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Favorite Anime
Bleach add
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch add
Lucky☆Star add
Prince of Tennis
Prince of Tennis add
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist add

Favorite Manga
Ouran Koukou Host Club
Ouran Koukou Host Club add
Tennis no Ouji-sama
Tennis no Ouji-sama add
Bleach add
Dengeki Daisy
Dengeki Daisy add
Skip Beat!
Skip Beat! add

Favorite Characters
Elric, Edward
Itoshiki, Nozomu
Tezuka, Kunimitsu
Morinozuka, Takashi
Ukitake, Juushirou
Izumi, Konata
Sakagami, Tomoyo
Lamperouge, Lelouch
Okazaki, Tomoya
Urahara, Kisuke

Favorite People
Miyazaki, Hayao
Miyazaki, Hayao
Takaya, Natsuki
Takaya, Natsuki
Kubo, Tite
Kubo, Tite
Konomi, Takeshi
Konomi, Takeshi
Park, Romi
Park, Romi
Kishimoto, Masashi
Kishimoto, Masashi

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01-06-12, 11:23 PM
Southern California
January 1, 2009
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About animeluver1295
Call me Nami!!!! =D or Nami-chan or Nakamura-san or whatever you want...
I'm just a high schooler who likes anime ^_^''''
Let's first anime would have to be Pokemon...^.^''
I like the color blue!! =D it's the color of the sky and the ocean!!!! I like white, too because white is clouds!
I'm a creative girl with a big imagination. ^_^
the drawing of Haruka from Pokemon was a drawing I did last year ^_^'''
I've gotten muuuchhhh better...^_^''

I like to's a list of anime characters I've drawn:
Bleach- Orihime, Grimmjoww
Kingdom Hearts- Sora
Pokemon- May
Naruto- Itachi, Deidara, Kisame, Sakura, Hinata, Gaara, Neji, Tenten, Temari
Prince of Tennis- Echizen Ryoma
Plan to draw/requests: THE LIST GROWS O_o
Bleach: Ichigo, Chad, Uyru, Tatsuki, Rukia, Renji, Ulquiorra, Aizen, All Gotei 13 and their Luitenants(sp?), Keigo, All of the Visards, Urahara, Ururu, Tessai, Jinta, Isshin, Karin, and Yuzu
Kingdom Hearts- Kairi, Riku, Axel, Namine, Roxas
Final Fantasy- Cloud, Yuffi
Naruto- Naruto, Sasuke, Sasori, The rest of the Konoha 11 in Shippuden and Original(that's what I call them when they're 12), the fourth and fifth hokage, Konohamaru, Kankuro, Kakashi, Kurenai, Asuma, Gai, Tobi, Pein, Konan, Orochimaru
Fruits Basket- Tohru, the Zodiac including Akito, Saki, Arisa, Machi, Kakeru, Kimi, Naohito
Death Note- Light, Misa, L
One Piece- The Straw Hat Pirates, Coby, Red Hair Shanks, Vivi
Pokemon- Ash, Drew, Brock, Max, Dawn, Misty
Lucky Star- Konata, Miyuki, Tsukasa, Kagami, Yutaka
Prince of Tennis- The rest of the Seigaku starters, Hyoutei, Fudomine, Yamabuki, St. Rudolph, Rikkai Dai, Shitenhoji, Rokkaku, Kin-chan, Kuro-san, Sakuno, An, Kevin
Tegumi Bachi- Gauche, Lag, Niche
Hell Girl- Ai Enma
Pretty Cure- Nagisa, Honoka
Melancholy- Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon, Yuki, Itsuki
Ouran- All host club members, Renge, Kasanoda
Code Geass: Lelouch, C.C.
Air TV- Misuzu, Haruko, Yukito, Kanna, Kano, Tohno, Michiru
Full Metal Alchemist: Ed, Al, Winry, Nina, Roy, Riza, Maes, Envy, Greed, Wrath, Rose
That's all...I think
I'm drowning in these requests...-_- Oh, well, I have fun doing them, I guess ^.^''''
For Code Geass and FMA, I definetely have more, I just can't find my stupid request list...-.-
I'll take requests, but please check the list first ^_^ I probably have it, but if not, please request it if you wish. =D
Current Project: Club banner for HentajGejtan

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Snowkittenz | 06-10-10, 3:43 PM
Hey, how are you? :)
Are you excited about the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Africa? ^_^ I'm *really* excited! ^_^ I can't wait to watch some! :P You?
Sorry I haven't talked to you very much recently, I've been super busy with school!!! It's almost over though, so I'm gonna have a lot more time :)
Keep Smiling! ^_^

Snowkittenz | 04-28-10, 3:38 PM
Hello! ^_^
It's alright, ^_^ I'm also very busy. 5 hours!?!? Whoa, you are working very hard, then! Aw, tests are no fun.... just had to take a few right in a row...
Hopefully next week will be much better ^_^
I'm looking towards summer :)
I'm pretty good, but very busy!
Don't feel bad, I'm happy you found the time to reply to me :)
Keep Smiling! ^_^

Snowkittenz | 04-24-10, 6:43 PM
Hello, how have you been? ^_^
Keep Smiling! ^_^
Rin-chan :)

