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I'm a person who sometimes watches anime and reads manga.

Favorites that don't fit in the lists:


Kanon (2006)
Kokoro Connect
Mahou Sensei Negima! Mou Hitotsu no Sekai


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon/Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica/Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Pokemon Special/Adventures

Favorites may not necessarily always have the highest scores since I can see the flaws in many of them. Shows that are thoroughly enjoyable I might still see as being poorly executed or having squandered potential. Same goes for manga series.

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WeShootBurglars | 07-28-14, 11:23 AM
This Buck fellow sure does abuse the word 'nice'.

WeShootBurglars | 07-27-14, 9:54 PM
It was Packers at Bears during the last regular season game of last season.

WeShootBurglars | 07-27-14, 1:11 PM
Had a look on youtube but could only see a couple of people taking the piss out of him. I'm not sure how regular he is a commentator but I suppose he will improve with time, he is working for a channel that only started broadcasting in the August of last year.

Commentators of the NFL game I watched yesterday weren't bad. Not sure who they were but I know the rip was from Fox and it was regularly called 'America's Game of the Week', not sure if that would help you deduct.

WeShootBurglars | 07-26-14, 8:31 AM
I was pretty surprised the guy even noted the chant in his commentary. Hear plenty of abusive stuff during Football games but commentators just tend to ignore it.

As for dry commentary, it will never be worse than Michael Owen so I think I'll be ok.

PseudoJord | 07-12-14, 8:55 PM
Ah. I wanted to visit Nashville but never got the opportunity. I don't see myself going any time soon though. Heck, I need to visit Niagara one of these days. I've been here half a decade for goodness' sakes.

PseudoJord | 07-06-14, 5:43 AM
Hahaha, I lived in Tennessee for three months in Knoxville. Was a nice place, though not always very well taken care of. Southern Ontario/Texas was nicer...but then again, 3 months is not enough time to get used to a place for me to call home.

PseudoJord | 06-30-14, 7:34 PM
Ohhh. Well Austin is a very nice city I heard. I'm sure you're well aware of how liberal and accepting it is in sharp contrast to its neighboring region. But as a real American, you'd have no problems regardless.

PseudoJord | 06-28-14, 4:35 PM
I typically deal the pain, but sometimes pain is also nice.

At least it's not in pure science and has some applications. You just need to live in SoCal and not MidWest.

PseudoJord | 06-28-14, 6:54 AM
If you're a masochist like me, then pain and pleasure have blurred distinctions

Which is what I try to do as often as possible, but unfortunately the jobs all target graduate students only. Nothing you can do nowadays with a BSc, especially in Bio.

PseudoJord | 06-27-14, 4:58 AM
Hahaha, I'll probably have to press myself to spend money. The pain ain't cheap.

Unfortunately all the connections I have is in academia. Ain't no jabs for that.

PseudoJord | 06-25-14, 8:10 PM
I've yet to go to a single con - managed to miss out on Anime North all 3 years of college so far, although I might attend Fan Expo (key word: might, job might hold me back though). But yeah, connections. Knowing the right people at the right time is underrated as an advantage, bleh.

PseudoJord | 06-24-14, 10:10 PM
Stupid job market, amirite? But then even up here people are complaining about the lack of opportunities. Very sad. Anything else new?

PseudoJord | 06-22-14, 9:24 AM
That's a good thing, DonDon. Animu is for nerds :V

I've been pretty swell! Hope you're doing well too. How was the job search? I think the last time we talked about this was half a year ago haha.

IshokuOsero | 06-05-14, 4:13 PM
I generally bring board games and card games to conventions to pass the time. Cards Against Humanity is always a winner, and so are things like Carcassonne. Video games usually have a player cap, but board games can be as many as you want as long as you have enough expansions.

People were buzzed even in the mornings and afternoons at ACen this year. I was seeing people puking in the main bathrooms off the dealer's hall even mid-day. A LOT of kids and young 20's people go for the raves and to party, instead of going for the anime stuff. It's really sad.

Yeah, it's not really a HUGE building, but half of it is a grocery store, and the other half has a Kinokuniya bookstore, a food court with five restaurant places and a dessert place, a bakery that bakes breads and stuff fresh every day, and a couple other mini stores and video rental places. It's pretty nifty!

