, couldn't agree with you more. made me smile.

and the way you sound like with trying to find a job, is the way with me and school. and it's not that i don't work hard for it, i think i bend my butt over backwards to get classes and into school and they just keep giving me problems to the point i just don't want to deal with this school anymore. but i don't want to start over somewhere new either -_- if only i could do my degree online, even just two years. so much more time convenient for me and i don't have to deal with peoples bullshit. i don't need social skills, as i already have them and can talk myself into or out of something in a matter of words so i find that shit bullshit for people trying to tell me off about online school. and it just pisses me off how my parents might want me to continue my education for 4 years and i might have to take a fucking loan did i mention the loan interest has gone up and will continue to rise. so i'd be paying more for college than what i'm supposed to because of a dumb loan. i honestly think credit is the devil, and i don't want to even touch credit. my boyfriend's family said they're going to build their children's credit, and instead they've fucked it up leaving them to fend for themselves. -_- it is possible these days to live without credit, it's hard but it's not impossible. i've never really had solid plans to continue for a 4 year college, so i dunno.

i'm not even in school currently like i'm supposed to be. i seriously need to get my ass out of my head because surely it's having fun on cloud9. i'm still good with money though for the time being. in my free time i started to play maplestory again. such amazing colorful graphics and i got a load of free shit randomly for not playing for a year so why not. at least until i get some thing going for me. getting a little more noticed each day with my fashion though almost at 1000 followers. i need to get comfortable in front of the camera when i'm not holding it, like posing in front of cameras and people. it's kind of hard to at times, i'm not used to it.

and when my parents take my picture, they give me this funny look or weird look about the fuck am i doing. >_>

sashimee-kenna | 07-16-13, 7:05 AM
ahahahaha paint by communists. thats quite funny. wow we used benzene/tina i think to wash off paint. yikes meaning you have to scrap it with a chisel? oh myyyy wear mask! important! owww i see2.

ahahahaha. maybe romania should built its first flying cars! that would be awesome!
ahhahahaah. yeup. it'll be more meaningful if the guy proposed. does in romania has any wedding old tradition? curious ^^

yepp time consuming indeed.hopefully the ethical committe can approve it so i can start on it. otherwise i have to think of a back up ideas! which i aint got any!! T.T

yeup more or less the same except the police part. instead of police it would be land transport officials who is doing the examining.

mee too. i tried to watch animes i like sadly no spark of interest to continue except toriko thou but now is fasting month sooo if iw atch toriko ill feel hungry. ahhahah. ow star gate? is it like an american sci-fi animation? yeah sci-fi maybe only movies for me. i only played the game once. ow i love this animation its called dragon booster. i thnk its american but the dragon is so cute!

emw13 | 07-13-13, 2:38 PM
Azazel-san sounds interesting...maybe I'll tell my friend who likes short animes to check it out :)
School tennis clinic is like tennis practice at my school except the kids who are part of the clinic don't all go to my school and they aren't on any teams with each other. We just do tennis drill together under the instruction of some tennis coaches.
I'm just doing easy stuff at my mom's office...lot's of filing, printing, copying...stuff like that. :) you cant earn credits for classes outside of the school year?...actually now that I think about it...I'm not even sure if any other schools in my state or country do this...:P

babyybearr | 07-07-13, 7:40 PM
it's been a month already, my mom left friday. boy was that drive annoying. it's usually a 2-3 hour driving to the new york airport, my dad complained about the new york airport. if she went to the one where we live she'd have to just transfer over in germany to a polish plane but she wanted to get straight onto a polish plane. the traffic was hell, and they were doing roadwork too so it was a four hour drive. my head almost died. the drive back was nice though, but there goes $100 down the drain. it's cheaper to go 8 hours away down a couple states than go to new york. my dad calls that place a shit hole, especially because it's so expensive, over crowded, and the people suck at driving.

i managed to save a lot of money. close to 1k just from some translating services. anything to bring in money, but as you said you probably think your job was temporary, mine was pretty much just that. sorry for the late reply though. i've been relaxing since the 5th. so how is that part time job for ya?

now it's just super quiet at home. it's oddly weird. i've started to play this game called maple story to pas time, but i might just get on my graphic tablet for a bit. i want my blog up semi-running so i can post while i road trip. although my parents were trying to force me to go to poland with my mom, it made things really hard on me. but in the end, it was a no go because i got a lot of crap to finish and do. i got two doctor appointments i still got school to fix and deal with.

speaking of school, it depends here what your going for. a lot of majors/careers only need 2 years of college, a lot of majors/careers need 4 years, and then only some need more. it really depends. but a lot of people these days have been able to make an amazing living with no college, or even just being a high school dropout, some even just have an apprenticeship. it really all depends. things have been changing a lot and fast. but if a person wanted a higher pay at a job, whichever job it is, they need some kind of college degree. some employers just see college degree as a sign that one person is smarter than the other. i don't really. people are smart in their own ways, someone who knacks up a bunch of debt just to go to school and find a job their not satisfied with, well that's not being smart. it matters on experience. if all they do is go to school and learn, they're not going to get much in life. things just don't fall into peoples laps. but if a person who doesn't go to school, works hard, and has many experiences in many different fields now that is a person thats smart because they put their time to good use.

speaking of dresses, i recently just bought one. but i've been seeing too much of all this religious "thank god, praise god" crap. it's getting kind of annoying to see. like they thank him and ask him for everything, but where is god when they need him the most? they ask god for a job? that's funny. jobs don't come from god they come from your own hardwork. i don't care if a person has a religion but god doesn't get you to where you are in life, you do. you have two legs, and two arms.

my favorite site animecrazy and dramacrazy is shutting down. sucks balls. oh well. it was nice while it lasted.

sashimee-kenna | 07-05-13, 8:37 PM
owww. i tot you finish last time? i see2. dont do it all alone since it sounds a lot of work. oh painting! i like painting. hahhaha.

oh dear. is she okay? how that happened?

hahahahh i havent finished them. im waiting for karneval to be complete so i could watch them.

hahahahahhahah i think its still early for the other type of proposal for me to say dont you think so? but still itll be beautiful. but im talking about a project proposal for my second year. since I'm doing a research so i need ethical approval and all those shits.

im left with 5 more hour to learn before the driving test. ow here same we also have to sit for a theory exam. basically you have to attend 6 hours of law class and 15+ hours of driving lesson then if youre ready and confident you can take the exam. so you guys dont have to learn to drive? just straight drove with the police?

sashimee-kenna | 07-05-13, 1:46 AM
hahahahahahha. i use my health card to get out of it but if its my close relative or my close friend's then of course ill go. only i can pull it off teepee ;p
then dont go work. relax a bit have fun with your family and friends.

mee too! right now not in the mood to watch anime but im watching korean dramas ahhahahahahah back and forth with japanese drama and english series.

ow azazel? yeahhh i watch that its funny yeahh too bad its only 10 mins. but sparrow hotel are even shorter like 3 mins. huhuhu it was funny.

basically went out to watch movies, to the beach, shopping with my friends. but mostly ill be home. i have a proposal to write but got no motivation or ideas to do them. oh yea! im taking driving lesson also. hehhehe. i suck at parking still.

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