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04-22-14, 7:49 AM
February 27,
December 18, 2012
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私はけいす(CASE)です〜 私は21歳と私は大学生です!
I am Case 〜 I am 21 years old & I am a college student!
私はフィリピンに住んでいます!一部の人々は、私がアメリカやヨーロッパだと思う...しかし私ではない!*笑* しかし、私はフィリピン人中国人午前!
I live in the Philippines! Some people mistake me for an American or European... But I'm not! *laughs* However, I am a Filipino-Chinese(half-half)!
私はアニメやマンガが大好き... それははるかに明白である... *笑* 私はボーイズラブを愛する!ヤオイが大好き. 本当に本当に!
I love anime & manga... that is much obvious... *laughs* I love boyslove. I love YAOI!
I also like to read &write..

Thank you for the time!

You can find me here as well!
Click click click:

ON THE SIDE NOTE: Regarding my anime and manga list, I have far read much more manga and watched much more anime than you could imagine, but, due to the fact that I want to re-read and rewatch all of them, I have decided to make my list anew, slowly adding them as I watch and read them again. Please do not think too much of it, too, and say stuff like, "Blah, this human thinks she knows her anime and manga" -- because I do, my list does not suffice with what I have read and watched. So please bear with me.

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TheJareBox | 06-29-13, 7:13 PM
Aww man! D: Well, I'm just glad you got the chance to check HK out. How was it? Meet any cute Asians? ;D TELL ME WHAT YOU DID HERE I MUST KNOW

Hmm, sounds fair enough. I'll actually be going to the pinas at the end of July. :D YOU BETTER BE THERE HA!

Ginsan | 05-07-13, 4:20 PM

Rollie-Chan | 05-06-13, 7:47 AM
LOL! hahaha! They like to sweat a lot! lol that really! Really! Got me LOL! Oh! Thats awesome! Don't you have to be like REALLY good a maths to be an engineer? Omg you're so totally cool right now! 8D Ewy lol just carry BO bashing with you to classs and when they come near you spray 'em! >:3

I do like beaches! But they scare me at the same time! Cause of the sharks! And the other scary sea creatures :D I never go to deep hahaha! :D And the sand is scary too 3=

LOL no silly! Well, not really haha I'm only 17 so I can't really do much partying hahaha! Well I party hard with my COD thats for sure ;D First person shooter! Yayaaah! haha! ^_^ Do you game? ;3

Rollie-Chan | 05-03-13, 8:48 PM
Yeah. :< School is smelly >:( But I like it most days =P
Gaaah! Don't you hate that! >.< Well I hope you injoy what left of your break! Go beaching~ ;D Do you like the beach?! ;D
*Gasp* That was really cute! lolol I'm good too Its friday friday! Gott'a get down n friday! Partyin' partyin' ! :D LOL Jokes I'll probs just stay home and play COD with my sexy Bestie jajaja! :D

ichigo001 | 05-02-13, 8:01 AM
Went to HK? xD How was the trip? Aww, poor you... xP

Wow...the artwork surely is good! O_O Does all her manga have this sort of artworks?

Tell me about it if you find anything great. I'm not adding it in my list atm for the low ratings, but hey xD

I <3 great animation! And yeah, all I have to do now is wait for the awaited time~ Air is all action? Interesting. I think I'll give it a try sooner than I think.

The animation won't disappoint you, guaranteed. x3

Lolz I heard that they're gonna make a live action series out of the movie. What do you think of that?

Heyy wait! I never said I'm into dramas! Dx This is the first drama that I've ever watched, and only watching because it has an anime counterpart! Except for a bit of over-excessive drama-ness, I'd say something in the drama are really good. xD

ichigo001 | 05-01-13, 12:12 PM
Haha, I guessed the same - school kept you busy eh? Same for me. x/

Ahh thank you for saying that! x') I'd love to know what new manga/anime recently grabbed your attention. ^^
Shimaki Ako? That name didn't sound familiar, and after doing a bit of research, I can guess why. xD Her works must be good, since they successfully gave you layered eyebags. Does she have any *ahem*non-shoujo*ahem* manga? I must say this though, she did a handful of works.

Diamond Dust Drops does have a bit lower rating for its artwork. What made you drop it? I added FoR, Angel Beats, Air and No.6 ages ago, but have yet to watch those. T_T

Rewatch Samurai X? That's awesome! Coz Ima rewatching it lately! xDxD

The only notable anime that I completed since our last talk is Kara no Kyoukai. The animation x OSTs x story is simply amazing. I can't wait for the next movie.

Watched Rurouni Kenshin live action. One word to describe it - sugoii! x3 I mean, seriously, the fight scenes are awesome! xDxD

Currently watching City Hunter (K-drama), just for the sake of completing the whole City Hunter franchise. I must say I'm enjoying the drama quite a bit.

