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04-06-15, 1:09 AM
April 18, 2007
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look at my join date and bow down 2 me

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ritesofspring | 03-09-14, 8:23 AM
it kind of drags on the first half, but once the koyuki joins the band and the bullying shit stops it gets good.

ritesofspring | 02-20-14, 12:59 AM
wtf no, beck is good. the second half of beck was good, the first half was mediocre.

simo000 | 09-14-13, 7:00 AM
to be fair, my comments to him were just as long. it's just how we niggas roll. take heed bretheren

simo000 | 08-20-13, 5:53 AM
sounds good to me bro AZ.
book of the new sun that is. i'll purchase the first book and prioritize it and then lay down my wonderful opinion on your beautifully sparse MAL profile.
i'm reading a book about the life of copernicus at the moment - it's non-fiction-ish - and it's pretty interesting. the guy is a beast. shame he's so UGLY like every single human being 6 centuries ago.

simo000 | 08-18-13, 1:30 AM
yo i've only seen the first season and i like it quite a bit. i think it has some problems, but it is mostly a continuous orgasm for a fantasy nerd such as myself. the sets, the costumes, the cinematography are all amazing. it can be hammy at times but overall very enjoyable i thought. i'll get round to seasons 2 & 3 one day.
I think the books are amazing - i've read only the first 3 (includes parts 1+2 of book 3). I don't read much though so i can't really argue book quality. SORRY THIS WASNT VERRY HELPFUL I KNOW.

simo000 | 06-01-13, 5:35 AM
true it is chstimas. i just dont acknowledge it because i want to be a part of the rest of the world. i would like a white christmas once in my romantic omg

simo000 | 05-31-13, 1:13 AM
thankyou boyfriend. im glad i know you.
and im not on holidays but thankyou for the good wishes.


simo000 | 05-30-12, 9:08 PM
LMFAO the censoring on 'urethra'
anyway im not scared i am australian and the wildlife of this land was tamed by our descendants the aboriginies

simo000 | 05-29-12, 7:15 PM
well i may have seen a weta but can't recall it. they are more of a new zealand thing anyway according to wiki

simo000 | 05-27-12, 6:58 PM

simo000 | 05-22-12, 4:57 AM
i never would have guessed. you always surprise me my friend. im kind of disappointed though =/

simo000 | 05-20-12, 4:50 AM
very tasteful i like your creativity

simo000 | 02-12-12, 4:31 PM
you caught me!

simo000 | 02-12-12, 4:06 AM
firefly is hilarious and fun it's such a shame you're too thick to see it. ah but well you can't have it all i guess!! with love,

user20793843 | 02-07-12, 10:52 PM
do you think you can hide from me

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