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Favorite Anime
Clannad: After Story
Clannad: After Story add
Steins;Gate add
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood add
Toradora! add
NHK ni Youkoso!
NHK ni Youkoso! add

Favorite Manga
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria add
Fate/Zero add
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan add
Chikan Otoko
Chikan Otoko add
Onanie Master Kurosawa
Onanie Master Kurosawa add

Favorite Characters
Okabe, Rintarou
Usami, Haru
Makise, Kurisu
Shirogane, Takeru
Okazaki, Tomoya
Brunestud, Arcueid
Lamperouge, Lelouch
Senjougahara, Hitagi
Mitsurugi, Meiya
Otonashi, Maria

Favorite People
Miyano, Mamoru
Miyano, Mamoru
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Urasawa, Naoki
Urasawa, Naoki
Kajiura, Yuki
Kajiura, Yuki
Urobuchi, Gen
Urobuchi, Gen
Asano, Inio
Asano, Inio

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About Me

I'm an anime enthusiast who enjoys a wide range of genres. I particularly enjoy drama, romance, thriller, comedy, and slice of life. On the other hand, I dislike most ecchi/harem and long running shounen shows due to how incredibly predictable they [usually] are, although there are a few notable exceptions. I also read manga and light novels, but not nearly as much as I watch anime. Feel free to make any anime/manga/LN recommendation that you think I will be able to enjoy.

I'm fairly open regarding friend requests; however, I will not accept random requests from strangers I have never talked to before. This means you should try to start a conversation first before sending an invitation. I encourage friendly discussions and debates, so drop me a comment or two if you have something to talk about. If you have any questions about my ratings or anything else on my page, then feel free to ask. Constructive criticism is appreciated; trolling, however, is not.

Visual Novels

A relatively novel medium for me -- yet, probably my favorite medium in overall immersion. I would encourage any anime/manga/light novels fan to give visual novels a try. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Top 3 visual novels:

1) Muv-Luv Alternative
2) G-senjou no Maou
3) Ever17 -the out of infinity-

Recent Thoughts

Barakamon for best anime of summer 2014!

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01-07-14, 5:19 PM Edited 05-12-14, 9:48 AM
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raxius1230 | Yesterday, 1:27 AM
Indeed man,thankfully i am feeling more and more better each day today its probably my best day so far and sleep as i havent in months so that helped.

Nice man! of course when you finish you better hit me with a long ass post with your favorite part of each route and in general ;)
And well glad you enjoyed Amane route so much and ya its the best written no doubt specially that backstory damn good!!(fan of the Lord of the Flies so that helped) and well as you Sachi its more enjoyable route since its more "Hopeful" and "Happy" of all since it gives a open for a better future also Sachi its better "girl" for Yuuji as i love Amane route but i she make me mad a lot of times in the route.
As Michiru well she its my favorite girl and i really enjoy her route but ya nothing close writing wise for both Sachi and Amane.
Well will talk more once you finish and hope you enjoy Yumiko it gets better by the end but ya its not that good route wise aleast story its the "less depth" of all and the ending...well you will see.

Gonzo-nyan | 08-25-14, 7:03 PM

I'll give you this as a present from your lewd friend Gonzy~ Happy fapping~ :3

Soge_king999 | 08-25-14, 1:49 PM
Satou isn't very unfortunate. He just made poor choices. Punpun on the other hand couldn't have helped his absurd family issues. And he just had to meet that strange creature by the name of Aiko...

They seem pretty cool. Helps that the math course I took right before finishing high school covered almost the exact same material that quite a bit of Explorations in Mathematics will be dealing with. And I aced that class~ Math is one of my favorite subjects, anywho. Asia is just fabulous, so I expect to enjoy a class about it~

Barion-Zara | 08-25-14, 12:27 PM
I can imagine Yuuji's voice being the voice used when Krusty is teasing Leinessa XD Yep that would totally fit ^^

Well, I still haven't seen Michiru and Sachi naked yet XD I'll decide then :P

Yeah, man really hilarious stuff. The common route is amazing. It's on par with Rewrite for me ^^ I can't hate any character (Except for that bitch Kiyoka >~<) and really hope the anime captures most of these comedic moments well :3 Not expecting much from 8bit but some scenes should be good regardless of the studio. Hell even the routes themselves have lots of hilarious stuff (which is why my Makina route comment is really long XD) So Yumiko is the safest to adapt? I actually decided to play Yumiko's route after Amane's and leave the heartwarming ones for last :D Anyway, I wouldn't mind whatever route they adapt as long as they do it right. Anything but mixing routes >.< That always ruins it. If they adapt one route really well and sales are good they can always make another season with another route. Why can't anime producers think like that -.-