Snowkittenz | 03-13-10, 11:58 AM
Paulie had really cool goggles, man, the GOGGLES! XP
Yeah, since I have two houses, I was thinking that a laptop would be useful, not to mention that it would not be really old, like my old computer!
I gotta watch it sometime!
XP You play it on the computer? Basic computer games like those can really burn through time! Yay, violin! ^_^ I've been playing Roundeau and a Tango in my school quartet, it's very fun ^_^
School is school, lots of work, lots of studying and the such. But aside from that, I've been pretty good! My math class is having a party on Monday for Pi day! :P Yay, delicious food ^_^ looking forward to it.
Keep Smiling! ^_^
Rin-chan <3

Snowkittenz | 03-13-10, 11:17 AM
Yeah, that would've been cool :) And I think Paulie was cool! (But instead they get Franky, who's not bad, but...) both have + and -, eh?
^_^ college... whoa, so intimidating... well, look forward to it, and save some up to get a nice one! ^_^
Keep Smiling! ^_^
ps. Anything new with you??? XP

Snowkittenz | 03-11-10, 6:03 PM
That would be good, yeah! You know what would be nice (of course, after the Strawhats are reunited, because until they are, we need at least the cover page to keep us updated, but maybe when they're together again,) if we could see ViVi again, that would be cool
Keep Smiling! ^_^ ^_^
ps, I got my new laptop! :D

Snowkittenz | 03-11-10, 3:15 PM
Did you see the most recent One Piece? The cover is really funny ^_^
Aww, Ace... Luffy...
Ah, what will happen next?!? Waiting for the next release can be so suspenseful... XP
Keep Smiling! ^_^

Snowkittenz | 03-08-10, 12:27 PM
Woo Fun! I'll have to memorize this... ^_^ Thanks for telling me this!
Yeah! Zoro! I miss that guy...
XD Oh, Marimo head must be mad. LOL, that's really funny
Keep Smiling! ^_^

Snowkittenz | 03-06-10, 11:19 AM
So much falling, though! :P I suppose you're pretty used to it.
Okay! Arigato! I wish I could learn Japanese as a class, but often schools don't offer it... bleah... no fun.
Exactly. We go x.x from the homework they give us.
Hahaha, really? That's funny. XD Poor us. Just hope they never come collecting XP
I'm not sure, there were those covers, but those suggest too much time has passed! But, yes, they need to come back! I'm really concerned for Luffy. I don't want him to feel bad for the rest of his life, and I want him to get back out there, kick some bad guys, get his crew, be amazing. Don't you think Luffy should be the one Gol D. Rodger was waiting for, anyway?? Wahh... Come on, Oda! One Piece!
Keep Smiling! ^_^

Snowkittenz | 03-06-10, 9:02 AM
Really? Geez, I can't imagine having all the injuries and surgeries and such as you O.O
Oh! Tell me how to count! (if you can, I don't know how east they are to type out... ) Yep, I have a huge list of stuff to read too. :P Summer's gonna be fun.
I've been working hard at school, so much work... but I've also been able to squeeze in a little manga-reading...
^_^ ah, well, time will teach her, right? Just keep at it. Two of my friends say I owe them a dime whenever I mention anything anime/manga related... I owe them a lot XD I don't think they're really serious, or else I'd be -$200~some... :P
Ah yeah, so many really cool characters in One Piece are leaving us! Oda, please make us readers happy again!
Keep Smiling! ^_^

Snowkittenz | 03-05-10, 1:11 PM
I've been so busy, and haven't been able to get on! Gotta make more time...
How are you? Anything interesting going on?
Hehe, I just introduced my friend to manga! ^_^ She read the first two volumes of Prince of Tennis, she said she liked them ^_^ she's also reading One Piece and KouKou Debut. ^_^ Lot's of smiles about that! ^_^ (see?)
Keep Smiling! ^_^
<3 to talk to ya, gotta make more time to do so!

Snowkittenz | 02-19-10, 9:53 PM
:D It was awesome
Hehe, I was completely surprised when I saw it, it blew my mind... I was not expecting it. ^_^
XD Waccom Tablet!! Sorry, I can't help but be excited every time I think of it! :P Thank you =P
Wow, lots of equipment moving... :P Manga fights sound like they would be funny to watch :) Cool, Up!
Be careful! Geez, a tuba case is pretty big...
Keep Smiling! ^_^
Rin-chan <3

Snowkittenz | 02-19-10, 8:27 PM
Seriously, I'll say it again, that picture is wonderful.
Here's some pictures from my b-day:
Keep Smiling! ^_^

Snowkittenz | 02-19-10, 7:16 PM
^_^ Thank you! I <3 that pic! So cute (kinda reminds me of my older sis and her boyfriend :P ~ he's tall, blond, my sis has green eyes... Anyhow, it's such a cool picture!) Yes, I'm having an awesome birthday! I got:
One Piece cake (see pics I'm gonna put up later)
One piece dvd
One Piece manga
Waccom drawing tablet
and more! ^_^
Hehe, today is rocking!
How's your day?
Keep Smiling!^_^

Snowkittenz | 02-13-10, 8:42 AM
Hey - are you excited about the Olympics? I don't usually care for much sports, except for soccer and tennis, but I always <3 the Olympics!
Keep Smiling! ^_^

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