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So about me... I spend a lot of my free time watching anime. You've probably noticed that I've finished a lot more anime than most. This is mostly due to me having a pretty crappy attention span and not liking to start really long anime, unless I know it's going to be really good. Also I'm a completionist, so I usually choose short things to watch so I can finish it and then move on to the next thing. It's quite frustrating when your watching a long show and you find another show you really want to watch. However theres still a lot more episodes of the show your currently watching and yeah... I just feel a compulsion to finish what I start unless it's truly terrible and doesn't at all match my tastes. So a lot of the anime on my list are movies, OVA's music videos shorts etc. So what I'm saying is don't be too impressed, as the number of full length series I've actually completed is actually a fairly average amount.

I'm a pretty lenient rater, enjoyment and atmosphere are probably the most important things for me in an anime. I'm usually fairly open when it comes to anime, I'll try most things as long as I think it might be good, but I'll avoid a few certain genres. I tend to prefer darker anime and stuff that actually makes me think. I still also enjoy light-hearted and over-the top stuff sometimes though, I guess it really depends on my mood. Also fair warning my anime list has some hentai on it, I was thinking maybe I should maybe make another profile for that, but I'm lazy and honestly I imagine most people on this site are too old to get offended.

So my favorites... I feel like choosing just 5 or 10 favourite anime for all the genres of anime out there is kinda unfair, so I'm going to go ahead and make a few lists for a few different genres (so pretty much extended favorites). Some anime will bleed into other genres so I'm going to try to have unique ones for each list.

My favourite Fantasy anime

My favourite Sci-fi anime

My favourite Mecha anime

My favourite Action/Seinen anime

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Dakada303 | 03-19-15, 8:44 PM
BTW, speaking of Western Cartoons, i stumbled across this on YouTube a few days ago, it was a music video for Dexter's Lab called ''Back to the Lab", I remember watching this on my PPG movie dvd.

What do you think?, remember watching this

lovelydeath | 03-19-15, 9:31 AM
Death Parade 10-

lovelydeath | 03-18-15, 10:13 PM
HEY! omg! So, Parasyte eps. 23-

Dakada303 | 03-13-15, 8:09 PM
Yes, Batman TAS, it was pretty good, i wasn't too bothered with the new designs in season 4, Scarecrow actually looks pretty scary but Joker looks like a character from the Animaniacs, Poison Ivy looks brighter and stuff. Batman Beyond looks fantastic, I have started watching it, but what i hate about it is Dana, aside from it all, i like the cyberpunk look to it. Have you seen the movie, Return of the Joker?. It sucks that Mark Hamil wont do joker anymore since Arkham City, i liked him playing the joker, but he said that if DC and Warner Bros make a DTV animation adaptation of the Batman Graphic novel, The Killing Joke. Hopefully it might happen.

I'll try to catch up to Death Parade this March Break, i am kind of interested in learning more about Nona and the black-haired woman's origins and her real name, dont tell me.., what are you doing at March Break anyways?.

What do you mean you are not sure if i should watch the dub to understand it? What's the difference between the sub and the Dub?. Durarara's concept does sound interesting.

Yeah, pretty much every animated film that wins the animated film award Oscar, is either done by Disney or Pixar, the oscars is a joke, they only care about popularity and numbers and money, and the people who voted dont have a clue about animation whatsoever. What's wrong with Big Hero 6, not that i haven't seen it or anything.

Thank you, i am glad you enjoyed it, :), its basically if Stephen King did cartoons instead of books, it is quite similar to Over the Garden Wall, and Beatrice and the maid share the same personality, The creator of the short said that if i gets enough viewers and popularity then they will do more episodes so spread the word!. There are some other great failed cartoon pilot that i would like to show you sometime.

I am sure you will do fine in the panels :).

Yeah, well at least Winter is ending, I think its smart that they didnt cancel classes because those classes are mandatory. Good, you should keep up the good work. I would love to go to Ryerson, a boy can dream, can he?.

Dakada303 | 03-06-15, 8:09 PM
I just read the news today, Durarara X2 is getting an english dub, March 10th!. Suprising, isnt it? Aniplex is doing broadcast dubs of airing anime like what FUNimation is doing.
BTW, check this out,

This was a pilot for a series on Cartoon Hangover on YouTube, like The Modifyers, it didnt happen. It was created by Jiwook Kim, who is the wife of Patrick McHale, the Creator of Over the Garden Wall, what do you think?, cool, huh?.

lovelydeath | 03-04-15, 10:59 AM
Death Parade episode 8

Dragonflyk | 03-04-15, 5:32 AM
I think I know what you mean about the elderly in Japan.
A year ago there was a Q&A, at a convention I attended, regarding a certain Japanese robot company (can't recall the name). They provided robots to care & comfort the people at nursery homes. I was kinda shocked, being a social worker myself, that they needed robots to replace human contact. Made me realize that Roujin Z could be too real some day...

I read the article regarding Dreaming Machine, but I'm still positive they will end the project some day.
Last time I checked their website, it was back up & running:

In the mean time I watched Millennium Actress some days ago (it was about time).
The interview/documentary style combined with all those timelapses were quite interesting and the music was absolutely fabulous (offcourse).
I think she knew it al along that she would never find her love, but she tried to experience it over and over again through her acting.