Rollie-Chan | 04-30-13, 2:34 AM
Aww, thats so nice! ;D
Awesome! :D I love summer holidays. ^w^
I just finished mine thooo :<
I hope you enjoy yours! ;3
I've been good! Thank you! Chillin' out and all, after school that is -_-
Hahaha :D Have you been well? ;3

TheJareBox | 04-26-13, 11:34 PM

TheJareBox | 04-26-13, 11:33 PM
OMG SERIOSO KA? O_O YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! But omg it's been like five days since you said that >< how long are you gonna be here and where are you and and ATEEEEE REPLY SOON. :D

Rollie-Chan | 04-11-13, 7:22 AM
Awesome~ :D!! It's nice to met you. ^_^

infactuation21 | 03-16-13, 2:53 PM

Join us!! if you already are a member.. drop in and check us out!

TheJareBox | 02-14-13, 7:14 AM
Oh oh, by the way, MALIGAYANG ARAW NI BALENTINO! (as you can guess, i just made that up ^^) <3

TheJareBox | 02-14-13, 7:13 AM
That's a very foreign sounding name indeed. Haha, I'm sure we could both find an interesting one. ;D

Woah. If you told a non-Filipino that, they'd immediately think you're some engineering prodigy, though that's actually just the way things are there. :P I don't get why your instructor said one when there are four. o-o was he just messing with you guys? & ngaw, sounds like someone has a stalker. That sounds cute, but kinda annoying. ><

Nope, but I'd love to have freckles! Seriously, they give off this 'adorkable' vibe, and I mean that in good way. :3 Y'know what, let's just go around the world together. Perfect plan, no further decisions needed. <3


Oh, so it's like a historical type of shoujo? That's not something you see everyday. :o

The marathon was great! I discovered Arakawa Under the Bridge, which is a really good comedy/romance manga. :D forgot to read Thomas no Shinzou though. Keeping that as a mental note now.

A vampire living in the pinas, eh? Must be hell then. :P well, i've only been to HK and the Philippines my entire life, and you can guess which one has the colder weather. The coldest I've actually witnessed is about 4 degrees C though. What about you? c:

Rollie-Chan | 02-13-13, 6:46 AM
HI hi! :D Hope you don't mind if I send you a friends request? Cause you have an awesome profile! ;3

ichigo001 | 01-30-13, 7:00 AM
As a matter of fact, never! x/ Sometimes a few K-dramas and J-dramas get aired in our local channel, but that's very rare. But thanks for reminding lol, I forgot that I have a short list of dramas to watch. ^^
Tenjou Tenge? Is it good?

Oh yeah, I completed watching BokuImo a few days ago. do I put it....different?
It was freaking weird!!! I mean it's not the first time I've seen sibling romance in anime, but in this one the approach was lolawkward, especially by the guy. For some reason I hated that guy on sight, and he pretty much lived up to my hatred for him. First he falls for his sis, then he uses another girl to forget about his sister, and then he dumps that girl and violates his little sister; finally he leaves his sister....I mean, does he have any issues with his manhood? I wonder with that o.o
Sorry for my ranting xD I couldn't help it! But anyways, thanks for the recommendation. It was a nice watch, I mean it. I just hated the brother there, nothing more. Although I wish the character designs were a bit better. Does the manga have the same character design? Btw, I checked out about the *ahem*production*cough*studio*cough*. >.>

I see, and it's a shame to hear that. Fortunately, that isn't always the case with non-reverse harem~ x3

Oh yeah, about university - you're right, it's totally different. It's nothing like high school lolz. I'm planning to open an anime club there after this semester xD

Harsh reality.

Hmm, so I guess Onegai Sensei is mediocre. Hahaha, "vavavoom"? xD That's a new term I've learned today!

You bet, it's nothing like your typical Japanese dubs or even English.

You might be right. Nowadays most of the story lines I see are pretty much common. And I totally agree with you. Some old anime are really really good. They weren't kidding when they said, "Old is gold."
Tell me when you start watching Bleach, then I may just start watching that too xP
(I will, hopefully in within a few weeks. x3)

UNIQLO? Not much, except what a very good friend of mine told me - it's a Japanese multinational clothing store. o.o

Hi5? Coz we're on the same boat now. My studies keep piling up, I rarely have an online life now.

Yup I actually did an anime 'marathon'. I completed Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (which was ok), Gun x Sword (sucked), Hayate The Combat Butler! Can't Take My Eyes Off You (mediocre at best, it was severely disappointing compared to it's prequels), and finally completed Monster a few hours ago. It's the best anime I've ever seen, period. Gosh I wish there are more anime like this! *_*
Touka Getta picked up my interest, it got nice art and it's a series with reverse chronological order. I'm currently watching Heaven's Memo Pad, it's been a while since I watched anything NEET after Eden of the East. xD
What anime did you complete recently? ^^

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