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07-02-11, 7:54 AM
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September 10, 2010
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cenatu | 03-28-11, 9:50 AM
thank you

Kuma-Kuma | 01-04-11, 5:11 AM
i was at work drunk

Kuma-Kuma | 01-03-11, 10:31 AM
i've been good :D

how was your new years?

Kuma-Kuma | 01-03-11, 5:21 AM you been?

Kuma-Kuma | 09-27-10, 11:11 AM
oh okay
i'm still interested in 3-D girls

that sucks but so am i :P

oh okay

Kuma-Kuma | 09-27-10, 10:14 AM
how old is she?
i don't go below 16 since that is the age of consent where i live :D

oh okay. i don't have a PSP either

you're welcome :D
you do live in Belgium so that doesn't surprise me

Kuma-Kuma | 09-27-10, 9:47 AM
you're only 20 so you liking younger girls shouldn't have really scared her unless you were talking about liking girl under the age of 12 then that might be scary.

they probably have one in Japan :P

your grammar is fine

Kuma-Kuma | 09-27-10, 9:15 AM
i like my lolis to be 2-D

oh okay :P

yup :D

re-watch K-ON! then

Kuma-Kuma | 09-27-10, 8:46 AM
i'll steal her from you in 2 years :P

why would i want a pink one?

good. i give no hints :P

find something else to watch :D

Kuma-Kuma | 09-26-10, 4:22 PM
don't worry. i won't steal your sister off you :D

you're welcome :D

buy me one too

there are plenty of lolicon clubs on MAL

Kuma-Kuma | 09-25-10, 9:39 AM
now why would you wanna do that?

yes it is

the PS4 will be already out in 10 years :P

don't feel bad. us lolicons need to stick together :P

Kuma-Kuma | 09-24-10, 10:52 AM
awesome :D
if she was a moe as Kona-chan then i might have to steal her off you but you're lucky :P

oh okay. i hope Underwater does the BD rips also

you should buy a PS3...they are cheaper than when they first came out

i knew you were a lolicon :P

Kuma-Kuma | 09-23-10, 11:52 AM
YAY!! for the poor people :P

i so don't believe you and how old is your little sister? and why are you waiting for the uncensored version?

i have a PS3

Kuma-Kuma | 09-22-10, 1:54 PM
good :D

so do i but i'm poor

i didn't take you for a lolicon :P

Kuma-Kuma | 09-21-10, 9:11 AM
yup :D

i saw Haruhi after Lucky Star too

the Comiket is funny when Tsukasa ended up on the other side :P

Spice and Wolf is good. you should watch it

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