Oh, and speaking of Ghibli's golden age: The Wind Rises was truly magnificent.
Although I heard some people say, they expected the magic of 'Spirited Away' and were rather disappointed being such a 'boring' movie.
Those Caproni dream scenes were kinda Porco Rosso all over again and let that be another masterclass movie.
I'm not into the aviation theme all that much, but it tickled my interest in Japan's warmachines and I almost immediately saw Cockpit afterwards. I would recommend that one!
If you know some other anime about WWII pilots, let me know.

UnoPuntoCinco | 03-01-15, 2:59 PM
Nice, you sure have read a lot of mango

lovelydeath | 02-26-15, 10:28 PM
Those were some great eps!

Dakada303 | 02-26-15, 6:36 PM
Ah, that's good you decided to spend the day with your friends instead of being with a girlfriend, Kingsman, huh? I heard Mark Hamill, the guy who voiced the Joker from Batman TAS is in it. Sounds like an interesting movie.

Yes, I do agree it is nice to spend time with friends.

Yeah, this weekend, I look forward to continuing Death Parade, i like the idea of the series being light hearted later, it would be boring if it were still dark, i do like Nona too, its a shame that Takeshi will never find happiness because of mistrust, this is why i have trust issues sometimes. I guess characters like Decim really need a break too. He can't be spending every episode making drinks and stuff.

Yeah, I heard Durarara is very popular in Japan, so it make sense why there are three parts now. I dont know if Aniplex is going to continue the dub because it didnt do too well when it aired on Adult Swim and the DVDs didnt sell too well either, most times i prefer dubs over subs because then, i can relate to the characters more, because i dont speak Japanese.

Yes, Kinda like in Wayne's World were these tv producers are buying their show because it is so popular and making so many changes to it, not to mention selling out. Anime is already mainstream in Japan anyways, its a culture in Japan but not in NA, its more of a hobby thing. That's another thing that bugs me about animation in North America, there is not enough variety or diversity in Western Animation, one time at the Oscars, Dwayne Johnson called Animation a Genre when Brad Bird got angry and told him that it is a medium, I hate how it is only seen as for kids or crude "adult" humor too. Even if it were mainstream in us, it wouldn't matter. I wouldn't be suprised if they got rid of the weirdness because that's what I like about anime most of the time.i dont think most us people would understand anime and its culture anyways, Most americans dont like weirdness on cartoons, there are even stoner cartoons like Adventure Time, Regular Show and ATHF.

Oh, interesting, i look forward to going to most of your panels, hopefully i might come to AN if i can.

I hate Draco's dad too, for mistreating Dobby and the house elfs as well. Ryerson University? Sounds like a great university :), whats it like?. I guess it is not that far , huh?

How is the weather where you are now? Right here, it is freezing last week my school got cancelledl because it was more than -18 C outside. Brrrrr, :P.

lovelydeath | 02-24-15, 9:08 AM
Hi friend! Big Hugs! Sorry I haven't written. I seriously have so much catching up to do on anime. The only thing I have consistently been watching is parasyte. Im watching episode 19 right now. So, I'll write you later or tomorrow when I watch everything else. I did watch the last episode of Death Parade that one always keeps me was weird but hilarious! I really do love that anime.

Tachii | 02-16-15, 7:49 AM
yo added

Toothless_Snake | 02-15-15, 5:40 AM
Thanks dude :)

Dakada303 | 02-14-15, 11:13 AM
BTW, Happy Valentine's Day, Battosai!.

What are you doing on Valentine's Day?, me, i am just relaxing and enjoying my day. :).

Dakada303 | 02-13-15, 7:46 PM
Well, the second episode wasn't that bad, sure it could have been Better at introducing the new girl, but it made it like we were the audience learning like she is, i mean obviously, she woke up and has no idea where she is an where she came from. Still, i look forward to more Death Parade soon, Which female character do you like better? Nona or the black-hated-woman (Onna)?.

Yes, I heard that Durarara does get boring awhile, there has been some criticism about how the first season decided to focus on the 3 main characters more than Celty, Izaya and Shizuo. Having an anime with a large bunch of characters is confusing to me, and hurts my brain a little, I am suprised that there is going to be three seasons broken up, One in Winter, Summer and the the next Winter.

Thanks, Battosai. :). I heard that in the future, some teachers will start running it sometime so who knows?. I am still suprised that Anime is becoming more accepting and popular now worldwide :). But i feel that Anime still shouldn't be mainstream and be the way it is, like i said but more accepting too. Video Games have gotten too mainstream, what with the Call of Dury and non-stop EA Sports games, i dont care for those two. I feel that Video Game should have been less mainstream than it is now. I bet there are people in Toronto with a broader taste in anime, huh? I also dont care much for Comic Book superheroes to be honest, i am more into Scott Pilgrim and Bone. I might go to AN this year, what panels are you running?

Yes, most of the people in Slytherin are bad people, Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy, most of them are future Death Eater too. I dont get why girls like Draco, he is a cowardly racist bully who hates elfs, muggles and people like the Weasleys. I hated Aunt Marge too for saying lied about Harry's Parents, im glad she got what she deserved :), Who would you say is a bigger jerk, Draco or his dad?.

Yes, Knowledge is great for learning. What University are you going to?.

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