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November 7,
Ontario, Canada
November 5, 2008
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About dbaranyi
I've been watching anime since the mid 90s. I usually try out most of the new anime series that come out in Japan every year. I also usually drop most of the anime that I try after one or two episodes and only follow to the end the ones that I really like.

I normally watch anime in Japanese, and almost never watch English dubs unless there is absolutely no other option (such in a movie theatre). I buy anime and manga directly from Japan with few and infrequent exceptions.

I tend to like comedy, fantasy, romance, action and adventure in anime and manga.

I tend not to like melodrama, angst, violence for the sake of violence, moe for the sake of moe, sports, and “healing” tales in anime and manga.

But there are always exceptions.

When I watch the first episode of an anime I look for:

- Something unique in the story to intrigue me
- Something that I can relate to in the main characters
- Visuals that show that the artists are putting in some effort
- A sound track that appeals to my tastes in jazz and classical music

I don't often find all of the above in an anime, but do often enough to keep on trying new anime every new season.

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Carax | 04-08-15, 11:12 AM
Yo,I just had the wish to tell you something. Your review of "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" is really beautiful, I haven't read such a good review for months. Seriously man, you did a great job. :D

Jigle | 03-16-15, 7:48 PM
the ones "Unique" to you in "Shared anime" which is about 500 series.

Jigle | 03-12-15, 3:20 PM
This will be rather long list to go through >_>

lyreical | 10-10-14, 8:37 PM
hey, do you know if chapter 57 of sankarea is in the november's issue of shonen bessatsu magazine? I dont know if i was skimming through the whole thing too fast or not, but i dont see it o_O

PersonaSimon | 09-30-14, 11:59 PM
<watched 1567 anime

lyreical | 09-11-14, 11:03 AM
thanks for all the translation so far !

shame that ending was.... weird

dchoy | 09-10-14, 7:02 PM
Once again thanks for doing all the translations for Sankarea. You've been awesome!

dchoy | 09-10-14, 12:10 AM

Wanna do a rough translation of the author's final post regarding Sankarea? Roughly from google translate it seems like he is just talking about it being a long 5 years and its going to be complete as well as doing some side stories down the road?

lyreical | 09-06-14, 12:57 PM
I agree that "miracle" ending of some sort is a mistake, but honestly, because I am so attached to the story, I rather see a BS-happy ending rather than logical-tragic ending. Illogical hopes ftw BD

P.S:I been keeping up with your summary translations since chapter 51! They are super dope and almost makes it like I am reading manga translation ^_^. Thanks for working so hard for past couple of years doing translations. Shame the manga is at its conclusion :/

lyreical | 09-06-14, 9:46 AM
With whats given so far in Sankarea, and with the Octobers cover of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and all, how do you think the series will end? And if I recall correctly, didn't the author state there will be 1-2 special chapters? Do you think those chapters will perhaps continue on with the current story?

GodlyKyon | 08-13-14, 11:27 PM
sad that it is ending next month...

dchoy | 08-12-14, 3:16 PM
How is next month's issue the final chapter? I thought November was when it ends not October?

GodlyKyon | 07-20-14, 1:35 PM
Gosh... Thanks for notifying me everytime. Well, its finall ycoming to an end!

DisGuyLikesAnime | 07-11-14, 3:50 PM
Thanks for telling me. I'll read it soon.

GodlyKyon | 06-20-14, 10:19 PM
Yeah... Apparently the sales were really low, in the 2-3k range for each volume... NOt too surprised since the show was really no different from the vast majority of the other harem romantic comedy out there, except it was in the manga.... In my opinion, if there were to add the more serious elements into the show, it could have done better. Also, they didn't even add Darlene in the first sereis!! Can you believe that!???

SO yeah... Maybe a 2 cour redo is the best for the series.

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