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November 7,
Ontario, Canada
November 5, 2008
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About dbaranyi
I've been watching anime since the mid 90s. I usually try out most of the new anime series that come out in Japan every year. I also usually drop most of the anime that I try after one or two episodes and only follow to the end the ones that I really like.

I normally watch anime in Japanese, and almost never watch English dubs unless there is absolutely no other option (such in a movie theatre). I buy anime and manga directly from Japan with few and infrequent exceptions.

I tend to like comedy, fantasy, romance, action and adventure in anime and manga.

I tend not to like melodrama, angst, violence for the sake of violence, moe for the sake of moe, sports, and “healing” tales in anime and manga.

But there are always exceptions.

When I watch the first episode of an anime I look for:

- Something unique in the story to intrigue me
- Something that I can relate to in the main characters
- Visuals that show that the artists are putting in some effort
- A sound track that appeals to my tastes in jazz and classical music

I don't often find all of the above in an anime, but do often enough to keep on trying new anime every new season.

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Hyunsuchu | 04-04-14, 4:13 PM
sounds good dude!
if i find something that we have similar is it cool if ask you what you thought about it? would love to talk to someone about their thoughts on a certain anime!

Hyunsuchu | 04-04-14, 2:33 PM
Forsure dude! I just thought I would suggest something! Any good anime that youd recommend?

Hyunsuchu | 04-03-14, 10:24 PM
Hey I was looking at the list of things you said you liked in your about me and I completely suggest watching Baccano!

hpulley | 03-31-14, 3:30 AM
Sometimes I'm glad I'm a packrat with them. I don't always read all the series in a magazine but sometimes years later I decide I would like to read them. Even if I read them cover to cover, I wouldn't necessarily remember them enough, I like to re-read them before anime adaptations come out and it sometimes takes 4-5 years and by then I've forgotten. I suppose I could just watch the anime in that case...

I also feel a bit silly buying tankobons and not reading them because I've read the magazine already. But I suppose that does keep them in mint condition... except they do sometimes add little extras so I do have to crack them open for the atogaki at least.

hpulley | 03-30-14, 5:42 PM
No, I didn't realize that as I don't buy many magazines anymore, just Earth Star Comics. Just running out of places to put those "Japanese telephone books" and I can't bear to simply recycle them. And I need another series to read like I need another hole in my head so unless I hear really good things I will just try to keep up with my current reading list (which I'm not, behind... behind...).

But thanks for letting me know!

hpulley | 01-17-14, 4:07 AM
Viz recently tweeted that they had translated their latest volume of Happy Marriage and said, "It's in plastic... you know what _that_ means!" implying sex of course. So I thought this might be a particularly fanservicy volume of SankaRea but not so. There was some of course but there has been much more in the past.

hpulley | 01-16-14, 6:34 PM
Just got my copy of Sankarea 9. It was wrapped in plastic which made me expect epic fanservice or a bonus card or something but... no to both of those, just plastic wrapped for some reason.

I don't read it monthly so if the end of chapter 47 is there, I couldn't tell.

Now the wait for volume 10!

hpulley | 01-09-14, 9:59 AM
I don't have volume 9 yet. It just went in stock at CDJapan so I split it out of the order that will arrive tomorrow so I won't be getting it until next Friday unfortunately. I'll let you know if they're all like that or just your copy, which I doubt.

Sankarea is all I've read from Hattori Mitsuru.

RafaelDeJongh | 12-22-13, 6:56 AM
Indeed, but well thanks for answering! It's quite sad as the series is indeed gold!

RafaelDeJongh | 12-22-13, 6:27 AM
A question about your threads from Arale-Chan did you just watched the RAW or did you managed to find subs for it?

hpulley | 09-27-13, 1:54 AM
Sorry, it was another comment about the Monogatari Second Season novels, how much of what is written isn't even conversation with other people or at least not out loud. At lot of it is internalized dialogue with themself or with entities. Or was written in letters. Both of these things are difficult to animate was my only point which is a little odd as Nisioisin knew it would get animated by that point but still took the choice of writing what he wanted, not something to be animated necessarily.

dchoy | 09-26-13, 6:59 PM
No Sankarea update this month?!

hpulley | 09-26-13, 11:33 AM
A lot isn't even conversation, it is internalized or letters which are again odd to animate.

hpulley | 09-26-13, 11:16 AM
I am enjoying it but I prefer the books and may skip the discs too. Seems silly when I have Bake, Nise and Neko Kuro discs already but with this looking like a 12 disc 25 episode series it is expensive and greedy IMO. 25 episodes should be 7-9 discs at most! And I'm not sure how rewatchable it is other than a few scenes which I can enjoy as artbook stills really. The character stuff works better in written form and the anime skips so much. It is weird as they haven't animated Kizu so they are trying to tiptoe around it. And they are reusing soundtracks and the OPs aren't as good so those bonuses are not as attractive.

Picked up Ran 5 but haven't finished it yet. Too many books on my shelf, too many series! I have to finish them somehow! Keep saying no new series but I picked up all of Rozen Maiden and read 9 volumes last week... I like it, it works well in manga and I picked up the first 2 discs too.

hpulley | 08-24-13, 3:52 AM
I won't get Afternoon until late next week... Unless the order splits. But I hate reading scans so thanks for the heads up. Too bad, his summer holiday climax tease sounded good last month.

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