Yeah, we have traffic cams and stuff, so you just have to be careful when you're driving. There aren't really too many up in the Rosemont area though, which is where the convention is. And the highways don't have any.

Like I said, definitely not a convention person. I couldn't see myself traveling to another convention unless it's for AX, which is a special case.

Figure collecting and stuff is still a fun thing though. I've met a lot of cool people through it and I've had a lot of really awesome opportunities because I've ended up meeting the right people (like working the GSC booth), and it's really rewarding in a way even though I've spent so much on collecting. =P There are a LOT of really awesome people that collect and I wouldn't have been able to get to know them any other way so I'm really glad this is my big hobby. I definitely can understand wanting to fly under the radar though, I do with everything other than the figure stuff. There are some things I'm into that I'd rather not have a lot of people find out about because of the way the fanbase acts, too. (Like being a Kamen Rider fan... they're either not fond towards the girl fans or they're way too um... -into- the girl fans, moreso than I've ever seen with figure collecting or anime or even shit like Warhammer 40k. I'm making a Kamen Rider outfit right now, but it's going to be a full armored up outfit instead of just a normal pre-transformation character because I don't want it to be obvious I'm female in an outfit).

I don't watch dubbed shows and don't have friends that watch dubbed shows either, so I don't really have that whole thing. Most of my friends and I have Crunchyroll accounts and all that sort of thing, so we're still supporting in some ways. But by the time the shows come out here, we're long done with it. I could probably see myself buying specific live actions, but those don't come out here and they're even more expensive than anime is over there so blah. I do have an asston of manga though, and I'm always buying more. But then, I work at a bookstore so I get a pretty good discount on it. When I'm always passing by new stuff it's hard not to turn around and be like 'oh, I'm on lunch/on my fifteen/ just clocked out, may as well'.

IshokuOsero | 06-04-14, 9:29 PM
Yeah, I definitely found out that it's a world apart this year haha. I had my figure panel last year and that was it, but even that wasn't as much fun because I didn't have Frances with me like I did this year. Finally getting to meet my friend (she lives in Cali) and being able to hang with her all weekend between the booth and the panel was pretty awesome.

I never really have gone to many panels, even before I had the other stuff to do. I remember one year I got dragged around by an ex of mine to a few panels and the entire day was shot because we only drove up there for a few hours. If I'm by myself I'm more likely to meander around the dealer hall and artist alley off and on all day and then stay in the hotel room starting in the early evening and I'm in all night. Not really a social person I suppose.

Yeah, definitely packed in like sardines. Every year it gets worse, and people complain more and more because it's just so awful. But I suppose the con heads would rather have more money than have some semblance of safety during the weekend for the con goers. I think it was close to 30k people this year, from what I heard? The convention center and the one hotel that the panels are in is NOT enough room for that amount. And you start smelling booze on people really early in the evening, by nightfall it's ridiculous to be out of the hotel room because of the way people are acting. There seems to be no policing the public intoxication besides when someone pisses on a couch in the lobby or something.

Yeah, parking's definitely nice. And so's the neighborhood. Plus there's a Japanese marketplace about a five minute drive away called Mitsuwa, and it's pretty fantastic too!

Ah, I don't know anything about other conventions and room blocks and stuff. I went to Fanime once a long time ago and I don't remember room blocks. My friend and I just booked a hotel that was attached to the convention center there and it wasn't any trouble at all. Besides that one time at Fanime, ACen's the only convention I've been to.

Continuing conversation:

Yep, I notice stuff like that a lot. Creeps come out of the woodwork and they're like 'oh you have *insert figure here* she's soooo sexy, etcetc'. And of course in my reviews and stuff I say 'oh sexy ass' or things of that sort, but I know the crowd I cater to, you know? And I have to be nice to people. So I find those situations difficult to get around since I'm kinda a public figure in the community, to a point.

Yeah. I don't do much hahaha. So really it's not a big deal for me to spend this much on anime goods. If it wasn't anime stuff, it'd be something else, you know? Before I was into anime, I poured money into Jrock. Before that it was snowglobes and trinkets. At least I know with this that the value of most figures and stuff I buy either stays the same or I can get more money if I sell it than when I bought it. And I like it more than buying anime dvds, since I don't re-watch series. Figures look nicer on shelves than dvd boxes!

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