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08-13-10, 9:23 AM
July 8, 2010
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Daveybear_HTID | 08-07-10, 11:57 AM
Good to hear. I'm doing rather swell :3
iJust finished Higurashi no Naku Koro ni at 05:30 this morning...iSo wanna see the Kai now D:
The ending totally left it open for a second season, and I felt it was a rly good ending. I now love Rika-chan (Furude Rika) even more :3

Daveybear_HTID | 08-06-10, 12:26 AM
Hey there!
How are things with you (:

dancu | 07-28-10, 3:31 PM
oh if you havent already vote on who has the best desing in their profile

Kuma-Kuma | 07-28-10, 3:24 PM

Willowhitsuji | 07-24-10, 2:24 AM
You're welcome ^^

Vudis | 07-23-10, 2:06 AM
you're welcome =)

Daveybear_HTID | 07-22-10, 9:54 PM
Lolz, right?
Hmm...anything you say? Well, I'll look up mangas from the animes I've seen and relay them to you :3

Daveybear_HTID | 07-22-10, 7:31 PM
Haha, no problem (:
I like to be commented and whatnot out of nowhere, so I figured there'd be others out there who would feel the same. Therefore, I joined the Welcoming club :3

As for future recommendations, they are to be expected :P
However, I'm not too familiar with your preferences, so give me time to learn what you like :3

sebastainishot | 07-22-10, 6:04 PM
ur welcome.

how are you?

sebastainishot | 07-22-10, 5:54 PM
welcome to MAL

Daveybear_HTID | 07-22-10, 3:24 PM
Hello there, fellow nubcake :D
Glad to see your taking advantage of MAL's great services :3
I'm David, nice to make yer acquaintance (:

I'll start off with some recommendations: Chobits, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Chrno Crusade, and Minami-ke.
I'd make more, but I'm more of an anime guy :P

On behalf of the MAL Welcoming Club, I hope all goes well with your MAL experience (:
If you got any questions or whatever, feel free to ask! I'll help if I can :D

Take care,

dancu | 07-22-10, 2:40 PM
you are very welcomes

Yonatay | 07-22-10, 2:39 PM
Your welcome :)
Hope you like it here

dancu | 07-22-10, 9:07 AM
that is one crazy dizzy bubble
welcome to MAl

Vudis | 07-22-10, 8:20 AM

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