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May 27,
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I will
your throat.
August 23, 2009
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About dietmango
Welcome to my profile. Call me dietmango, Mango, whichever you prefer. My life consists of anime, games, music, streaming/commentating (mostly) bad anime/movies (as evidenced by the certificate below), Nursing school, hanging out with my best buddies, street walking, throat-slitting fools, and just having a good time in general.

I've been watching anime for God knows how long. My childhood consisted of many Western and Chinese cartoons, from Batman: The Animated Series to World Masterpiece Theater stuff. I'll pretty much watch anything that interests me and I try to give some shows a fair shake. These days though, it's becoming harder and harder to do so.

How I (usually) rate anime:

I guess I'll do milestones, since everyone's been doing that.
400th anime: Doraemon: Nobita's the Night Before A Wedding
420th anime (Ha...*sigh*): Millennium Actress

Oh right, I also play video games. Sure, I watch anime, but gaming is the entertainment medium I'm most enthusiastic and knowledgeable about. Action-adventure, platformers, and RPG's are my cup of tea, though I've enjoyed other genres outside of my comfort zone. But not fighting games. I suck at them.

My all-time favorite games (in no particular order):

Add me if you wish, I got a new PS3! I might get a PS4 in the near future once I'm not so broke. I also a Vita from my best friend as an early Christmas present!

I also listen to a lot of music. I don't really have a preference, though I mainly listen to rock, alternative, metal, electronica, etc. etc. I've since opened up to other genres like electronica, ska, reggae punk, and mix of other styles. Among my favorite bands are the Foo Fighters, Incubus, and School Food Punishment.

My current music playlist. I'll change it from time to time, old and new, depending on my music mood. Right now, I'm pretty high on progressive stuff. Enjoy.

Any other questions, statements, yada yada yada you might have for me, PM me or leave a comment below. I (almost) always respond. It's okay, I don't bite.

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Who Stole Will's Username?
04-06-14, 1:45 PM

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koreye | 03-21-14, 12:55 AM
Ah I see, well at least you got a job, thats great. I've taken another break from my work, but will be going back to office in April.

whoa, Masaaki is doing another anime...his works have been mostly hit and miss for me (I've told you this before I think) but they're always interesting even if I dont like it. I've still got to finish some anime on my watching list, I'm going to slow. I've been spending more time reading books and watching live action stuff recently.

Chekchie | 03-10-14, 12:29 PM
Wanna fight ? ):<

koreye | 03-07-14, 1:27 PM
anything from the new stuff you'd recommend?

Ducat_Revel | 02-28-14, 9:54 PM
Feel so moon, brother. Feel so moon.

koreye | 02-28-14, 12:28 PM
ah, me, been in and out of work sporadically, caught up with stuff in life cant find much time to play video games or watch anime. Things are busy busy.

VentusCross | 02-25-14, 10:15 PM

koreye | 02-22-14, 9:13 AM
yo diet, whats up brother!

SamuelLJackson | 01-31-14, 6:45 PM
So I was perusing malgraph to see what achievements people had, and I noticed you are one romance away from 150. I'm thinking Kiss x Sis should be your 150.

koreye | 01-28-14, 10:44 AM
oh man...yea, best news of the year. Anyways, saw the special and loved it. Its exactly what I expected and wanted from a mushishi special :)

Raim | 01-14-14, 8:25 PM
Did you just start watching LotGH, or is it some sort of hiatus for you?

AlabastreAizo | 12-23-13, 7:41 AM
I've got two weeks of break, too! I'm trying to get some gaming and anime in as well! I tend to feel guilty if I spend too much time away from my studies, though :/

I bought a PS Vita about 8 days ago, so I'm playing games in Japanese. It came with 3 months of PS+, so I get to enjoy a hobby (with tons of free games. Too many, in fact) while studying at the same time! I gotta also use this time for a bit of travel (I spent the other night in Yokohama and my friend showed me around the city including Chinatown), and, of course, spending time with friends. It really doesn't feel like 2 weeks is long enough.

Have you seen any of the pictures? In one, I have a golden bow holding my fringe up, there's one with that bow as a mustache, and their should be one of me wearing some cat ears and a tiny Santa hat, with a sexy pose. I'm not sure where that one is...

AlabastreAizo | 12-13-13, 8:11 PM
I have 14 days off after this week. I'm excited!!!
I'm somewhat stressed.. I want to be on break. I want to travel. I want to do fun things!!

FastnessofWheels | 12-11-13, 6:04 PM
Nope. I wasn't even paying attention to the chat that much during Generations III.

lordzeru | 12-11-13, 8:38 AM
For you, dearest friend.

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