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04-22-12, 12:04 AM
May 21, 1989
Ottawa, Canada
May 20, 2008
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Venneria | 03-26-12, 6:33 AM

marukawa | 06-15-11, 5:06 PM
i quit gaia. hard quit. gave my account to my bestie there of 7 years~ she still has all of it. she hates trading and hoards things. creepy little asian that she is. i hail to TinierMe now. i'm taller too!...fuck phone gotta go

Strukla | 03-12-11, 1:55 PM
That wallpaper you asked about in the 'Help identifying anime character' topic is her from Dogs: Bullets & Carnage. It even says so on the wallpaper, in the lower part.

marukawa | 11-18-10, 8:58 PM
haiiii. OwO; i'm like a ghost on here. xD

marukawa | 02-18-10, 1:45 PM
hetalia, mostly. xD; got up to ep 40 i think. haven't watched any anime in a while, again, though. xD;

marukawa | 02-06-10, 12:38 PM
getting back into anime/manga right now. *nodnod* did facebook for a while, but meh, fell out of it. no more tricksteronline, either. maybe i can find someone willing to buy my account...could def' get over 45-50$. >3

marukawa | 02-04-10, 9:00 AM
m'good. just haven't been active in the manga scene until recently. xD; been on gaia n' stoof.

marukawa | 02-03-10, 9:26 PM

nMoura | 01-01-10, 10:35 AM

yaye-chan | 12-09-09, 11:25 PM

nMoura | 12-06-09, 10:46 AM
hey sweetie
how have you been?

Silty | 12-05-09, 8:18 PM
thanks =)

almozayaf | 10-25-09, 5:12 AM
Iga no Kambaru and both was arabic dub
there no sub for them

soryy :|

HellaBored | 10-24-09, 11:05 PM
I've been good, workin and goin to college.

Haven't been able or really in the mood to watch much anime lately, been looking for the time to marathon something good myself.
As for a rec iuno, xxxHolic is damn interesting, I quite liked it.

Anyway welcome back, hope to run into ya more often now =P

HellaBored | 10-24-09, 8:22 PM
Djinn bud, since when did you get back?
How goes it?

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