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Favorite Anime
Clannad: After Story
Clannad: After Story add
Steins;Gate add
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood add
Toradora! add
NHK ni Youkoso!
NHK ni Youkoso! add

Favorite Manga
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria add
Fate/Zero add
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan add
Chikan Otoko
Chikan Otoko add
Onanie Master Kurosawa
Onanie Master Kurosawa add

Favorite Characters
Okabe, Rintarou
Usami, Haru
Makise, Kurisu
Shirogane, Takeru
Okazaki, Tomoya
Brunestud, Arcueid
Lamperouge, Lelouch
Senjougahara, Hitagi
Mitsurugi, Meiya
Otonashi, Maria

Favorite People
Miyano, Mamoru
Miyano, Mamoru
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Sawashiro, Miyuki
Urasawa, Naoki
Urasawa, Naoki
Kajiura, Yuki
Kajiura, Yuki
Urobuchi, Gen
Urobuchi, Gen
Asano, Inio
Asano, Inio

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June 21, 1991
October 2, 2011
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Time (Days) 35.9
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Completed 59
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Dropped 10
Plan to Read 144
Total Entries 250

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About Me

I'm an anime enthusiast who enjoys a wide range of genres. I particularly enjoy drama, romance, thriller, comedy, and slice of life. On the other hand, I dislike most ecchi/harem and long running shounen shows due to how incredibly predictable they [usually] are, although there are a few notable exceptions. I also read manga and light novels, but not nearly as much as I watch anime. Feel free to make any anime/manga/LN recommendation that you think I will be able to enjoy.

I'm fairly open regarding friend requests; however, I will not accept random requests from strangers I have never talked to before. This means you should try to start a conversation first before sending an invitation. I encourage friendly discussions and debates, so drop me a comment or two if you have something to talk about. If you have any questions about my ratings or anything else on my page, then feel free to ask. Constructive criticism is appreciated; trolling, however, is not.

Visual Novels

A relatively novel medium for me -- yet, probably my favorite medium in overall immersion. I would encourage any anime/manga/light novels fan to give visual novels a try. Some of the more acclaimed titles may be time-consuming, but the experience is definitely worth the time investment. Trust me, you won't regret it.

My VNDB account.

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Barakamon confirmed for favorite anime of summer 2014!

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Soge_king999 | 2 hours ago
Well, at least the two classes today put their information online, so I'm good there. But I like my classes... ;___;

Soge_king999 | 2 hours ago
I'm pretty much better now, but I had to miss both my classes today, so that wasn't so good. First missed classes of my college life... (;_;)

Soge_king999 | 4 hours ago
Yep. It was very meaningful for me. I can talk more about it later, once I get over my illness and return home...

I can certainly agree with that. FMA is what I think of as an exemplary Action Shounen. I already knew I'd give FMA:B about a 7 since I read the manga, and they're about the same level of quality. I can also say plenty more about FMA + SAO later.

Ah. Good idea. I avoid having to use decimals anyway with my system. Much easier without them.

Soge_king999 | Yesterday, 10:39 AM
Oh, and good ol FMA:B = 7 tier. P good if I do say so myself. SAO was 2/10 tier. I loved it so much.

Soge_king999 | Yesterday, 10:01 AM
Punpun 10/10. Wow. I surprise even myself sometimes with my generosity.

kenshin_sama | 09-15-14, 8:20 PM
I haven't watched either, yet, but I can imagine. I'll most likely pick up 5 cm/s pretty soon, actually. I've been really getting into tear-jerkers lately. :D

Thank you. ^^

Making good progress on Osu, btw. I'm actually starting to get on leaderboards now.
I'll be ranked at 38 on this one. ^^

raxius1230 | 09-12-14, 8:19 PM
Hey buddy!
Glad everything its going great! as me feeling a lot better now,even so that may just do a new profile to "restart",but well will see!


Nice! KonoSora its decent,its a good feeling VN with decent story and good characters,i think you will enjoy it but of course dont expect nothing major of it,its a just sit,relax and enjoy VN and nothing else.

So had time to watch any anime lately?? if so what you being watching?

