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01-27-12, 1:04 AM
August 30, 1990
in bed.... no idea where my bed is.......
August 18, 2009
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About aurion
For those of you who don't already know, I have a weak immune system and really accident prone.

Im a pretty easy going guy, im in college, and I love reading manga and watching anime. Im also a pacifist, Im not the type of person to fight, but look for a peaceful solution. I am just as strange as the next guy, thus I could be legally insane for all I know. I am detatched from this world.

I wont give out a picture or my phone #. There are no exceptions. I go on the internet to escape my world not drag the internet into it or my world into the internet. Mal only relationships. I also do not have an email or an im. dont ask. I can only hope you respect my wishes.

Sorry Ive been out lately. Just some things I have to take care of which will take a little while longer.

Hello all, I understand some of you have been worried and others left hanging. But this is the last time you may hear from me here... I have been in trouble and I feel that its time for me to move on from here, this site. I release any and all debts any hold... including you kagome. I can be found on Second Life as PrinceAurion. Im not dead but im moving on to bigger things. *waves* its been a blast and sometimes literally. Seeya sometime maybe. I keep my profile up as a memorial to the memories here, none of which were bad.

Mal family:

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11-29-10, 8:35 AM Edited 12-10-10, 12:15 PM
Explanation for absence
09-19-09, 2:34 PM
things here are... strange.
08-20-09, 12:26 AM

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Kannei | 08-29-13, 5:21 AM

kisa28 | 02-14-13, 4:01 PM

linette | 11-02-12, 1:32 PM

Hello members!
Just a little remainder that we still exist!
And to celebrate our 150+ members, we have create member cards!
So go and check them out!

kisa28 | 10-31-12, 11:10 AM

unohana | 09-04-12, 11:58 PM
Happy belated birthday, fucktard.

YuiHokuri | 06-10-12, 4:56 PM
Hi everyone! This is the newsletter for Your Family RP. We have been dead to long and its time to revive. We can make this a great club. I’m planning on making this into a more organized club and a more fun club. Please join me in my mission to help a dear club of mine . If anyone has ideas that would help please message more or comment on my profile. Those who participate will get a special thank you letter from me and the club.

Ruseo | 01-30-12, 6:49 AM
Truth of the Shinobi misses you TT^TT please feel free to meassage me with anything i could add to make the club more entertaining for you

QueenOfInsanity | 01-27-12, 9:58 AM
I will miss you always Aurion..

IsolatedBliss | 01-18-12, 11:31 PM
hey, we havent talked in forever so i figured i would pop in and say hello! I hope that your new year is working well for you and that you are having a good time~

Have a splendid day ^^

kisa28 | 12-25-11, 3:39 PM

Kagomechan23 | 11-27-11, 2:34 PM
I miss so much....plz come bak soon...

Triake | 11-03-11, 1:12 PM
Yo.... Where you been o.o?

kisa28 | 10-31-11, 11:15 AM

Kagomechan23 | 09-27-11, 8:04 PM

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