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September 15, 2009
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-Hyperion- | 03-20-14, 8:02 AM
Come join us at The Ecchi Society

Kannei | 02-13-14, 1:18 PM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?

Karharot | 02-03-14, 11:22 AM
devilscorner said:
thanks man, and wow this is a really nice manga, is this a monthly or weekly manga??
Unfortunately monthly :( The good thing is that currently its translation is going smoothly (it is only 1 chapter behind and that chapter came out 4 days ago). BTW you can check its current status on the page of its publisher ->
(the newest chapters can be even viewed there for free though ofc in Japanese so it isn't of much use but at the end of each is a questionnaire where you can provide some feedback to the publisher).

devilscorner said:
because i myself can't get enough of it
Same here :) Each time when I reach the end of the last chapter I'm getting withdrawal symptoms...

Karharot | 01-30-14, 9:30 PM
Hey, yes it was :)
And yes I can recommend you something :)
A few months back I accidentally stumbled upon this manga -> Gate: Jietai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakeri
At first I wasn't too encouraged by the plot summary on MAL (which by the way is technically true but completely misses all the good parts) but once I started reading it I ended up re-reading all available chapters 5 times within one months (I haven't done something like that in years) and the strongest impression I had afterwards was "I want more!" :)
I will not ruin anything by providing my own summary - just give it a try and you will see what is unique about this story within the first chapter. Afterwards it only gets better :)

Karharot | 10-06-13, 4:29 PM
Yeah, i know what you mean :( Dark Air, Delivery Cinderella, Ikkitousen, Rebirth (not that Re:Birth), Teizokurei Daydream and a whole bunch of other great stuff that was just dropped on put on hold for some reason or another and for all we know maybe no one will ever finish it :(

Karharot | 09-26-13, 8:08 PM
Hi devilscorner, a few months back you asked me about horror recommendations and among them I listed 6000 - Rokusen
but warned that the translation was most likely dropped, today I found out that recently another group picked i up. Just mentioning it in case you were interested in it ^^

Karharot | 09-14-13, 1:29 AM
Hey, yes it was a while :)
As far as I remember and from what I just saw by checking random pages from each volume all of it needs to be read from left to right without any confusing changes.

Kvshi | 07-23-13, 4:13 PM
What is the anime in your profile pic on the forums? I think I've seen her before and it's bugging me lol

Karharot | 06-15-13, 3:45 AM
Yeah, that's why I said almost.

In the ending Garcia got his Roberta along with an insurance that she doesn't run away again XD (I know that the implications are a bit creepy but hey, as long as they are both happy it's okay. Right? XD)

Karharot | 06-14-13, 3:44 AM
If I remember correctly the order of some story arcs was changed but other than that the adaptation was almost exact.

Karharot | 06-09-13, 8:40 PM
As far as I can tell everything I added recently is still here, but then again I add it so I don't have to remember it so...

If only 1 or 2 entries disappeared from your list then maybe they were simply removed/merged or had their title changed in MAL database, you can check changes in the manga DB here ->
and changes in the anime DB here ->

If what you are looking for is not there or if you are missing more entries then you can describe your problem here ->

Karharot | 06-02-13, 9:52 AM
Perhaps it does but aside from the most obvious (with his condition not looking at anything probably is a relief) I don't know what could it be...

Karharot | 06-01-13, 11:09 PM
I'm afraid it is left up to the reader to decide how to interpret that last scene, though Ciel presence (she would be necessary as a guide since Shiki never knew where Arcueid slept) may suggest that it was real and not just a dream. As for the scarf I don't know why Shiki covered his eyes with it.

Karharot | 05-24-13, 1:51 AM
Freezing is not on hiatus so feel free to dig in :)

And it was my pleasure ^^

Karharot | 05-23-13, 1:33 PM
Hello :)
Going with one at a time:
devilscorner said:
i just want to ask do you like reading horror mangas??
Not particularly. I am interested in it, but only if it is a part of a good mystery, otherwise it is boring to me.

devilscorner said:
If so, have read already Ibitsu??
I did, I just rechecked it now. IMO rather than scary it is just an annoying waste of time but as I said earlier I'm not into horrors and since mystery in Ibitsu was very poor I judged the whole thing only on that basis. If you like horror for the horror itself then maybe it will be to your tastes but personally I don't recommend it.

