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Ah! My Goddess
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Grappler Baki
Tenchi series
Initial D series
I, My, Me Strawberry Eggs
Macross Plus
Battle Angel Alita
Street Fighter II
Armitage III
Jyu Oh Sei

This is how I do my rating system from now on. It is all based on a per episode rating. Each episode gets an individual overall score of 1-10. I will then average it out and that is what I will give the series for a score. Rounding up starts at .75 with the exception being any anime that gets an average of 9.5 or above will get a 10. I did this because it will make it a lot more likely for an anime with 24+ episodes to get the almighty 10. All anime's I have watched (2008 - Present) have been receiving an episode by episode rating. All others only have an overall score. Even things I have rewatched I will not score on an episode by episode basis
because I am familiar with what happens, thus affecting the score. There are a couple exceptions I feel I need to mention though. Golden Boy, as well as Berserk, I went back, using memory alone to rate episodes on how I felt about them when I first watched them. I only did this out of curiosity but I felt the scores came out fair enough. Also, I have no problems picking and choosing episodes I want to watch, thus skipping over episodes that were highly recommended to be passed over. I am not going to sit through some piece of crap just so my rating system has no flaws. It has them, I am well aware of the fact, and PopRocks is more than willing to point them out continuously as well.

10. Perfect.
- Perfect I hold loosely. Nothing is Perfect. But to never have anything achieve a 10 would be meaningless. Princess Mononoke is the best anime I have ever seen. So this movie is the point at which I will hold anything else that receives a 10. Everything that has achieved a 10 I will add to this quick reference list to show the "True" score it received. Princess Mononoke: 10, Berserk: 9.68, Golden Boy: 9.66, Gungrave: 9.61.

9. Outstanding.
- Anime's that receive a 9 are most likely many people's 10. They are a wonderful series that I have watched and loved the journey they sent me on. If you have even the slightest similarity in the anime's I enjoy, these you need to check out if you have not already.

8. Great.
- A great serious that has stood out from the rest. I will always remember some detail about these anime's because of how they have stood out. I can easily recommend them to people of similar taste to myself, and maybe a few others.

7. Good.
- I thoroughly enjoyed the ride of watching whatever receives a respectable 7. These anime's were a fun ride, might have had some pumps in the road, but overall I still thoroughly enjoyed them. Would recommend these to anyone with like minded taste.

6. Respectable.
- It had just enough to stand out among the rest. I am not fully dedicated to anything that receives a 6, but might find myself watching it regardless. I enjoyed parts, but also found myself bored at times with it. "Respectable" anime's are harder for me to recommend to other's, and would only recommend them to certain people I feel would enjoy them.

5. Average.
- This is completely middle of the road. I found nothing to separate it from the pack. So I neither loath it nor liked it. It filled the time, and now its done. These I will rarely recommend to people but can understand why some may enjoy it, and also why some would hate it.

4. Bad.
- I am not a fan of average, so for anything to go below it is a scary place. I wish I had rolled back time just enough to nudge myself into realizing I should stop even before it began. I doubt I will ever recommend an anime that gets a Bad rating.

3. Terrible.
- Now were getting into the gouging of the eyes part. I hated almost every moment of whatever piece of garbage I saw. I would only wish those I truly hate to witness this.

2. Oh god why?
- Either 1 of two things happened to get a 2. I fell asleep less than 5 minutes in while drinking a rockstar, or I slit my wrists and had to be carried off to the hospital while all I could think about was the horror I just witnessed. No one should be have to go through these atrocities.

1. Speechless.
- I honestly cannot put into words how much I hate anything that gets a 1. Usually what will happen while I am witnessing anything of this magnitude is a fist shattering the screen of my monitor or TV because the power button was just not quick enough. If anyone ever gives this piece of garbage a 10, I really don't see myself ever associating myself with them again. So far only one has had the honor of this score, and not even the violence, blood, and bouncing breasts could save it from the terrible script or the annoying kid. Witchblade is the culmination of everything that is wrong with this planet and makes me want to burn all those involved in its creation to set an example.

Update (09/20/2011): I no longer watch enough (let alone hardly any) anime to really use this system. I feel like I have watched so much I know exactly what I like and want to watch and do not waste my time with anything else. But I still believe 5 is "average". Hopefully I can limit what I watch to 8's, 9's, and 10's.

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strokehere | 02-03-12, 10:38 AM
Hi. i'm going to nerd out for a minute.

while being a stalker and former resident of arizona, i noticed that i have seen most of the anime that you plan to watch ... and since i am always in need on advice about what to watch or not to watch ... i feel compelled to let you know that you have some hidden gems in your list but then again i am not sure what you look for in an anime. so if you're in a rut i may possible be able to provide you with answers for many hours of entertainment at no cost. and now i sound like a prostitute. :D

Tayau | 10-24-11, 5:00 AM

I noticed you are my anti. We rate in almost the opposite directions, and I was wondering how you can be so uptight about it. I'm very curious about your standpoint on anime and how you judge them, because I simply rate them highly if I enjoy them, or if I can relate to some of the characters.


tehnominator | 10-24-11, 3:35 AM
Nah, I used to be pretty anal about my own rating system but then I started not really caring. I'd like to blame modern art for that.

tehnominator | 10-20-11, 11:59 AM
Hmm, I am not really sure what you're asking. I used to review whenever I felt compelled to say something about an anime or manga. It was a compulsion, mostly, to verse whatever thoughts I had floating about in my head or ideas that were just bursting out. Reviews turned out to be the container, the mode of expression for these feelings and thoughts.

TwistedChick | 04-08-11, 8:08 AM
You are a funny man. XD

ortega | 08-09-10, 10:48 PM
photobucket lol ;p

Magicks | 07-29-09, 10:54 PM
Ditch the Princess and Check out the real Mononoke, Some awesome stuff right there

sour_lemon_1k | 06-18-09, 5:24 PM
ahahhah i love the way you write. keep it up dude.

Kozooo | 06-09-09, 12:25 PM
Why do people give Mononoke a 10? I haven't tried it.. yet becuz of the art :o.. Is it That good or bad?

Magicks | 04-01-09, 4:23 PM
Gurren Lagann, great choice!

Magicks | 12-23-08, 9:20 PM
w00t w00t for Casshern

shadowbreaker | 11-19-08, 1:28 PM
D-roy is the Best hahahaa

Magicks | 10-26-08, 9:48 AM
I enjoyed One Outs. I'm a fan of baseball, but the show is more focused on gambling on baseball rather that celebrating the sport itself. It's a bit early for me to tell tho, because I've only the first episode. It might be worth checking out for you, but I'm not sure you'll like it all that much if you don't like baseball or gambling on that sport.

kie_ | 10-04-08, 6:35 AM
yeah ^_^

Magicks | 09-19-08, 1:10 PM
It's nice to see that someone else that holds the show responsible for the later part. I think people excuse it too much. Still a great series tho. :)

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