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12-13-13, 10:44 PM
May 28,
Manila, Philippines
April 24, 2011
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Time (Days) 37.9
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Time (Days) 18.3
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Riza here! I enjoy reading books, watching movies, drawing, shopping, taking pictures, collecting cute and unique things, playing a few video games, and being boyish.

Every click gives the value of 6 bowls of food for rescued animals!

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mina-mina10 | 11-14-13, 10:14 AM
Oh? thats good :3

XD okie

Anything interesting happen lately? :3

mina-mina10 | 10-04-13, 7:00 AM
Im good :3 hbu?

okie ^^ Added! Im glad ur back :P wat happened to ur old account?

mina-mina10 | 09-07-13, 11:59 AM

mina-mina10 | 05-31-13, 8:46 AM
Oh well we're moving and my mom doesnt help so Ive had to do everything >.<

Yeah its good ur ok tho. XD who have u been cosplaying as and wats ur collection? :P Don't tell me I started it with the hair pins >< XD

Oh! about that volcano eruptions I think it was in ur country >.< Did u see all the smoke and stuff from it?

mina-mina10 | 05-29-13, 11:20 AM
Howdy! Im good, uber tired tho XP How about u?

mina-mina10 | 03-21-13, 9:54 AM
Nice! sry for the late reply btw >.<

I see, oh well :P

Yup I'm starting to kno how u feel

I had an ok time. Its been kind depressing around my house lately but it's gotten better.
How's life been btw?

infactuation21 | 03-16-13, 10:53 AM

Join us!! if you already are a member.. drop in and check us out!

OtakuMadness | 01-12-13, 12:11 PM
Yay! Thank you and welcome!!! XD <3

OtakuMadness | 01-01-13, 11:59 AM
Please join us~!!!! <3 New and active Sakuraga Mei FC~!!!! :D

mina-mina10 | 12-31-12, 10:45 AM
We didnt dieeeeeeee :3 I havent been on in ages DX I'm ok. Got tons of crap for x-mas :P you arent on Skype much. School still eating u alive? How are u?

mina-mina10 | 09-15-12, 4:12 PM
I was gunna watch that actually but I heard it doesnt have a lot of Sokka or Toph so I'm hesitant :/

Chibitan | 09-08-12, 4:49 PM

hisaki13 | 07-21-12, 12:23 PM

mina-mina10 | 07-14-12, 5:09 PM
O.o Waaaa!! I didnt reply!??! Screw you MAL!! screw you with sumthing hard and sand papery!! >.< I'm sorry, I swear I replied.

I see... Were they from there? Or....? Yeah I'm an only child too :P My grandpa always told me jokes and stories and riddles I memorized most of them XD He retold me a lot of them.

XD lol Subliminal Messaging!!

Yup yup ;)

Thanx ^^ Btw! Your new profile pic makes me rofl XD Did you draw it or is it from an anime?

dominant | 07-01-12, 11:50 AM

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