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11-03-10, 9:10 PM
September 19, 2010
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CtrlAlexDelete | 09-22-10, 1:31 PM
Aha! Suddenly the TV tropes wiki makes a whole lot more sense to me x)

Sounds very complicated, although it sounds like Ex Machina will be no trouble, if i see anything else that i think you might enjoy i'll throw that your way aswell

CtrlAlexDelete | 09-20-10, 3:50 PM
Ahh cool, its good to see the technique of 'just blag it' has lasting use, even in the working world :P

I'll be honest im stuggling to get my head round tropes, they seem a little expansive and confusing for me :P As i understand it theyre like the basic elements of story-making? Maybe?

That eye condition sounds harsh, im not sure id cope! Is it the fine print or the electronics (or something else im missing) that make it worse as the school year kicks off again?

I cant guarantee that Ex Machina will be any better without knowing about your eyesight, the best way to describe it is that the CG is more like pixar animation style with characters looking fairly lifelike as opposed to Appleseed 2004 where it was kind of a mish mash of hand drawn and CG elements, hope it works out for you although Mr Shirow does have a habit of developing series with 'unique' CG

CtrlAlexDelete | 09-20-10, 1:10 PM
ahh cool, what career is that? and troper? you lost me :P

and thats a fair enough point tbh, i struggled with depth perception while watching that and i have near perfect eyesight i can see how it might spoil your enjoyment somewhat. In that case i would reccommend the 'sequel' Appleseed Saga: Ex Machina, the animation is a lot more palletable (imo) and you dont have to watch the 2004 film to understand it, i'd say the story isnt quite as good but its still a great watch :)

CtrlAlexDelete | 09-20-10, 2:43 AM
Hey, just seen your reccomendation of Deathnote > Ghost in the Shell: SAC, was good to see someone put some thought into their rec for once, seen so many recently that just say "i watched this and i thought it was like this"

Just wondering why you dropped Appleseed (2004)? Looking at your list i wouldve thought anything by Masamune Shirow would be your kinda thing.

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