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06-05-14, 6:00 PM
January 20,
United States
August 7, 2010
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About cyaat21
Hello~ I love anime/manga and Japanese culture, but I have other interests too!
I like to fence, volunteer, do improv comedy, write, draw and go on adventures.

I wish to become either a marine biologist or a voice actress. Also, I would like to write articles for anime/manga sites.

Recently, I started writing some fanfiction. I feel like such a fangirl :O Lol, but if you want, check it out!

Tumblr! I have been using this most often.

I also have a YouTube Channel where I discuss anime, manga, video games and other nerdtastic things! :)

Favorite Food: Watermelon, apples
Favorite Drink: coffee, green tea, ginger ale
Hair Color: Brown with dyed black tips
Eye Color: Blue/Gray
Favorite Color: Gray, Red, Black
Blood Type: A Positive

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Completely_Numb | 06-13-14, 7:45 PM
Hey, awesome Blue Exorcist review! After I finish Steins;Gate I'm going to watch it. I also LOVE your favorite anime list! (aside from Soul Eater because I didn't watch it yet lol)

Rasco | 01-20-13, 7:17 AM
Hey Happy Birthday :D

Pensak | 07-16-12, 9:27 AM
Why hello, hope you're doing well. Its been a while.

Rasco | 07-01-12, 5:03 PM
I'm sorry too.. Well yes I'm trying to cope with the situation so its only natural right? :l oh yes I don't want to feel this way for sure!

well I'm sure your smarter than me :D then you'll be very smart :P
Oh I'll check it out and see how weird it is then :bb well you enjoy it so its all good. :)

Just finished watching Steins;Gate, its really mellow for me o: and chi's new address which is about a cat and Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki that features another cat.

Yes I will travel, hopefully everything goes smooth! and thanks for the luck.. thanks I will try my best and won't give up on my life!

Rasco | 07-01-12, 1:36 PM
Yeah really long ^^ yeah well I'm talking more to my friends on mal since some bad things happened ._. but I don't want to get into details o.O
Oh glad its good really good for you :D oh you sound really smart! oh I'm planning on visiting japan someday, awesome that you'll be able to study there!
What exactly is homestuck? o:

Oh yep I just started watching anime and stuff so we are in the same boat xD

oh I'm going just fine, but not great :L I'm overworking to get lots of money So i can travel to other countries :P I'll be just fine hopefully :D

Rasco | 07-01-12, 4:25 AM
Hello cyate :) Been a while no? hope your having a great life!

Arinya | 04-14-12, 2:56 PM

laketica | 01-10-12, 3:01 AM

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pacuuuuu3 | 12-25-11, 6:36 PM
Sorry my dear friend, I had almost completely forgotten about MAL and just saw your message, I hope you're not disappointed :P I miss talking to you :O I should check out your blogs now... I've been great thanks! Do tell me how you've been, did you have a good Christmas?

Rasco | 12-24-11, 2:17 PM
Happy Holidays! &

Pensak | 11-03-11, 12:19 PM
Everything is better now =)

Pensak | 10-29-11, 9:06 PM
I don't know I don't see her for a day and she act all weird, making me all nervous. When I asked what was wrong she said she'd tell me in person.
I'm feeling a bit less bad about it know since since then she texted me a bit a little more like normal I'm still very worried though.
I know I don't see her everyday but thats just how life pans out sometimes, it doesn't mean I don't want to see her.
I just don't want to lose her since I go love her very much.

It good to hear college is going well for you, I hope your room mates aren't still giving you a headache.
My ear is always open to you too =)

Pensak | 10-29-11, 9:47 AM
I might be single tomorrow =(
I know its random to say, but I'm just trying to keep my mind of shit until then.
Also how have you been, its been a while since we last talked?

roriconfan | 10-25-11, 3:48 AM
Do you still think Ao no Exorcist is such a good anime? It was mostly filler and ended disappointingly.

pacuuuuu3 | 10-19-11, 2:46 PM
Hey I hope you got well :P sorry for not going online for so long... but how is college?

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