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Jun 19, 2012 8:09 PM
December 12, 2009
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takarabako | May 3, 2011 1:45 PM
Do you speak chinese fluently or just so-so?

You say that you read natsume yuujinchou as chinese scans, and i was wondering whether you understand it.

Sometimes your comments have errors (they sound like comments of someone who didn't understand well all that was said, or someone who skipped some pages and missed the important detail).

I'm reading most of the mangas in Japanese and I was wondering if you don't speak chinese well enough or whether the chinese translation is so poor for the manga "natsume yuujinchou"?

KAMIOPPAI | Apr 23, 2011 3:02 PM
As you have requested, I shall start stalking you with all my might.

Ishmael | Apr 13, 2011 9:04 PM
I hate you for being able to read gintama in chinese XD

Someone needs to actually translate it in English bah. Entirely.

Arawnh | Mar 20, 2011 2:25 PM
I'm so jealous that you can read gintama in chinese! x[ No1 scanlating/translating it in english =/

KAMIOPPAI | Mar 17, 2011 5:21 AM
the anime is too shit...I don't know how I should be able to look forward to the manga -.-

KAMIOPPAI | Feb 22, 2011 6:22 PM
Can't believe you kept the same profile pic since you joined MAL... *thumbs up*

Kenju | Dec 12, 2010 8:22 AM
Thanks alot!

Kenju | Dec 11, 2010 7:25 PM
Hey, I see that you read the chinese scans of index. Can you tell me where you read them?

Kingwel | Aug 5, 2010 1:57 AM
Oh, thank you!

Kingwel | Aug 3, 2010 5:07 AM
I see you read chinese translated manga, would you mind giving a translation for the To aru Kagaku no Railgun/Choudenjinbou chapter 33? If it's too much trouble for you then just ignore it. ^^'

ShiraKiryuu | Jul 5, 2010 6:30 PM
I see. Well, I don't really understand Chinese so I should just patiently wait for the english translations...

ShiraKiryuu | Jul 5, 2010 5:15 AM
Umm, can I ask something?

You seem to be updated at the manga of Gintama. Are you reading a translated one or raw? Thx :D

ran_ku2boki | Jun 29, 2010 12:22 AM
thanks for that i read the english translation ing

ran_ku2boki | Jun 26, 2010 2:14 AM
hey, may i ask you where you read gintama manga chapters? im still in chapter 309 cant find 310 in google can you help me?

niiica | May 23, 2010 10:10 AM
Hey! What's up? It's been awhile.

Went to Japan & the Philippines so I was out lol. I can't read Chinese =_=, you're lucky lol. But at least I can still find Jap raws online. :)

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