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Perfect Blue
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders
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Kozure Ookami
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Kamigami no Itadaki
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Eden: It's an Endless World!
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Itou, Kaiji
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Kon, Satoshi
Kon, Satoshi
Oshii, Mamoru
Oshii, Mamoru
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Dezaki, Osamu
Taniguchi, Jiro
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Yuasa, Masaaki
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So about me... I spend a lot of my free time watching anime. You probably noticed that I've finished a lot more anime than most. This is mostly due to me having a pretty crappy attention span and not liking to start really long anime, unless I know it's going to be really good. Also I'm a completionist, so I usually choose short things to watch so I can finish it and then move on to the next thing. It can be frustrating when your watching a long show and you find another show you really want to watch, but there's still a lot more episodes of the show your currently watching and yeah... I just feel a compulsion to finish what I start unless it's truly terrible and doesn't at all match my tastes. So a lot of the anime on my list are movies, OVA's, music videos, shorts etc. So what I'm saying is don't be too impressed, as the number of full length series I've actually completed is a fairly average amount.

I'm a pretty lenient rater, enjoyment and atmosphere are probably the most important things for me in an anime. I'm usually fairly open when it comes to anime, I'll try most things as long as I think it might be good, but I'll avoid a few certain genres. I tend to prefer darker anime and stuff that actually makes me think. I still also enjoy light-hearted and over-the top stuff sometimes though, I guess it really depends on my mood. Also fair warning my anime list has some hentai on it, I was thinking maybe I should maybe make another profile for that, but I'm lazy and honestly I imagine most people on this site are too old to get offended.

As for favorites... I feel like choosing just 5 or 10 favourite anime for all the genres of anime out there is kinda unfair, so I'm going to go ahead and make a few lists for a few different genres (so pretty much extended favorites). Some anime will bleed into other genres so I'm going to try to have unique ones for each list. Check out my blog entries or leave me a comment if you're interested in my tastes on other stuff.

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Artist Appreciation: Tatsuyuki Tanaka
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Tanikaze | Oct 6, 10:25 PM
I've re-read Abara last night and i fell in love with it actually I feel like i've read it back then in order to become a nihei fan quicker :D but i missed lots of things i see and understand right now yet Im really happy that i enjoyed from abara this time.

lovelydeath | Oct 4, 12:37 PM
Just checked out Comet Lucifer, is that like Eureka? Who knows it's mecha and i guess we will see what it holds more in the future!

I also watched Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. I don't want to judge a book by it's cover, but it looks like your typical run of the mill anime.

lovelydeath | Oct 3, 5:36 AM
Nice thanks for the rec. I just watched Kagewani, super weird. Loved it, and it's a short but it's super weird. Looks interesting

Just watched the first episode of the second season of Noragami. Just finished the show koi kaze.

I just watched black jack

Rat | Sep 30, 3:49 AM
I think combining mgtow and pua is the best option. It works like "Do what you love and work on yourself but do it while having fun and women at he same time" or something. No need to take only one of the two extremes and live for / block out women.

I actually prefer to be validated by professionals. If for example an Olympic swimmer says I'm good it feels better than a 10/10 girl who can't swim saying it.
But It's just me.

Maybe WW3 will be a breaking point though. It will either be called the "First ending" or "the best thing to ever happen". Much more global and powerful than both world wars combined.

Rat | Sep 28, 3:08 PM
Older? You have all your life in front of you. You're never old until you're dead.
And no, rejection always feels a little "meh". But the secret is - you hit on girls you don't "Love". So the rejection doesn't hurt. And since they're not your friends or acquaintances you lose nothing but a little tiny bit of pride.
But that's healthy. And Pride is replenished when you do get when you came for.
Looks don't really matter unless you're really a Quazimodo. An average looking guy can do just fine.

I do believe it can be achieved. It will take time. There will be revolutions both violent and political. There will be conflict - humans can't go without it.
But it's inevitable.
Unless WW3 kills 90% and sends the remaining 10% back to living in caves.

Ariksu | Sep 28, 7:35 AM
Heh I used to really care about fitness then college happened. A recent method for not getting depressed I found out is to have a schedule that keeps you REALLLLLY busy. Its been working pretty well so far this semester at least haha.

Hmm I'll have to check out Hosoda's movie then. He is pretty consistent with releasing enjoyable movies.

Yea the manga of Sidonia never really got me all hyped to begin with. I mean overall I'm happy that he is still making stuff but Sidonia gives me mixed feelings. I wish Dorohedoro was more consistent with its translations :( I REALLY enjoyed that manga.

Black Jack anime huh... The more I talk about thinking about or make plans to watch something, the further I get left behind heh.

I enjoyed Lone Wolf and Cub but also had mixed feelings about it. It isn't hard to understand in terms of dialogue/theme but like the overall tone/atmosphere in some of the arcs/chapters really felt underwhelming to me (which seems to be a big thing about the manga). I am just going to go under the assumption that I don't really understand what was going on to fully appreciate it. But, that is nothing new. It is just when something gets praise from others its easy to be a cynic/critic haha.

