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Favorite Anime
Kuroshitsuji add
Death Note
Death Note add
Jigoku Shoujo
Jigoku Shoujo add
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni add
Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin
Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin add

Favorite Manga
Ouran Koukou Host Club
Ouran Koukou Host Club add
ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two.
ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. add
Death Note
Death Note add
Kobato. add
Junjou Romantica
Junjou Romantica add

Favorite Characters
Lawliet, L
Trancy, Alois
Phantomhive, Ciel
Ushiromiya, Maria
Takahashi, Misaki
Prochainezo, Firo
Enma, Ai
Ryuuguu, Rena
Naoi, Ayato

Favorite People
Sakamoto, Maaya
Sakamoto, Maaya
Hirano, Aya
Hirano, Aya
Noto, Mamiko
Noto, Mamiko
Miyano, Mamoru
Miyano, Mamoru
Ono, Daisuke
Ono, Daisuke
Nakamura, Shungiku
Nakamura, Shungiku
Toboso, Yana
Toboso, Yana

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January 23, 1998
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November 4, 2009
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quash2772 | 03-27-12, 7:15 PM

D_Silver | 09-08-10, 4:04 PM

h_malone16 | 08-13-10, 12:41 PM
haha the manga version is so... o_O
and i thought the anime was intense! lol
too bad they can't include all the "stuff" from the manga in the anime right?

aww nowaki and hiro-san ^_^ they're so cute together aren't they?
the way nowaki is always running around saying "hiro-san! hiro-san!" is quite adorable :D
i actually think nowaki is pretty cute for being a yaoi character--it might be the dark hair!
i do love Usagi-san and Misaki together too. they're kinda not-functional in a good way lol--all of Usagi's bears and "kids room"

have you watched/read anymore good yaoi btw?
i've been looking for some lately--but it seems hard to find some with actual plots like JR -_-

Aurao | 08-11-10, 9:19 AM

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Well, that's about it for now, see you again~~

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h_malone16 | 08-09-10, 9:25 AM
hey there :D i saw your comment/post in the forums section about Junjou Romanctica needing a third season--you're so right lol. the second season left way too many doors open. i guess we're lucky to have the manga though..but a third season would be amazing! ^_^ which couple is your favorite?

Suzune-chan | 07-27-10, 10:49 AM
Here is your member card!
I hope you like it~

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
Let me know

xKitsuChanx | 07-16-10, 6:41 PM
awesome icon

Kruxia | 03-22-10, 7:15 PM
Why would you not get a card?? O.o

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