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August 29,
November 28, 2011
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llPhantom | 11-03-13, 2:08 PM
Shiroku✰Highschool is starting the new term!

Dear member of Shiroku✰Highschool,

It has certainly been a long time since the club was last active. We all know that those
times weren't that pleasant as we watched the club drifting into a deep sleep.
However, summer vacation for the students is over and the school has reawakened to greet
the start of a new term. This new term will provide a fresh new start for both old and new
students alike. Enjoy your school life once more and click the blue sentence above!

We all look forward to role-playing with you!

- The Community of Shiroku✰Highschool

Paladin65536 | 06-05-12, 4:53 PM

khrymson | 03-16-12, 9:15 AM

Dear member of Shiroku✰Highschool,

We hereby remind you of your status as part of our active community. Please drop by sometime and participate in the role-play. Also, we would be very happy if you would continue/start contributing to the club by being regularly active and leave comments.

Yours sincerely,
The Community of Shiroku✰Highschool

Snowing | 02-19-12, 12:35 AM
I'm really sorry for my late reply Bunni-chan~
I just have to say, I really admire you dA art!! They are so amazing!! ^^*

Hehe, don't be jealous of AUS, its actually quite hot and humid.
I can't stay in the sun for more than 2 mins or else I turn into a burnt tomato.
Its true. *sigh*

We don't ever get any snow in Brisbane, and even worse is we just had a flood go by last year...

YOUR lucky!! You at least have snowy Christmases!!
Puella Magi Madoka Magica? No, I haven't seen it, But I will add it to my plan to watch~ I looked it up, and the little white cat/bunny thing is cute!!


rumbler227 | 02-14-12, 4:21 PM
Haha yeah there's definitely still a lot of anime out there I haven't checked out yet :)

I think you'll like Mushishi. The backgrounds are very, very well animated and the stories in each episode are really well done. Never heard of Modako Magica but looked it up. Yeah, looking at the cover I thought it was some sort of little girl anime :P But it has a high score and says it a psychological thriller. Hmmm, yeah I might have to check it out.

cafekun | 02-14-12, 5:26 AM
It's a gemstone

Awww... i feel so happy, my heart feels light, knowing that you're working on it right now.

I'm so happy XDDDDD

cafekun | 02-14-12, 3:14 AM

Thank you, i always wanted to share this story. I have the story laid out up to the end in my mind for about 4 years now. I never had a drawing tablet and school was hectic way back. It seems that now, i will be able to share this story to the world. I'm so excited.

Please tell me when your manga is released. I'd love to read them.

Happy valentines day <3 Have a great day ahead.

Snowing | 02-13-12, 4:12 AM
I know!!! @,@ We are connected and somehow like magnets because living a halfie life is different that those that aren' rare :'D !!
WOW your dad is french! so cool~

Hai, Bunni-chan! Lets trade brains!! I want to go to canada!!!
At least you have snow!!! All we have is island...

Snowing | 02-11-12, 5:41 PM
Konichiwaaaa~ I'm Lily, but people call me Yuki.
By any chance are you a half?
I'm half japanese and half australian x3
Pleased to meet you~

Oogushi | 02-07-12, 4:31 PM
Thanks for the welcome!

Also, you're the first comment, just joined forums.

And Soul Eater is...okay, I'm not a big fan of the characters, especially Maka, the main character, but I like the plot.

cafekun | 02-05-12, 2:08 PM
Hello bunni-san, -creeps back- How are you?

I download my stuff from

D-Somethin | 02-05-12, 11:13 AM
thank you ! lool

_dEleteD_ | 02-05-12, 8:16 AM
Heeeeeeeeeello :3 Yes I missed you °_° I guess i'm doing fine here failed some tests and stuff but not much happend... What did you do? 8)

Fui | 01-28-12, 1:33 PM
Hi! Responded via PM.

NikoNikoNeko | 01-25-12, 8:11 AM
Thanks :D
Btw, I saw your DeviantArt work. You're pretty talented :D I'm jealous T_T

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