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05-11-11, 5:57 AM
Toronto, Canada
March 3, 2011
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About arexri
I have always scratched the surface of the anime world, watching whatever comes up on TV. So I was familiar with most of the shounens and occasionally a good anime that happens to air on TV in dub. Recently though, I became more into anime, and I began to watch more animes online in subs and stuff. I won't mention my likes and dislikes here, but if you are curious about my taste in art, just look at my anime list.

As a person, I am easy-going and nonchalant as I stride on the road of my life. I like being with my friends as much as being on my own. I like being active as much as I like being lazy. Thus to describe myself, I would say that I am a well-balanced person, who is ok with many things.

There are many other things I adore outside of anime, which will make the paragraph seem run on if I mentioned all of them, therefore, I will leave a list of my pastimes following this description.

List and other stuff coming soon... To lazy to do so now.

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linnaes | 07-26-11, 3:17 PM
vv i agree

coolwolf | 06-02-11, 4:49 PM
neglected profile is neglected

linnaes | 04-09-11, 1:53 PM
Wasn't Shichika vs Emonzaemon one of the most badass things you've ever seen?

linnaes | 03-29-11, 7:18 PM
You should watch DtB OVA :)

coolwolf | 03-06-11, 2:57 PM
still unknown compatibility here
...hope anime stats will update soon

linnaes | 03-05-11, 6:22 PM
ROFL 91.1% match, despite a pretty big difference in average score o.0

linnaes | 03-05-11, 5:52 AM
Nah there definitely were 6 before, think it was Durarara.

arex you know you can click and drag on your faves to order them?

coolwolf | 03-04-11, 6:56 PM
comment for Inuyasha: QFT

coolwolf | 03-04-11, 6:54 PM
...that's five
good job counting mon
and holy sh*t long ass DB shows

linnaes | 03-03-11, 6:21 PM
lol sup.

Oh btw how'd you add 6 favs?

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