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The Push Man and Other Stories
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karenai | 07-08-14, 6:53 PM
Your writing skills are really impressive.

I guess you are more into classical animes , i like them too as they remind me more of my childhood also it's a little better for somehow than most of the animes today , in the past animes focused more in the story line but now it's more into KAWAII but less animes has a great story line or plot.

Also if there is anyone should say thank you it's me , actually your anime list is great also your writing my English is poor and shallow so i try to read your words carefully i learned lots of words from your review and comments too.


karenai | 07-08-14, 2:16 PM
sorry for replaying late >.>''

for now i will reading Tokyo Ghoul and read the 24 chapter of Usagi drop then go back to Tokyo Ghoul actually this manga is getting better and better with every chapter also this art style is really great also the story and the characters too and for some reason i guess it's much better than pupa even though i did not watch i only few information about but i guess it has the same type of Ghouls thingy

and did you see any episodes of this new season animes i watched few ones , there is this anime really nice and funny Barakamon thr art style in Barakamon kinda reminds me of Usagi drop just a little , it has that spirit that is in Usagi drop anime , also there is Hanayamata it's nice i like the art style so cute and innocent

also i watched the first episode of what i can call a remake of Sailor moon it's good but i guess the art style in the original anime is way better than this one but it's nice that really good anime like that returned again .

karenai | 07-06-14, 9:11 PM
I do not want to lose the idea of Usagi drop in my mind i just want to keep that sweet nice story so now i am really into only 24 chapters Usagi drop .

i liked this anime cause in our society illegitimate children may die because their moms get rid of them either by killing * abortion * or just leave them anywhere and might die so finding something like this story and those feelings really makes me happy to find a different thinking than the one we have here .

also the art style itself so real yet so cute every detail it's really amazing actually this anime made my mom change her opinion about anime and manga i kept telling her about every episode so this one anime means a lot to me

and as i started liking manga i said why not trying reading Usagi drop manga i am sure it will be as great as the anime but i read two point of view about it but with no reasons for why the ending was good or bad ?

so when i read your review it kinda helped me but the answer of yours really helped it was enough with no spoilers and that one of the best things about it hehehehe so thanks

right now i am reading Toukyou Kushu it's a good manga for me as a horror fan after i finished All i need is kill it's also an epic one i like it a lot .

karenai | 07-06-14, 2:01 PM
You're welcome .
And i guess that your answer were enough for me , cause i am really attached to the anime , as you said in your answer *the warmth, the cuteness, the natural flow * actually its hard to find this sweet story , the art style in any other anime , so i guess i will stop at chapter 24 , because i only want to continue even for a bit what happened in the anime .

No need for all this sorry it's okay ^^

karenai | 07-05-14, 11:26 AM
thanks so much for your review about USAGI DROP it helped me a lot but i do not know should i finish it or just stop at chapter 24 cause part of me tells me to stop there and other part is telling me to continue till the end .
thanks again for your review

starshinesMonet | 01-12-14, 11:19 AM
That Usagi Drop review! *mind blown noise* Quality observations and expressed with such clarity and elegance. Nice done. Your writing style is art.

ridojiri | 01-12-13, 12:26 AM
you write some good reviews, good sir.

Amberlight | 06-17-12, 3:25 AM
first of very sorry for replying late.
your comments got burried over others, so took me some time to find it again! gomen^^

Well thats damn true. sometimes, its kinda, you knw, like a "slap on ur face" feeling. i kinda hate it. i don't mind getting replies late, but a little 'hi' wont harm.

sure^^ Well manga reading is not famous here, in fact hardly ppl knw whats manga/anime, leave apart reviewing them. so when i suggest some good series to my friends, i always suggest them to read detailed reviews.. (if they dnt like the series..they hit the blam on me..weird.) so i suggested my friend to read Usagi Drop, i told her to read ur review..for a summery. you knw, the feel of the story.
i pretty much suck in reviewing, i just keep myself at bay. unless i feel i can justify the series with a decent review..lolz

well thats true. i myself was under the impression of rin going with Kouki. when the truth was reviled i was like "jaw-dropped and just shocked"
its normal for any reader to get speechless at the twist. As u mentioned, there wasent much signs, or incident or any emotion which showed Rins affection. leaving the blushes of course. but u say..the 1oth vol relaxes the reader. it brings us back to track from a good heart-attack.
its possible for Rin and Dikichi's future to be shown..but you never knw, what is kept in for u.
well personally i didnt agree with the ending. i personally feel bad for diakichi, i mean, he can never see Rin as his bride..i mean its going to take some time for others, but for daikichi alone, its a real harsh situation. He is a great guardian, but nor someone who gets married to the child he has raised form10 yrs.. sorry it will be 12 i suppose.
age is not the factor, but its the emotions attached. i somehow felt really sad. but oh well...its my personal take.

ots alright..i really like to write a lot...but dont get topics often to write on....i
ur thoughts are great..and hey everybody has their own thoughts...
keep up with ur good work
looking forward to ur next review....

have a great day^^

Amberlight | 06-08-12, 11:24 PM
no well, i just finished reading UD yesterday and really liked the way you presented it. its my personal opinion though!!
well yes they have, but i feel it may not effect the story so far..but thats only a maybe.
yes i , too am looking forward to it..

thank god..that was something i liked, like splitting the story and then reviewing them individually...

oh..its ok..glad u responded.. :D

Amberlight | 06-08-12, 9:46 PM
hi there!
i really liked ur review which u have penned down for Usagi Drop manga..i really liked ur narrative style <3

soulflash77 | 01-15-12, 6:16 PM
where did u read gantz minus?

RyuRobin | 12-20-11, 9:26 AM
Well, trust me, you can put your thoughts into words way better than me :)

RyuRobin | 12-19-11, 9:25 AM
I just read your Mirai Nikki review and WOW, I agree 100%.
I liked it but some things really bothered me and I felt like I was the only one who thought that.. (Most people either A) love it or B) hate it) Then I read you review and thought "He felt exactly the same about that manga as I did, but unlike me, he knows how to put it to words perfectly".

roriconfan | 12-12-11, 2:21 AM
Great Mirai Nikki review. I feel exactly the same way you do (but strictier). The anime adaptation is far worse too; I made a very long review about it that describes all its mistakes.

Shiki-no-Kurai | 11-16-11, 1:54 PM
lol .. i actually forgot to search the manga reading sites in the first place xP .. and i checked Illuminati-Manga's site .. but there wasn't a DL link !! ..

anyway thx .. i finally found it and found Good-Bye in bakabt :)

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