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August 24, 2006
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About Arctic
I'm a gamer! I play just about anything, but the video game genres I enjoy the most are: turn-based JRPG, fighting games, platformers, beat em' ups, and almost anything that's survival horror. I'm not really into FPS, but they are starting to slowly become a favorite as well.

Steam: ArcticNinja21
XBL: ArcticSnake316
Skype: ArcticNinja21
PSN: ArcticNinja21 - Because I get way too many random invites on PSN, tell me who you are if you add me on there.

Anime just isn't as good as it used to be...

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10-31-07, 3:46 PM

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Crowlage | 08-31-14, 7:50 PM

GL Addicts!
Club Page!

TiamatNM | 07-20-14, 4:58 PM
No prob. I play lots of RPGs and stuff but I'm not big into compile heart, I've only played mk2. Liked Vert the best but she shows up pretty late in that one :P Prob gonna give Fairy Fencer F a shot though.

TiamatNM | 06-23-14, 10:22 AM
Yo :) It's actually a screenshot I took from episode 8 of Bubblegum Crisis

Pxi2 | 05-09-14, 3:41 PM
Are you a girl?

rayneholde | 03-14-14, 10:52 PM
thanks ! both are my favorite characters ever, and YURI ROCKS :3

SalvatoreDoni | 01-28-14, 2:31 AM
Hello :-D
Would you like to join the Open Discussion Club?
If you don't want to, of course, that's fine, but if you'd like to join, we'll welcome you with open arms :-D

Gonzo-nyan | 01-25-14, 7:33 PM
Hey. It's Amy from Gargantia. Cutest girl in the face of the earth~ :3

Nice Vert pic. Love me some Vert~ :)

LuckyKrystal | 01-24-14, 8:12 PM
Thank you very much. :)

Vert is actually my favorite character too. So elegant yet so nerdy. Plutia is a close favorite.

HoukiShinonono | 01-20-14, 8:34 PM
Have you Heard of the game Disgaea D2 : Brighther Than


HoukiShinonono | 10-27-13, 5:49 PM
Im Already on Episode .9 of Disgaea 4 : A Promise Unforgotten

Im Still on the Process of Leveling up Character so Far I only

Have two characters above Level.100

HoukiShinonono | 10-15-13, 8:07 PM
In the game of Disgaea 4 : a promise unforgotten

I already unlocked Fuka ,Desco ,Emizel , and who would be

the next Character joining the party

HoukiShinonono | 10-12-13, 8:01 PM
Wil I Fight Fuka Before She joins the party in Disgaea 4

HoukiShinonono | 10-12-13, 7:42 PM
what stage in Disgaea 4 will Fuka Join the party

HoukiShinonono | 10-11-13, 5:23 PM
Hyperdimension Neptunia

Hyperdimemsion Neptunia Mk.2

Hyperdimesion Neptunia Victory

Disgae 3 : Absent of Justice

Disgaea 4 : A unforgotten promise

ShinoAsada | 10-08-13, 1:49 PM
Undertaker is alright. Just that he never wrestles anymore and is dragging out too long.
I don't watch WWE anymore either, but i keep up with what's happening. Really liking what Daniel Bryan has been doing and CM Punk does pretty decent promos.
John Cena is a great person in real life (from what i've heard) but his in-ring personality is a bore.

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