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If you liked
Aoi Bungaku Series
...then you might like
Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi.

Both series are adapted from classic or traditional Japanese literature. In Aoi Bungaku, there are 6 stories based on early 20th century novels, where as in Uta Koi, the focus is on the 100 romantic poems from the Heian (794 to 1185) era.

Stylistically they are very different, Aoi Bungaku being dark, psychological and intense. Uta Koi is focused on romantic tales, which as of Episode 1 have a lighthearted atmosphere. Despite these differences, anyone interested in exploring a different facet of Japanese culture should give both of these a watch.

If you liked
Clannad: After Story
...then you might like
Usagi Drop

Though this theme is alot more central to Usagi Drop, the second season of Clannad is very focused around family, and most particularly, parenthood. The protagonists in both shows have to balance their tough working lives with their family lives. The presentation of the two is a little different however, as After Story contains alot more drama in comparison to the slice of life pacing of Usagi Drop.

If you liked
Nodame Cantabile
...then you might like

Both are directed by Ken'ichi Kasai and animated by JCStaff. Each show is centered around two characters and their pursuit of an artform (in Nodame it is playing classical music, in Bakuman it is writing manga.)

There is some character similarity also. Nizuma Eiji and Nodame are "instinct" types who work on feelings, while Chiaki and the Bakuman duo are considered to be "calculated" types who plan out their works as perfectionists.

Both series present alot of detail in the creative process, with a classic relaxed slice of life pacing. Romance is also present, though it is not the focus.

If you liked
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei
...then you might like
Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu

The Haruhi movie and the Higurashi OVA are of similar lengths (150-160 mins,) yet require the viewing of two prior seasons to understand the stories.

Each presents a "what if?" scenario where a primary character (Kyon and Rika) end up in an unknown world, one that is similar to their own but differs in the lack of the supernatural elements that were the basis of the original storylines.

If you liked
Aria the Animation
...then you might like
Princess Tutu

While the overall content of these shows are relatively different, they have a similar vibe in that they both have a fairytale quality to them. Tutu is a very focused fairytale deconstruction, while Aria uses fantastical elements that bare comparison.

Artistically, the character designs have a similar look, and both are set in unique versions of otherwise historical settings.

Equally, Aria and Tutu are family friendly, with child suitable content yet enough depth for older ages. The overall feel is a positive and uplifting one.

They also share the same Director (Satou, Junichi)

If you liked
Sennen Joyuu
...then you might like
Byousoku 5 Centimeter

A romance story about separation and distance. Millennium Actress is told with a multi-period movie within a movie concept to add scope, where as 5cm per second is more down to earth. Both also convey different stages of life for the main characters.