Anyway...Finished Makina's Route (I'm gonna write my brief thoughts and fav parts like the common route) Quite long ^^;

I see u started Shin Angyo? This series is something I guarantee u'll love :D One of my top10 manga ^^ Really good.

leiwu1991 | 08-25-14, 12:02 PM

Soge_king999 | 08-25-14, 10:04 AM
I don't derive enjoyment from other's pain. I just can't help but feel more fortunate than Punpun, because I don't think anyone would want to be that guy~ His life is terrible, and it will only get worse from here on.

Explorations in Mathematics. Then I have Introduction to Asia immediately afterwards. And I should probably be going soon. Hopefully I'll be able to perform admirably in these first two classes, at least on my birthday.

Thank you very much, Dashi-chan~ I hope I do as well.

Soge_king999 | 08-25-14, 9:42 AM
Indeed. I consider myself to be one who weighs both sides with their proper magnitude. And, hey, reading Oyasumi Punpun is making me feel better anyway, because at least I'm not Punpun~ That guy is unfortunate.

First class starts in less than an hour. Oh dear.

Soge_king999 | 08-24-14, 5:35 PM
Hrmm. I'm not one to sugarcoat things in speech or thought, and I like to believe that I can see things simply as they are. I prefer that way. It's not as though I'm focusing on the negative. There are clearly possible positive outcomes. But I'm not going to deny the probability aspect. Oh, there's no issue at all. Even if I did think you were being preachy, I don't really mind that sort of thing. Thanks for the thought, Dashi-chan.

leiwu1991 | 08-24-14, 12:37 PM
I thought I heard Kirei in Akame ga kill. Yep

Mortsyn | 08-24-14, 9:45 AM
Ooh, nice. Any specific reason you wanted to become a network engineer, if I may ask? I've actually started studying within sales, specifically retail, myself. I'm planning on using it as a ground (as well as a backup plan) in order to get more options within work places. And using the money I'll get through this line of work, I'll use it as a steppingstone in order to get more equipment/better equipment regarding video and video editing.

kenshin_sama | 08-24-14, 8:33 AM
Mind if I drop a quick comment? :)

Clannad's getting an official release on Steam!
Hopefully Little Busters is next. :3

I'm also on chapter 3 of G-Senjou. Decided to put Air on hold for now since it's kinda been dragging me down. ;_; Haven't had a dull moment with G-Senjou yet. I'm really interested in seeing where it goes.

Beomsik | 08-24-14, 3:12 AM
Heh, we had very high compatibility in both anime and manga so I figured I'd sent you a friend request~ heh.. If you don't wanna be friends then that's fine too ^o^

But geez... You're one harsh grader... I checked your anime list and ... I just see a row of 5's and 6's with occasional 7, and 8's... Oh wells... I'd like to know why you didn't find Death Note as good as anime such as FMAB and Steins;Gate (two of my top 6 anime) Just want to hear your perspective on it ^o^

Soge_king999 | 08-23-14, 12:45 PM
I am aware of this. I'm just saying that I am objectively speaking rather flawed. I have plenty of strengths that I acknowledge as well as faults. I'm being realistic, IMO. I've been rather flimsy in terms of resolves my whole life, and as such, due to how challenging it is to break habits, I can't be sure that I will be able to transform so quickly and easily. I do appreciate your input, by the way. Active college students or those that have already finished it are in rather small supply in terms of those that I am in contact somewhat frequently, so it's nice to have some mature ideas presented by those with experience.

Soge_king999 | 08-23-14, 9:22 AM
That is indeed true. But I'm a bit of a loser, so I don't know if it'll actually happen. I'm going to need to improve my attitude significantly.

raxius1230 | 08-22-14, 8:16 PM
Indeed man,and in the end you dont have any choice that move on,life doesnt stop for anyone.

Barakamon its the best no doubt,just so relaxing,i am behind in ZnT but well will catch up sooner or later as Aldnoah didnt watch it and as now i really dont feel like catching up,but well as time pass will feel better and may watch it.

I heard great things about 20thCB so well with the free time i am going to have may read it when i feel better.

So i see you are close to finish Grisaia,so what did you think of Amane,Michiru and Sachi route in general? and fav girls after all?

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