Watched the finale of Mr. Robot over the weekend... I am irritated to say the least. But first, I agree with the Fight Club reference. Like immensely. Got into a discussion with a friend about it and we went through some side by side comparisons and like they are EXTREMELY similar. Back to my irritation, I understand its meant to segway to season 2 by being all open ended and what not but the way it was done was just so damn annoying. Granted I could not think of a better outcome cause well, I never thought up of the story in the first place so I am just gona have to bottle up this frustration till I see what they do at the beginning of season 2. It gets hella preachy though, BUT you see it coming into the very first episode so complaining is just pointless even if I want to haha. (being very vague cause not sure how detailed/drawn out you want the Mr. Robot portion of the conversation to be)

Dark Mirrors is amazing. Recently watched it myself and was fucking blown away. God bless Netflix. Speaking of netflix though, have you seen Peaky Blinders or Narcos? Shit is dope. It takes place post WWI and has Cillian Murphy play as a gangster hnnngh. God damn his blue eyes. Only started Narcos but it is pretty freaking awesome. Its narrated by a DEA agent who is following Pablo Escobar and how he came to prominence. Really fucking interesting if you like the whole underworld gangster/cartel stuff. Same goes with Peaky Blinders but to a little less of an extent.
I'd also suggest Diary of a Young Doctor. it's a BBC show and has both John Ham and Daniel Radcliffe. Dark comedy set in Russia in the early 1900s and narrated by doctor who tells his story in his younger years.

I've been on a semi movie binge as well. Got a huge ass list that a roommate and I have been slowly burning through. Oh man Ex Machina though, could talk about that movie for days (again similar to Mr. Robot)... The most memorable movie I've watched recently is probably There will be Blood (rewatched) and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Fuckin Gary Oldman and Daniel Day-Lewis man... They could act in a movie about taking a shit and laying on a couch all day and still make it watchable...

edit: Out of curiosity what is your major? Don't think i've ever asked that. Don't answer if you don't want to ofc.

Rat | Sep 28, 4:17 AM
Brutal honesty is Spooky. I don't have the patience for that.

I have a couple of friends that have like four fuck buddies each. And all the girls seemed to know who they are and didn't mind. They had fun with each other and no bad feeling were present afterwards...
That got me asking. They explained to me how and what they're doing and help me improve my flirting skills and kinky humor. Soon enough I started trying it out and it actually worked. Not all the time and not that easily but the results were satisfying.
But there was this one time that I fell in love with a girl I hooked up with because she was my high school crush. After a one night stand we met up and talked. Apparently she did not want to be with me because of what I was doing. She said it was fun but that's where it ends.
And there were some minor but unpleasant situations with a girl that had a boyfriend and said she didn't - he was a good guy I knew for a long time.
Eventually I had enough and stopped the practice.

Well the transhumanism is an idea I really put emphasis on in my book. I also met a group of people who work in a small company here in Israel where they develop microchips and augmentations. I started med school not because I want to be a doctor and cure people but because I want to work on surpassing human limits. So there won't be a need for doctors.

lovelydeath | Sep 27, 11:07 AM

lovelydeath | Sep 27, 9:05 AM
Prison School Final!!

lovelydeath | Sep 24, 6:53 AM
Today is my first day back in school! I missed it and I miss my friends from class. The sun is rising and the sunset looks amazing! It's so beautiful. IT was a fleeting moment however. It was pink, purple. It was so beautiful.

Ore Monogatari Finale!!-

lovelydeath | Sep 22, 4:46 AM
Glad to hear you got new glasses! Sorry your eyesight got worse. I am excited to see the last episode of Ore Monogatari and that movie sounds really cool. I haven't really watched many movies, so sadly I can say that I haven't seen those and know that I need to put them on my radar and watch list.

OMG! Worst episode EVER!

Rokka 12-

aikaflip | Sep 21, 6:10 PM
No worries. No rush.

I couldn't read the first part of your reply because I haven't seen The Dance of Reality yet, but I will read it as soon as I see it. Did you buy it, rent it, or find it online somewhere?

Isn't it great how Scorcese's movies are just as energetic and aggressive as they were 40 years ago? The Wolf on Wall Street isn't the kind of movie you'd expect a 70 year old to make, haha. If you haven't noticed, I'm fascinated by longevity.

I'll add The Network to my watch sooner than later list.

lovelydeath | Sep 21, 7:38 AM
Gangsta 11-

lovelydeath | Sep 19, 7:32 AM
Hey hope classes are going well! My classes start on September 24th. I saw a few pictures for the new ones coming out this season and they look good. I'm excited to see which ones I'm going to like (cause as you know I always just watch them :) Looks like kekkai sensen is coming back. Thank goodness.

Prison school episode 11

Tanikaze | Sep 18, 3:37 AM
Thanks :D

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