ABHISHEKV | 09-12-14, 10:18 AM
Changed my Profile Picture after a long time too :D

ABHISHEKV | 09-12-14, 10:13 AM
That's not exactly right. When I think of LoGH, I get the feeling of respect, admiration and I know that it is one of the best anime series of all time but I don't get the feeling that it should be in my favorites. It's hard to explain actually. I wouldn't go as far as to say that there were "moments" in the series that did not click with me because for the most part I was fine with the story itself. i only disliked Yang's fleet and nothing else so it really does bot boil down to that I think. It just does not feel like a favorite or to put it in another way, I do not necessarily yearn for the series or miss it a whole lot. My attachment after all this while is barely there however, I still adore Reinhard's fleet and really love some of the characters there. Sorry if my explanation is all over the place. It would be in my top 50 just like it was when it was a top 50 list earlier.

Regarding Code Geass, that's not entirely true and yes Suzaku is an irreplaceable character in the series, I had so many other issues with the show and I think you get what I'm saying here without me having to explain. Lelouch of course stands over and above everyone and everything. The more I hated Suzaku, the more I loved Lelouch. That;s just how the series made it out to be.

For me, the feels that I get from both are really different. With Usagi drop it was a feeling of cuteness and warmth and with Barakamon it is a feeling of joy for the most part and plenty of laughs. Well, yes...they both do what to set out to do for sure. The thing is, Usagi Drop was a parental series whereas Barakamon clearly is not. That feeling is so different. It really is. I get it if you feel differently though.

I hope that you do.

"As to Tokyo Ghoul, I felt that the rushed pacing ruined the experience for me somewhat, which was why I opted to read the manga. That said, the anime still covered most of the important material fine; the thing it did not do well in was, regrettably, the characterization of Kaneki. He is much more likable in the manga, because the anime cut corners and left out bits and pieces of the full story, in turn making him look more of a coward than he really is. That to me, is entirely the fault of the adaptation. Oh, and the manga's apparently ending soon, so you won't have to worry about having to wait for the next chapter once you're caught up. "

That's my cue for starting the manga and seeing for myself.

I hope so. It'll most likely get a 6/10 from me regardless.

Soge_king999 | 09-12-14, 9:47 AM
But that's the thing. I don't know what he did~! I never finished Steins;Gate~! But if I manage to clear the VN in Okarin's form, I will discover through exact method to succeed eventually~! But I don't really want to... Steins;Gate isn't boring enough for me to appreciate...

Soge_king999 | 09-12-14, 9:17 AM
There's probably no escape. Their influence is much too far and wide. But, even so, I cannot surrender! The Organization must be stopped!

ABHISHEKV | 09-11-14, 11:59 AM
You're mistaken about's subjectively fulfilling without a shadow of doubt. Very much so. It's just that while it was quite the phenomenal experience, it got on my nerves many a time as well.....especially with Yang's fleet (barring Yang) who I utterly despise. My blood boils just thinking about it and Julian is the bane of my existence. There are quite a few reasons why I just can't think of it as one of my favorites despite the fact that I admire the series. Well, I won't be surprised at all if it makes your top 20. While there are things that I don't like about the series, there are things that I love too viz. Reinhard's fleet....pretty much everyone on that side is a godsend. Reuenthal is pure gold dust. I have mixed feelings. You may note that these mixed feelings also played a part in me dropping Geass off my favorites too. Despite the fact that I ADORE Lelouch and rate it highly, I have so many qualms with the show as well.

That...well since there aren't many shows which have that setting right away, I guess that is a similarity. I feel that the atmosphere and type of warmth/interaction between the two shows vary greatly. The vibes are also not really similar in my book. I do hope you know that I ain't comparing the two shows in terms of quality....just the surface level similarities.

Well, you're just 5 episodes in man. At that point, I felt the same way. The fact is that it gets way better as the series goes on and the last two episodes were just as fun as Barakamon believe it or not. As for Tokyo Ghoul, as a person who hasn't a clue as to how the manga does things, I am enjoying the anime to the fullest. While I am aware that the manga is supposedly a million times better (Which is the case more often than not), that hasn't really bothered me that much. The pacing could have been better sure but it was still extremely enjoyable. It makes me want to read the manga although it's ongoing. I might just make an exception.

I agree with what you said about Aldnoah Zero and don't forget that epic soundtrack........

Soge_king999 | 09-11-14, 9:28 AM
Hello, it's me. The Organization has messed with Dashi-chan's head, to make him forget that they exist and are after us. I might be next. I've got to get myself out of this conspiracy! El psy congroo.

I be jesting, lel~

Soge_king999 | 09-11-14, 9:12 AM
They'll get me for something, Dashi-chan, I just know it. And then my life is over. I'll never get a job, and I'll be unfit for marrage. I'm finished, yo. Done.

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