devilscorner said:
And can you recommend me some Horror manga/manhwa ( i mean the one's that would make you want to pee at some point but can't go to the bathroom ^...,^)
Sorry, when I was little I was scared like that because of the "Alien" movie but it was decades since anything made such an impression on me ^^
I can recommend a few titles but remember that I always based my score for them on factors other than horror so I can't guarantee you will find them scary enough.
Ghost Hunt
I mostly like this one for its good mystery but out of all the recommendations this is the only one that made me feel a little uneasy at some point (a story from volumes 6 and 7).
Also this is a shoujo manga but it can be just as well read by guys so don't dismiss it based solely on this genre ;)
Part of the story (mostly volumes 4 to 10 which were adapted to the anime) is set in a dark but otherwise classical medieval setting, the rest is a very dark fantasy with tons of demons and evil spirits (though the MC is always struggling and fighting against them so I don't know about the scary part)
Kiba no Tabishounin: The Arms Peddler
A manga that begins very much like Claymore with a badass woman picking up an orphaned little kid and traveling the world with him. The story is set in post-apocalyptic world with the elements of a western that make it somewhat similiar to Fallout or Mad Max, only in here in addition to usual bandits, slavers and the like there are also undead, curses and some strange monsters lurking around.
6000 - Rokusen
I just read it today ^^ Again, I picked it up for the mystery but I think that the horror may be good too. The problem is that out of 4 volumes only 2 + 1 chapter were translated so far and the translation is on hiatus (or maybe even dropped)...
A collection of short horror stories connected by the main protagonist, doesn't stand out much but isn't bad either.
Kaibutsu Oujo
The main story can't be clearly defined as mystery or horror but many of the various adventures are definitely this. You just have to decide whether or not you are interested enough (or determined enough) in the rest of the manga to read through it to get to the "good parts".

devilscorner said:
and is The Legend of Maian fun/cool to read??
IMO yes. The story starts more on a silly side but it slowly gets better (and more serious) with time. The art is good, the fights are cool, the story is interesting, the girls are prety, what more there is to ask for? ^^
Two warnings though:
First, though the story starts out as a shounen that just slowly gets a little more serious at some point (you will know when) there is a sudden shift that pretty much turns this manhwa into a seinen (the story, art and girls are still great and the fights are even better but the plot has heavier feel to it). For me this was a change for the better but I know that some people were disappointed by it.
Second, the manhwa is on hiatus for some time now (about a year I think), there are some unconfirmed promises that the next (15) volume will appear this year but it's hard to tell how much trust can be put into them. Then again the author Im Dal Young declared this manhwa on hiatus without officially axing it (like he did without hesitation with Re:Birth and several others) so maybe he really does intend on picking it back up (it is next to Freezing and already finished Kurokami one of his few long-running series).

devilscorner said:
i just notice you put tsukihime on your fav manga, i just want to ask is the ending of the anime and manga the same, if not please don't tell me the ending of the manga,
It is the same and then again it is not... I know that it isn't much of an answer but according to your wish I don't want to spoil anything ^^ Also if you liked the anime I recommend this manga very much. It covers mostly the same story as the anime but it also adds a lot of scenes that weren't animated (some of them weren't even in the original VN but surprisingly they add to the story instead of ruining it) and it is simply better.
To put things in perspective I think that while the VN has the best and most complete story (it has 5 separate routes with 9 different endings (not counting the bad ones)) the manga is the best when it comes to telling the Arcueid route as a stand-alone story. In turn the anime (which btw gathers ridiculous amounts of hate among hardcore fans of the game, to the point where they even deny it existence) is IMO good but weaker than both the manga and the VN.

devilscorner said:
and after tsukihime is worth to read Melty Blood and X?? its says here on MAL it's a sequel but is it a direct sequel???
Kind of. The story of Melty Blood isn't a clear continuation of either of the routes from the game but rather it is set as if the Big Bad of Tsukihime was defeated but otherwise nothing much has changed (all the key characters are still well and in the city and they are at undefined friends-but-not-lovers relationship with main character). It would be impossible to put it as a proper sequel to the anime or manga without rewriting much of the plot but once you swallow the holes in the continuity you can easily grasp what the new plot is about.
As for the quality of the manga itself - it is weaker in both story and art that Tsukihime but still good enough to be interesting. I must mention however that what is displayed by MAL database as a single manga was originally two separate ones, one to which I was referring to above (first 6 volumes) and a weaker sequel to that (the remaining 3 volumes). I can't tell you anything about Melty Blood X because I'm waiting for the translation to finish and so I didn't read it yet.

Hmm, I think that was all. Give me a shout if I forgot about something ^^

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