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Karharot | 12-25-14, 8:18 AM
Hey, it has been half a year since we last talked, I hope you are still doing fine :)
Translation for 6000 - Rokusen was finally completed today so if you are still interested in reading some horror you may give it a try ;)

And also - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

Karharot | 05-27-14, 10:46 PM
Hey, some good news - in the last few days scanlation of Gokukoku no Brynhildr gotten an enormous kick and there are 32 new chapters available (and probably some more on the way). Enjoy ;)

Correction- 33 chapters as of now ;)

Karharot | 05-05-14, 4:31 AM
Manhwa is read from left to right (Dark Air, Yureka and ID are like that) but Freezing is scanlated from materials published for Japan market so you need to read it like a manga from right to left, the same applies to First Chronicle.

I haven't watched second season of Freezing at all and dropped first one at 4th episode, the anime adaptation screwed too much for me to swallow it :/
The first season adapted volumes 1-6 but there were some changes (can't say how many after episode 4 but the anime is supposed to have an alternative ending), I recommend reading it from the start (in any case it will help you remember who is who, Freezing has a lot of characters and some of the ones introduced early on return much later and it is good to know who they are supposed to be ;).

Karharot | 05-05-14, 1:05 AM
Yeah, time flies ;)
I'm up to the same stuff as usual - reading manga, trying to watch anime sometimes spending a little time with games. Nothing new and I'm happy with it ;)

I haven't found anything really great recently but I can make a few manga recommendations choosing from some older things

Beach Stars
The!! Beach Stars!!_Beach_Stars
(This is basically one manga that for some RL reasons was split into two series, both of those series are finished and completely scanlated)
Sport manga with a lot of fanservice and some comedy.

Another sports manga with girls as main cast but this time it is more about martial arts than fanservice.

Freezing: First Chronicle
(finished and fully scanlated)
One of two prequels for Freezing, this one shows how sweet little Chiffon earned her nickname as the "Unmatched Smiling Monster".

Yubisaki Milk Tea
(finished & scanlated)
Seinen ecchi (and romance, drama + some comedy) by the same author as Rika, if you liked it then you may also like this one.

Dark Air
Shounen fantasy adventure. Nice action, nice art, good looking ladies.

Sensei wo Mite Kudasai
(both finished and available in english)
I noticed that you read and liked some other hentai from this mangaka so I think it will be worth your while to check those two as well (and maybe also others from this list

(finished but the translation is still has 6 volumes to go)
One of my personal favorites, nice adventure set mostly inside MMO game. Note: first volume contains only random short stories that serve as an introductions for various characters and not much else, the title character doesn't appear until second volume and the actual plot starts developing even later so if you decide to check it don't get discouraged by the first volume.

Full Metal Panic! Sigma!_Sigma
(recently finished and scanlated)
Anime Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid covered first 3 out of 19 volumes of this manga, since there is like 0% chance of another anime sequel of FMP ever being made if you want to know the whole story you have to either read the novels or this manga.

Angel Densetsu
(finished & scanlated)
Great comedy, art sucks at the beginning but it gets significantly better with time. This is btw the first manga from the author of Claymore, it's an interesting thing to see how he started ;)

Good shounen adventure set in a fantasy world.

Another fantasy adventure, this one is a web-comic.

Gunnm (known in english as Battle Angel Alita)
(finished and fully translated)
Dark and gory post-apocalyptic cyberpunk. This is an old manga so both the art style and the overall feel differ greatly from most new manga titles (it somewhat resembles Berserk), it is also much heavier than any of the other propositions I listed above.

-Hyperion- | 03-20-14, 8:02 AM
Come join us at The Ecchi Society

Kannei | 02-13-14, 1:18 PM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?

Karharot | 02-03-14, 11:22 AM
devilscorner said:
thanks man, and wow this is a really nice manga, is this a monthly or weekly manga??
Unfortunately monthly :( The good thing is that currently its translation is going smoothly (it is only 1 chapter behind and that chapter came out 4 days ago). BTW you can check its current status on the page of its publisher ->
(the newest chapters can be even viewed there for free though ofc in Japanese so it isn't of much use but at the end of each is a questionnaire where you can provide some feedback to the publisher).

devilscorner said:
because i myself can't get enough of it
Same here :) Each time when I reach the end of the last chapter I'm getting withdrawal symptoms...

Karharot | 01-30-14, 9:30 PM
Hey, yes it was :)
And yes I can recommend you something :)
A few months back I accidentally stumbled upon this manga -> Gate: Jietai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakeri
At first I wasn't too encouraged by the plot summary on MAL (which by the way is technically true but completely misses all the good parts) but once I started reading it I ended up re-reading all available chapters 5 times within one months (I haven't done something like that in years) and the strongest impression I had afterwards was "I want more!" :)
I will not ruin anything by providing my own summary - just give it a try and you will see what is unique about this story within the first chapter. Afterwards it only gets better :)

Karharot | 10-06-13, 4:29 PM
Yeah, i know what you mean :( Dark Air, Delivery Cinderella, Ikkitousen, Rebirth (not that Re:Birth), Teizokurei Daydream and a whole bunch of other great stuff that was just dropped on put on hold for some reason or another and for all we know maybe no one will ever finish it :(

Karharot | 09-26-13, 8:08 PM
Hi devilscorner, a few months back you asked me about horror recommendations and among them I listed 6000 - Rokusen
but warned that the translation was most likely dropped, today I found out that recently another group picked i up. Just mentioning it in case you were interested in it ^^

Karharot | 09-14-13, 1:29 AM
Hey, yes it was a while :)
As far as I remember and from what I just saw by checking random pages from each volume all of it needs to be read from left to right without any confusing changes.

Kvshi | 07-23-13, 4:13 PM
What is the anime in your profile pic on the forums? I think I've seen her before and it's bugging me lol

Karharot | 06-15-13, 3:45 AM
Yeah, that's why I said almost.

In the ending Garcia got his Roberta along with an insurance that she doesn't run away again XD (I know that the implications are a bit creepy but hey, as long as they are both happy it's okay. Right? XD)

Karharot | 06-14-13, 3:44 AM
If I remember correctly the order of some story arcs was changed but other than that the adaptation was almost exact.

Karharot | 06-09-13, 8:40 PM
As far as I can tell everything I added recently is still here, but then again I add it so I don't have to remember it so...

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