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04-18-14, 1:41 AM
September 12,
Melrose, MA
June 22, 2008
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About cloudsora
I don't like comparing things unless they are in the same series (ex Naruto, Naruto Shipuuden) or if they are made by the same people in the same genre.
My ratings go past 10 so you will see more 10's than other people would have.
11 is best of a genre 12 is best of where who it was geared for (ex shounen, seinen, shoujo) 13 is a lie though because it is best of all anime of all time and only god know when they will stop making anime.
I am a adrenaline junky but only in the seasons when I can be. I do MX when I'm in NH in the summer, I do BMX from Spring-Fall. I Surf when I'm in Maine, I Skimboard at the beach. I Snowboard during the Winter on whatever mountain I can get to. I play video games and read all other times.
When I am doing anything active or inactive I listen to music so I am very picky about music.

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Soul Eater = Amazing
08-13-09, 2:47 PM

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Kitix | 06-14-13, 10:02 AM

Hi! Would you like to join One Piece CardShop (O.P.C.S) ☆ ★or just look around and see if the club interests you. Thank you! (✿◕ ‿ ◕✿)

sayami | 01-05-12, 10:35 AM

January 2012 Edition

Majeh-Sama | 09-25-11, 12:11 AM

Sayanna | 08-29-11, 8:53 PM

Warda | 12-31-10, 5:57 AM

To find your card press CTRL+F & type your name.

Yurippe | 08-23-10, 12:45 AM
This is Mass-Comment from Tomboy/ Feminist Anime Girls Club
And I'm glad to tell you that our club is (more or less) alive again ;D

So~~ the first round of The Best Tomboy Tournament is now closed and the results are:

4th place - de Beaumont Lia (16 votes)
3rd place - Balsa (18 votes)
2nd place - Chiemi Yusa (21 votes)
And the 1st place - MISORA NAOMI (30 votes)

Cheers for the winner :DD

The second round is open so please come and vote HERE
And as always please be active in the club and if you noticed that your fave Tomboy character isn't in club relations , tell us who and why should we add :)

Have a nice day filled with anime and CHEERS FOR ALL THE TOMBOYS AND FEMINISTS OUT THERE ! :D

Yurippe | 08-17-10, 1:07 AM
Mass-message from Tomboy/ Feminist Anime Girls Club

Hello ! (and sorry for spamming your comments ^^''')
I have a great news ! Our club has become more active again ! So , you too , try to be more active ! Let's revive the club all together ! >:3

And for that - the club got it's first big Best Tomboy Character Tournament !!!
First round has started ! So please , vote for your favorite here , because every vote counts ;)

Also , if some of the characters are missing from club relations , please tell us which characters are they , and WHY do you think they should be added :)

And if you haven't noticed , our club has some affiliates now...*shamlessly promoting other clubs* >:3


Retroland | 06-30-10, 5:21 AM 3 new articles available :p please write a reward in the commentaires.

Milan2510 | 04-11-10, 9:32 AM
hallo, nice to meet you

MaroonedRainbow | 02-01-10, 3:44 PM
Hey there! Nice to meet you!

Just accepted your friend's request :)

We've a somewhat high compability xD nice

Davison | 12-31-09, 12:12 PM

Davison | 12-24-09, 9:54 AM

otaku1 | 10-23-09, 7:55 PM
well it loos like Iv wotched 200 more anime then you

Eridanus | 09-24-09, 4:35 PM
lol no way Manga compatibility 80.6% AWESOME (^-^)

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