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05-10-12, 7:14 AM
July 3, 1985
May 23, 2007
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To give you a little more insight into my Anime taste, here are some more of my favorite Anime characters, along with some originals, neatly arranged for your viewing pleasure.

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hikarikei | 12-27-10, 3:26 AM

TAoF | 01-10-10, 8:15 PM
I keep forgetting to watch that, I think Flora or Francis rec'd to me like last year or something lol...

I'm looking for more psychological animes no idea why I like those so much; I think I have a screw loose myself ^_^.

TAoF | 01-04-10, 8:41 PM
Find any new and exciting animes nobody else watches lol? I just finished watching RahXephon so I got my share of the psychological mecha genre.

ragnaroks | 12-31-09, 7:09 AM
Happy New Year and best of luck in 2010!

TAoF | 10-22-09, 8:40 PM
Lol yeah I thoroughly enjoyed everything about that anime.

Kind of sucks its done, everything I watch now will seem sub par'ish in comparison until I find something as epic and such lol.

How are you liking Shigurui?

TAoF | 10-22-09, 3:03 PM
I just finished LOGH and I must say it was the best anime I have seen in a while lol.

TAoF | 10-14-09, 7:15 AM
lol yeah the bottom row is:

Kanzaki - GTO (if you watch it, she's a badass)
Ezra - Fairy Tale

The guy above Ippo is the same person from LOGH but I changed his picture lol.

TAoF | 10-10-09, 7:40 AM
I just updated my fav characters picture thingy lol.

MFN | 07-20-09, 3:17 PM
Oh man, I always forget to check these things. You should message me on jsp instead or xbl. :)

nima | 07-14-09, 10:28 AM

nima | 07-11-09, 8:44 PM
Duel with me lmk your Account Name

TAoF | 07-07-09, 6:54 PM
I've been pretty good.. busy with work lately and all that crap lol. Trying to finish a couple of series i'm stalling on but yah I always distract myself with other crap lol.

Vizard | 07-03-09, 10:07 AM
Happy birthday Abe, big 24 yo.

MFN | 06-17-09, 9:24 AM
Sup Abe, I stole some of your anime for my planning to watch category. I'm about to go on a two week hiking trip so I won't be able to see any but my friend gave me volumes 1 and 4 of the Bleach Manga so maybe I'l take those along.

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