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July 16,
January 19, 2010
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Time (Days) 32.0
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Completed 106
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Dropped 19
Plan to Watch 3
Total Entries 138

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 44.1
Reading 61
Completed 190
On Hold 10
Dropped 77
Plan to Read 1
Total Entries 339

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Unknown :(

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~~BROWN~~ i tend to read manga when i have nothing to do... and when i do have stuff to do... then i watch the anime of what im reading...

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OtakuMadness | 11-11-12, 7:45 AM

OtakuMadness | 09-20-12, 12:05 PM

Sasha_AT | 08-30-12, 1:57 PM

Would you like to join us :)

Arinya | 04-14-12, 4:43 PM

laketica | 01-10-12, 1:52 AM

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Kannei | 08-31-11, 2:22 PM

Yo minna- san
--New Voting of the month is up -here-

Kannei | 01-31-11, 2:13 AM

Yo minna**
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CheshireSin | 10-27-10, 2:49 AM

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isikaru | 10-03-10, 7:54 AM

asukai_kun | 07-29-10, 12:23 PM
~Akuma to Love Song FC~

hiii~ sorry for spamming your profile but messaging has been disabled so there is no other way to invite you guys
this is simple copy-paste

it seems you like Devil and Her Love Song/Akuma to Love Song
so i thought you would like to join our FanCLub

have already invited you xDD
hope you will accept the invitation

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