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August 23, 2009
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About dietmango
Welcome to my profile. Call me dietmango, Mango, whichever you prefer. I am forever suffering through my never-ending backlog of movies, games, anime, and the like. Have since adopted a bad habit of watching terrible anime/movies just for the hell of it; periodically updating silly stories in our club wiki, and have been accused of being a ruthless throat-slitter, street walker, and a pathological liar. Those are only rumors though. Maybe.

If you want to ask me a question or just want to talk in general, don't hesitate to PM or comment. My profile's always open.

Anime Milestones
400th anime: Doraemon: Nobita's the Night Before A Wedding
420th anime (Ha...*sigh*): Millennium Actress
500th anime: Mushishi Zoku Shou
550th anime: Amada Anime Series: Super Mario Bros.

My all-time favorite games (in no particular order):

Add me on PSN and/or Steam, if you're down for some co-op. Or if you just need a buddy. Either or:

PSN: mrxsnappy
Steam: dietmango

I also like music. I mainly listen to rock, alternative, metal, electronica, etc. etc. though I'm not restricted to those genres specifically; I'm open to other styles of music. Currently, I'm high on progressive stuff. Recommend me some music.

My current playlist. I change it from time to time, old and new, depending on my music mood. Enjoy.

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Uber Elitists Waifu Talk
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Lordzeru, Go Get CSGO
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HitsuWTG | Aug 30, 1:03 PM
Well, I have always been a binge-watcher, haha. '^^
I mean, I have the time to spare anyways, with the last exam still a while away on my end. Been a great ride, though. Easily got that spot in the top 3 (though I don't bother to determine which one of those three is at the top). So yeah...
*high five*

lordzeru | Aug 27, 7:52 AM
I have decided I won't buy Madden until you do. My fun and happiness now rests on your shoulders.

lordzeru | Aug 25, 10:14 PM
Buy Madden 16.

lordzeru | Aug 17, 6:47 AM

It took 2 long years, but it has been accomplished. A most beautiful day.

Jodyqt | May 28, 11:37 AM
happy belated birthday

corwin_r | May 27, 9:10 PM
Happy birthday Mango, best of wishes!

Glad you liked Crescent Love :D, give Lamune a try too if you want to laugh at something really horrible. I remember that back in the day, it was one of those shows people called poor man's Clannad, or something along those lines, haha.

Nickienator | May 27, 10:47 AM
Happy birthday.

lordzeru | May 2, 6:10 AM
Hey man, listen. Making money is far more important and a better use of time than watching people sniff Yaya's panties. But for real. Next time we're both off let's get together with Ventris and find a good time to stream some bad anime.

lordzeru | Apr 30, 5:31 AM
Yeah right. At the pace we've been watching anime lately, especially with the streams, it's going to take us forever. We need to schedule a few streams for the summer, some big ones.

lordzeru | Apr 29, 12:38 PM

Fuck, my mission remains incomplete after all these years. Need more bad steams..

corwin_r | Feb 3, 10:08 AM
There is a surefire way, people I know that do power leveling usually do it this way.

Alternatively, I could join you on the instances that you're currently going through. That would speed up the process a lot, like, finishing up a questline that would usually take several hours in under half an hour, maybe even less. After a few levels, when you've caught up with the others, we could all party up and breeze through the dungeon quests, which would help you guys gear up and earn some gold.

corwin_r | Jan 31, 12:50 PM
Just thought of something. If you have trouble with leveling in Tera, we could try powerleveling. I've seen people talk about it, basically, we'd party up for your quests and dungeon runs, and it takes only a few hours to reach level 50, a few sessions to reach level cap.

It's possible to stream gameplay by the way. I don't have a good upload speed, but if you're up to it, Twitch or Ustream would work out, there probably are other services that might work as well.

michaeladesi1234 | Jan 26, 7:42 PM
hello there

corwin_r | Jan 18, 11:56 AM
I had to change the character I'm playing with, apparently, only 2 characters can be made per server (at least if you don't buy an upgrade, if there's such an option). I'm sharing an account with my brother due to circumstances, so he went on and deleted my slayer, since he figured I only play for fun... which is true I guess.

Now I'm a level 58 reaper, thanks to my brother's fabulous naming sense, and to the fact that the class is plain ridiculous (it starts from level 50, and you gain 8 levels in half an hour or so), so I'll be sticking with the character.

corwin_r | Jan 17, 3:36 AM
Hey, at what time are guys usually online, and are you in the same guild by chance?

I'm a level 36 slayer (Drill.Jill), I suppose you guys are well beyond me level-wise, but we could try a dungeon run together or something.

I've asked Rey, but I guess that he doesn't read comments on MAL that frequently, haha.

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