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Oct 30, 2012
Velvet Kiss (Manga) add
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Let me start by telling you that this manga obviously is catering to the male demographic, and it'd be very easy to write it off as some h-manga with a story, and if you tend to judge a story off of it's most basic content without looking further, than you probably will, but if you can gather your maturity and analyze the story as more than "OMG SEX!!!!", then you'll actually find this a really great story. I was hesistant to read it at first, I asked myself "is this just another h-manga" as soon as I saw the cover. Then I saw that it read more
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Sep 30, 2012
Chobits (Anime) add
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porno site, porno site, porno site, porno site, porno site, porno site, porno site, porno site. Had to get that off my chest, seriously what was up with the first 2 episodes, can someone give me a count on the number of times they said porn.

now to get down to the review. i believe many people would like to start off with something that seems insightful by bringing up the shows obvious theme of is it possible to love a machine. to be straightforward i say no, first off we're not going to be comming up with persocoms for a while now, the best A.I read more
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Sep 2, 2012
Myself ; Yourself (Anime) add
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Just to let you know this isn't my first review ;D
I was looking for a great anime to end my summer with and was having no luck, in fear that I would finish it with an anime that bored me I started skipping them, I was having no luck at all and then I ran across this lovely story that I had put off on a long plan to watch list.

Everything in this anime was done right, at first it starts out as a simple story of a boy retuning home to find that things have changed, we can see there will be drama in read more
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Jun 23, 2012
School Days (Anime) add
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whats up anime lovers,
today i'm reviewing this awesome love story known as school days

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this next paragraph is basically a spoiler but many parts are vague and nothing too good is spoiled so please read on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets see what's really going on here, we start with your typical loser main character, you know a normal guy we can all relate to, staring at his love at first sight girl from afar. So far this has been your typical romance but woahoho whats this, a nosy girl gets involved and manages to hook these 2 love birds up, and by read more
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Apr 6, 2012
Omamori Himari (Anime) add
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Omamori himari is nothing groundbreaking, I gave it a 7 because I found it to be the most average you could get an anime and 7 is my idea of average. In engineering class we had to come up with a chart for a program that would design a movie based off of a few inputs from the viewer and this made me feel like the people who write anime nowadays have one. It seems like so many of the animes coming out today aim for average, as if there was some sort of algorithm out there where one could simply put in a few read more
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Feb 4, 2012
Girl Friends (Manga) add
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This was the first manga I've ever read, therefor this is my first time reviewing a manga. With nothing else to compare it to (besides anime) i can say that this manga was amazing. Anyone with the maturity level to read a yuri love story and take it seriously should really consider reading this no matter what your gender or sexuality. Being one who only has experience with anime I can tell you if you this manga was better than anything i've watched, the story seemed so real, the characters were great, and the end was satisfying. Now to break this manga down to find read more
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Jan 7, 2012
Amagami SS (Anime) add
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Amagami ss in my opinion is a mess unless you really like short stories. I decided to give this anime a try without knowing it was really just full of 4 episode short stories so i was in for a big shock on episode 5 when they totally switch the main heroine. I felt cheated that I spent 2 hours really liking 1 character and then thats it and they have 5 other stories with him falling for another girl. I'd suggest just watch the first 4 episodes then stop and that'll be enough, or watch the first episode and if you don't like the read more
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characters: I think I'll start my review with the best part of this series, the characters. All of the characters in MS were amazing, they all had their own personalities and you learn a lot about each of them throughout the series. One thing I really liked was how they portrayed the main character shingo, instead of being some idiot with a short temper or a pervert they made him a helpful and very kind person who was genuinely concerned about others. All the other characters had depth to them and were very unique in my opinion, even if their personalities were built off of read more
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Dec 11, 2011
Kiss x Sis (TV) (Anime) add
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Story: KxS has two parts, it's about twin sisters who are in love with there slightly younger stepbrother, and the stepbrother trying to get into the same highschool as them. While this sounds like a pretty simple story I have to give the writters credit for not making this either a true incest ecchi or an ecchi where the guy is just thrown in with a buch as girls who all love him (although there are others who slightly do). The story was fairly original although there were the typical filler episodes, a little heavy on the fan sevice in some but not too ridiculous.

I read more
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Nov 27, 2011
Angel Beats! (Anime) add
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Angel Beats was an anime that I and pretty much anyone else would enjoy watching. The story is about people who have died but had regrets in there prior life so they are unable to move on to their next life. Our main character yuzuru otonashi wakes up with no memories in a strange world, he is then told by a girl named yuri that he is dead. She then asks him to join the afterlife battlefront (their enemy is student council president, a girl given the name angel), he eventually joins. I don't want to spoil the rest so you'll have to watch it read more
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