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Dec 12, 2010
Chocolate BF (Manga) add
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Story (8): This storyline seems pretty typical at first; a chance encounter with a hot guy, and then finding out he attends the same school? I would think this manga would be pretty easy to figure out (I mean, it's only 4 chapters), but somehow it was far more complex than I had imagined.

Art (9): The art was magnificent! It was very eye catching and a custom style from the artist. I really liked the way the characters' faces were more realistic than other drawing styles.

Character (10): And here was where I was blown out of the water. I never would have imagined that I read more
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Dec 12, 2010
37°C no Boyfriend (Manga) add
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Story (5): Not much to say except that it's completely unimaginative and predictable to the very end. I could call every single cliche "twist" that occurred. I don't usually expect too much from short stories such as this one, but I at least expected some sort of plot, and frankly, that didn't happen.

Art (6): This shoujo art style is utterly overused, I must say. As soon as I saw the first page I felt like I had read this about twenty times already. Sure, it looked alright, but there were a lot of angles and expressions throughout the manga that were recycled.

Character (3): I didn't read more
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Story (8): I really liked the plot for this story, although I was rather skeptical at first. It seems like a very familiar scene as Miharu (our young and innocent protagonist) is left with an enormous debt by her dirt-bag father and has no way to pay it back. From there, however, things were surprisingly refreshing. Miharu meets Rintaro, who appears to be a rather spineless and absent-minded young man, and he saves her from the debt. The rest of the story is filled with the two of them solving mysteries surrounding jewels, and often results in Miharu learning more about herself. Oh, I almost read more
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Dec 3, 2010
Boku wa Kiss de Uso wo Tsuku (Manga) add
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(7)Story: I felt the set-up was cliche with the premise of a "mystery kiss" and all of that. Despite this, I actually really liked the idea. That is, until I came to understand some of the characters' motives and (let me tell you) I was not impressed.

(9)Art: The art had to be the most impressive part of the whole manga. I (like many other girls) appreciate a good bishie and there were plenty of them in this manga. The art was also very consistent and flowed well, although I felt like some of the angles were a bit repetitive.

(6)Character: And here is the fatal wound read more
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